January 15, 2013

三少爺猪肠粉 (San Shao Ye Chu Cheong Fen)

Greeting! So this is my another food post, Teluk Intan local delicacy post, since I went back to Teluk Intan last 2 weeks, my relatives and me went to hunt San Shao Ye Chu Cheong Fen.

I know you might wonder something, why didn't introduced the An Shun (Teluk Intan in Chinese)foremost Chu Cheong Fen-- liao kei (燎记) but others?

 So this is me with my gramma, posing with curry chicken chu cheong fen.

 A closer look of curry chicken chu cheong fen.I have to be frankly, it appear appealing here, the curry was good, the chu cheong fen is nice, but then the curry chicken is bit of stale, it was not succulent or juicy as what I am expected, I guess because not much people order on this, so they just keep in the fridge for sometimes already. Anyway, their service is good!

Jeng Jeng! So this is the legendary
Teluk Intan Chu Cheong Fen, 安顺猪肠粉
I have been eating this almost everytime I come to Teluk Intan, you can only find this type of Chu Cheong Fen in Teluk Intan, but not anywhere. Eventhough, I have seem it in Pasar Malam Taman Connaught, it still labelled as 安顺猪肠粉
 Their Chu cheong fen was nice also, and most importantly (This is also the reason I share it here), they serve it hot! This was the second time I visited there, last time I ordered this, and it really taste damn good!One of the reason is because that serve it hot, freshly, newly make.

Erm....something I have to admit, the An Shun Chu Cheong Fen is taste good, but liao kei (燎记) one still undefeatable. Liao Kei's, their chu cheong fen has more smooth texture, you will keen on eating on it after the first bite. In the end, me alone can finish one, and continue to share another one with my siblings,hehehe, good food is hard to resist =)
and next this is the 蝦 米 (Dried Shrimp) Chu Cheong Fen, no comment on it as I didn't eat seafood. But this 3 types of Chu Cheong Fen are only found in 三少爺猪肠粉 located in Jalan Maharajalela, Teluk Intan.

Somehow, if you want to try 安顺猪肠粉, I will still recommend you to liao kei (燎记), not because all the food shows are broadcasting on it, but there were hard to resist, eventhough, they will raise the price everytime during festival season, or balik kampung season.

Or eventhough, you have to queue up very long, 30 minutes or above during peak season, because some people in front you order for 50 packs....

In a nutshell, first try go to Liao Kei. Want something hot and seated 三少爺猪肠粉.

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