July 29, 2015

OOTD + Accompany my bro to UTP

This is really a very random outfit. Surprisingly it comes out so nice! Not sure it's my tall body figure that carry it well or the outfit itself simply looking nice.

He is quite tall also hor~~~

Went to UTP Tronoh or Iskandar Shah to accompany my younger brother for Entrance Interview. He aimed for Civil Engineering, and now he is few months in UTP already.

Looking confident yo~~
Because this is unusual event that he wore formal attire, took a few handsome pic of him.

We came here on time, however we skipped breakfast because of this.

OH, so that's meaning my bro actually started his first day on 23rd March 2015. Time really flies, I feel like he is already 2 semesters there.

Just some pic post.

July 20, 2015

Maple's OOTD June

Ever since I came to KL, I told myself to post OOTD photos once in a week. THough it's not literally every week, but I make progress. So let's started. 

Comfortable clothes like comfortable food, 
Make you feel grounded and secured. 

I guess I would wear this outfit quite frequently because it is really really comfortable, despite it's a bit tight at the waist. I don't really mind as I don't need to care much about my movement, I mean the high waist knee-length skirt is long enough, unlike the usual skirt length above knee that I have to be very careful while making an movement. Hahaha. 

Black and white Striped Sleeveless top :Online blogshop, I bought years ago. 

High-waist knee length skirt: Bangkok Chatuchak Market 

July 17, 2015

Blogging 101 Workshop by The Butterfly Project

I was going to class again!! 

No lar~~ It was a Blogging 101 workshop organised by The Butterfly Project 
July 15, 2015

My experience with UberX

Thanks to The Butterfly Project Malaysia, all the participants that joining a workshop were given a promotional code "MYUBERBUTTERFLY" to get a return trip/2 ways trip that worth RM 30 each.
And this goes my first ever experience with Uber service.

What is Uber service?
Uber is a ride on demand, similar to taxi, but all the drivers in Uber are basically anyone, they are not taxi driverm they maybe moonlighting , when the occupation can be  a salesman or anything.

Hehe, during my first time with Uber, (after I have gotten into the car, I still thinking that Uber is another kind of taxi service, like MyTeksi). Until the driver explain to me, I have only gotten a little picture of it.

I was going with a blue Toyota Wish for the first time, then I still blur blur thinking that all the Uber taxi are blue, just like all the taxi are red, and all MyTeksi are green. Then later on, I just learnt that the car for Uber can be any colour, any model as long as it is mid-size or full size 4 doors vehicle. Because there are actually personal car own by the driver themselves.

My selfie in the car. Though there are hanging plush toys and hanger at the back, but I could assure you that the ambience in the car great, spacious, comfortable, feel like a VIP, and not old or smelly like the usual taxi.

Now you can calling UBER by simply an apps. After you download an apps, you need to sign in first. Since Uber apply cashless system, you will need to key in your credit card details. Initially

After you chose your pick up location, you will choose the type of vehicle that you want to go with. From the cheapest uberX, to middle class BLACK until luxurious LUX. However, LUX only available for certain period only. (However, just checking the UBER website, they actually have 5 types of UBER available worldwide , however, so far they are only 3 types in Malaysia.  )

July 12, 2015

Literally Thai Syok (太爽)!

 Thanks to Open Rice, I got the exlusive invitation for Food Tasting. Not only the food provide you the sensational experience, the funky grafitti  impress me at the first glimpse, feel like this place is so young.
July 11, 2015

Japanese Curry House: Coco Ichibanya @One Utama

Thanks to The Butterfly Project Malaysia, I got the invitation to food review at Coco Ichibanya in One Utama!! I actually got quite excited because I have not trying Japanese cuisine for sometimes. I also didn't know that Curry Rice is one of the Japanese food.