May 8, 2022

Pregnancy diary - Week 18 &19 Raya Week | Feeling the baby bump!

Week 18 - Self Potrait

Before pregnant 
Actually, I still do taking self potrait, esp when I put on make up. 

After pregnant
I am  a little bit proud/ obsess with my baby bump

The progress of baby bump's growth is  like a moment not to be missed! 

Week 18 - Raya Week 2022

WS went back to his hometown. I stay alone in KL. and I feel insecured.

Carpal Tunnel syndrome when WS is away. 
(means my wrist is painful due to pregnancy hormonal change)

Omg, it was so suffering.

 I don't feel like want to wash dishes (get it touch with cold water)
I don't feel like want to lift fork and spoon
Even typing on HP is painful 

Lucikly the pain went away after 2 days. Thank you so much! 

Anyway, holiday means it is finally the time to put the work aside. and bonding with friends!

1. Meet up with Nitya

Nitya also helped me to take some baby bump photos! 

2. Meet up with Xin Ying, Jia Yi and Thony

bumped into one of my favourite Content Creator. So Im Jenn! 

Jia Yi, Thank you so much !  

3.Meet up with my family (Thanks god that the Raya has been brought forward one day earlier)

As it was the Raya holiday. My family members came to KL, means it is the family reunion time!

As I am pregnant, I am so worn out from all the sudden increasing amount of exercise at the end of the day. Also, I have this habit of waking up super early, between 7-8am daily.

Getting ready to exercise at the gym. 

Yours truly first time doing  exercise with her baby in the womb (in the gym)

Nice shot, JX! 
Family gym moment 

Done with gym! Going for second round swimming now! 

Hey baby, this is the first photo of you taking photo with your grandpa and grandma! 

On the second day  ....

On the forth/fifth day 
I feel that my long hair is quite heavy after swimming 
thinking about the time I have to spend to take care of my long hair... 
blow drying.... 

I decided to cut my hair short , I think the latest hair length can last me until the end least

 8th May 2022 - Week 19 Day 2 - Co-living with baby bump

I started to feel the baby bump. The weight of the baby bump and also ....i not sure if It is right if I say that I can feel some of the baby's movement in my womb.

Now, I can see my baby bump (Week 19) even at the front. 

When I sit down, 
I would feel the pressure on my tummy , especially after meal, so I have to keep switching the position between sitting and standing while teaching. 

WHen I lie down flat, 
I would also feel the pressure tummy...In short, I am more aware of the presence on the tummy now than before. 

Normally , I would forget that I am pregnant if I am focusing on my work. But nowadays, the baby bump's weight is quite noticable. also I can feel some of  baby's movements (If that is really baby's movement)

The baby movement : By itself  - pressure is more even

It is a bit like farting, feeling the gas movement. can imagine you swim in the water, and then push the wall of water with both your palms 

The baby movement : When daddy interacts with him/her (higher pressure)

I am not sure if this is true. Because even WS can sense the movement when he puts his ear near my tummy, although not all the time. 

I was a bit afraid when WS tries to interact with baby, 
because (maybe the baby is way more excited) 

the response/pressure from the tummy is higher. 

So sometimes it is uncomfortable for my tummy. Did you experience this, all the mummy-to-be? 

8th May 2022 - Week 19 Day 2 -
Sunday - Mother's Day 2022

Just want to archive this moment. I slept around 7.30pm yesterday, due to going out the whole day yesterday. Then I woke super early , 6.30am  (Meaning sleep for 11 hours straight)

 I asked WS wake up for  breakfast together. This was his satisfying face eating the onzen half boiled egg at Thong Kee. 

Our lunch cooked by the Chef WS!  Savouring soup with mee shua. 
I asked for vegetable also, cause I feel that it's time to fill my tummy with vegetable and fruit.  

11st May 2022 - Week 19 Day 5 - Baby's moving!

Okay, I am quite sure that it is my baby moving in the womb. Previously, I am not sure is it my stomach grumbles or the baby's movement 

Then as it keeps going, I learn how to recognise the movement between the stomach and the baby's kick. 

Also yesterday ...10th May the first time I witnessed with my own eyes..that my tummy muscle is moving. It was very subtle and quick! ..Like a small wave of ocean. 

This is very exciting!The last time I was so overjoyed when I found out I was pregnant. The joy can really last me for a day! 
.Then...occupied by work... Bye! 

11st May 2022 - Week 19 Day 5 - Crying in the sleep

WS awoke then comforted me..... I stopped crying because It was not true as I opened my eyes. 
 It was just a nightmare...
but I feel like wanna let out of my cry..
so that I can cry out loud....
then..... sleep in peace.

Since I couldn't let out of my cry, ...I ended up breath sleep. 

 I am sleepy now...cause I did not fully let out of my cry at the time. ...

Also... I feel incredible  at what the pregnancy hormones do to me. 
I never had this experience crying in sleep. The worst thing a nightmare did to me (before pregnancy)
is only wake me up from the nightmare.....catching breath...then realise it is just a nightmare...then....go  back to sleep. 

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