April 22, 2013

Sungai Lembing Tin Mines Tunnel

If you read my post previously, you know I been to  a really hidden paradise Sungai Lembing lately. There are so many places that I have visited. But I would like to blog about Tin Mines here.

I would highly recommend you to Tin Mines if you travel to Sungai Lembing, cause it is totally a something new to me, and I think you all should visit once in a life time!

Because I love this place, okay, I don't love it the most, I love the eating part in Sungai Lembing, but as I mention , since its a new wonder to me, I took pics of this place the most.

This is the entrance, great enhancing needed, the entrance and the video shown mostly in Malay, luckily the information board display in both English and Malay.

Quite expensive if no 50% discount lo, anyway, everyone should visit it at least once in a lifetime.Still, no english display~~~

Yours truly~~~see! Sungai Lembing Underground, should be Sungai Lembing Tunnel and Underground

Yea, the tour guide said that as you go deeper under the ground, you will feel hotter, so basically, the labours last time only put on a pair of short pants, and going on with upper part naked.

This is the train that we took to go inside the tunnel, squeal with excitement when i got to know this, it take 20 people at one shot, hence a total 3 rounds to get all of us inside.

If you notice the picture of Entrance, it is TAI BEI TONG , and now it become TABETO. =.+", totally distort the original meaning already.tsk tsk

FYI, the total length of the Tin Mines Tunnel is 320km, like From Bukit Mertajam , Penang to KL.However, one 1km is open to public.So la, I probably will not going there again unless there is more open to public.

Another forbidden tunnel, actually there are quite a lot forbbiden tunnel along the main tunnel that open to public, guess it would be more if more road is open to public. How I wish more will open~~~

Kiew= lift, in their jargon

Some interesting facts that I snapped because had not enough time to read

Safety rules as always~~

Every single day, a geologist took samples from the mines to evaluate ore content....

Why Biji  Timah??

There was this really small cute ancient thingy that sent the ore outside, ......And guess what, it really works! Those kids kept playing on it as you can imagine, fun to see how they play,hahaha

Lastly, the stone from different level of underground, could you guess which one is from the deepest level?? Comment here if you know.

Travelling into this tunnel like bring me back into 70,80 decades time, but must not going there ALONE, cause inside is very isolated just like walk alone behind a street in the night. So yea, that all from me.

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April 21, 2013

I am sleepy

I am sleepy, But I want to blog first before I sleep, so stay tuned yea, my Sungai Lembing post.

Today is a sleepy dayzzz
April 20, 2013

Lembing Riverview Resort

Last Thursday, I was going on Sungai Lembing trip with Kemaman Buddhist Association! Glad that I actually join it,the aunty that organise this trip is so genius that found this resort.

Lembing Riverview Resort

alright, lets roll on with the pics!

the corridor of my hotel I stay in. I like how it give me a feeling of Harmony~~~
Woohoo, life is so good!

During the way toward this hotel, we  passed through graveyard on both roadside, quite creepy, but no afraid la, I wasn't alone,hahaha.And I have been to Sungai Lembing before, until now I still don't know why this is always many shops didn't operate. And personally, I think Sungai Lembing is quite rural(no offence), but rural in a positive way.

How does it say?
Okay, not a totally rural, but minor proper deveploment, especially in tourist field and major of them still remain in their original appearance.Having its virgin look is something that I like, So yeah =), I guess you know what I mean.
I didn't expect I would live in a hotel like this, a  lot more luxurious version than what I thought.

Quite impress when I got to  stay in this, I-rate it as 4 stars resort, as I mention earlier, I would never expect a 4 start resort would establish here!

 the graphis is playgfully paint on wall, spice up our stay =)

 So, I also playfully play with the Eiffel Tower in the resort. See! I actually touch the tip of Eiffel Tower!

(feeling like want to eat macaron now)

 Everyone eat the chicken wings that I prepared!

okay, its not me, its the staff there, they were super friendly. And I like the staff there didn't put on uniform, coz it make me feel at ease, and approachable, not the guest there is superiorly high class.

Not only chicken wing available, but Jagung, or corn or maize, and hotdog, and ikan bakar and squid. I was eating to the fingertips!And not forget to mention,the jagung is really nice! they didn't BBQ the jagung with planta, but its pleasantly sweet!

 The feasting time~~~

 Even the teen also happy with the ikan bakar! The paste used is overwhelming~~I even mix the paste with fried mee.

okay, the fish doesn't look appealing here, but its very nice indeed

Found this almost in every block, ironically, the bicycle rate for adult at my block is Rm 20 per day.



Just on last Thursday, I went to Sungai Lembing with my buddhist fellows!!

I was so ecited that I can finally join Sungai Lembing trip organised by Kemaman Buddhist Association, I joined Buddhism Firday class since I was year 2 until Lower 6, not to say its like my second home, but its really something I couldn't live off.

Eversince, I went to study in KL, I could hardly join any buddhism event,seriously kind of desperate when its not around me.So now, must appreciate I am living in Kemaman now!

Panorama Hill~~

April 8, 2013

When I played with hair chalk

When I first have the idea of post it here,ie open to public,
I was doubt whether to post this here, coz I think this post is bit of childish.

Whatever is it, I make my mind to post it 

First, since the title is PLAY, let me show you how MESSY it is after dying,

  and my pity sink is bleeding like an alien with a purple blood wash his/her cut in my sink.Whose false??

The hair chalk la

 there are so many colours you can choose, ie you can order the alien which colour to bleed~~

When I first heard about hair chalk, I thought it is something that design specially for our hair, I mean, human's hair. But I was quite bit of "zha dao" when I receive it is pasterl for drawing??? whereby I bought from Streetdeal for Rm 20++

During the moment, I just very excited to try out,you know, you can dye your hair and wash it off if you don't like, on on weekend, back to be a good girl during weekday? Hahaha.But I notice its quite expensive for Rm 20.

Tadang! So the outcome is something like this.

Does it look great?I don't know how the red stroke come to my neck,and another one is not a stroke, it's a scar from my operation.

But let me tell you, of you think this is nice, it look nice only. My hair is going to a vast devastation during the colouring.

and the texture is rough! Totally rough, even after you comb with your hair, it will still knot, pity my hair spoil already...

Hence, if you want to use hairchalk, don't use it so often.

 a closer look, after blue add-on

 want to give rock and punk feel, but I only look nice when I smile =(

Even my comb also join into the game`~

When kids are playing, they will become dirty oso. Same to me, consequence of didn't using hand glove.

the colour wouldn't be that obvious without flashlight

the final outcome ^^ without flash light, but under bright light
April 6, 2013

Saving General Yang 忠烈杨家将

Actually I never plan to watch Saving General Yang , its actually a last minute plan decided to watch that. Frankly, my opinion, I think its okay only. One thing that catch my attention is numerous of hot guys from Taiwan, Hong Kong,and China

I think its so so only, cause I expect the story will still go on after the 六郎 sixth son which starring by Wu Chun吴尊 bring his father back. But the story end there....

However every moment of the scene is captivating, sad also. Guess boy will like this kind of massive action, battle movie.Anyway, I like the character of 三郎 third son played by 仔仔周渝民, Vic Chou, his look in the movie that come with moustache is macho, handsome to die man!

Staring by
veteran Hong Kong actor Adam Cheng 郑少秋as the titular General Yang, also the father of the seven sons

 Xu Fan, 徐帆 from China

 Ekin Cheng 郑伊健 as the elest of his seven loyal sons

 于波 Yu Bo from China

 周渝民 Vic Chou, the Yang's Third son, is an expert archery player!!I super like his look.....mention above already

 李晨Li Chen , Yang's fourth son

 林峰, Raymond Lam

 吴尊 Wu Chun, who love the princess of the Emperor

 七郎的付辛博 The youngest son of Yang, Fu Xin Bo from China

Well, the villain in the movie, I thought is Ku Tian Le at the first, and later on I just found out that he is a China actor oso, Shao Bin he is.

 安以轩, Ady Ann, the princess grow together with Yang's sixth son, they loved each other.

Okay, I shouldn't reveal too much, else later you all will punch me

before I end this post..I would like to throw some quotes from the movie

天命难违, 要就杨令公,七子去六子回

I not sure whether its the exact quote or not, but this is roughly the meaning la

For your information, this movie has taken one year to do its post-production(editting, adding visual and sound effect) for about one year in Australia.

this post is the most "man" post, most "macho' post I ever blog, too much of hotties already, hahahaha.

DONE, sign off with love <3 br="">