January 13, 2013

My first ever fashion post aka CNY shopping haul 1

 Jeng jeng! So theese are the booties that accumulate during this weekend!Quite happy that I bought some trendy, chic stuff.

At first I wanted to go to Mid Valley, but then I lost(luckily not only me), and  lost   to Tropicanal City Mall, *one good things about KL is shopping mall is there every corner*, we were lost like 40 minutes or more and I felt desperate for haven't gotten to Mid Valley. At this particular moment, I saw Tropicanal City Mall in front of me, so I just, okay la, since couldn't get MV , TCM will do, at least its better than none.

Surprisingly, because of lost in the midst of road, I found this, a really impressive boutique that I highly recommended! Its really nice until I make this post, a first fashion post in my blog since 2008 after visiting there.


See my shopping booties from Mirrorcle...

Top: pretty marron leather skirt,around Rm30

Middle: blue skinny legging which I has been long for, and  it only cost me Rm 42.90

Bottom: studded collar chiffon blouse, which give me some effortless chic look, and perfectly match with everything, hahaha, only Rm29.90

All I want to say is every piece of their single apparels is nice,special and in good quality, and yet you can get it affordable price!Boom, who on the earth can resist that?? Huh?!

I definitely will go there again as  my sisters are coming over during this weekend for CNY shopping too! Hahaha, could'nt wait for it, so to me, You must study hard on weekdays!!! 

Lets turn to picture...

So I only put one here because I used to put on a totally new blouse on the first day of CNY, and meaning, the first time I deck it out would be during the CNY (after trying them in fitting room, if you wanna specified), so yea, stay tuned for the look yea~~

P/S: so this is my first fashion post after blogging since 2008 , and comments needed! whether you like it or not? Erhm....perhaps the next fashion post will be after long long time...as I bought this for CNY purpose.....whatever la, who knows what happened in the future.Comments  needed whoever you are,a fashionista, a random stranger or whoever else, this will motivated me! okay, if you are reluctant to tell here, you can PM me too!

Happy Sunday!!Gotta doing my assignments now.

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