December 27, 2011

Mission Impossible:Ghost Protocol

hohohooho, 2011 is almost  come to the end, it is totally lovely, and it is suit for couple to have a date, i mean couples can date during usual time, but this month, you have several reasons to date out!!hahaha

just like today, me and my best friend and best friend's boy friend went to play out.

but thats not the point. I watched a movie twice today!
i was so in love with the movie, it is
, This is not just another mission. 

The IMF is shut down when it’s implicated in a global terrorist, bombing plot. Ghost Protocol is initiated and Ethan Hunt and his rogue new team must go undercover to clear their organization’s name. No help, no contact, off the grid. You have never seen a mission grittier and more intense than this.

the first time i watched it, i can roughly understood the synopsis, but i still have a lot parts needed to answer. Hahahaha, since Sito wanted to watch cinema, i don't mind she choose this, i would be happy to watch this second time,hahaha.and now, i understand this better. One of the character in this movie was soooooooooo gorgeous, i like her.

 Léa Seydoux (born 1 July 1985) is a French actress and model.

i don't know how to pronounce her name, but isn't that she is so perfect?

December 22, 2011

failed carbonara

i attempted to make a carbonara,phailed~~

it taste awful, all my bulb can taste is SALT!!!  

frankly, this is my second attempt ady, i still fail.~~~haiz, i did not dissapoint, i just realise that i don't have the flair to cook..nvr mind, i will still stick to cook. eating is marvellous!

Since i like to eat, i am always wanted to prepared the food!
well, i think i use to eat food that taste naturally.
just like recently, i went to Fatisha, i felt that the carbonara is taste too much,same for the Grilled chicken chop, it is nice indeed, but i just peek a few, coz the taste is too much,over.

Same for the candy, i ate Mn M milk chocolate candy today, and it is so over enormous sweet! like i can sugar! Too much. 

good, i think i accustom the natural food ady, i mean food that havent going through complex cooking and seasoning with so much salt, sugar, black pepper, and MSG.

yes, i like me!
December 18, 2011

pasar pagi Taman Rose

Went to pasar pagi to take breakfast onve i reach telkun intan

perhapss this seem ordinary for you, or those who live in west coast ,but i feel refresh to go there.
I don't know whether Kemaman has a pasar pagi like this, but here it has so many pasar pagi and like going on every day.
that's why i like here, gotta eat a lot,fun a lot!

now, the stall which sell tradisional herb is quite sought after,unlike mine there..

frankly, this is my first chance ever to saw people play Tai Ji in real  scene

 there have three group of diffence type of....martial art??

nasi ulam...according to the tag there are

it look appealing from the pic,but to my dssapointment, it just ok nia, kemaman one is better with a thinner noodle use

eating 安顺猪肠粉

i always promote teluk intan 猪肠粉to my friend, but i never take a pic of them (weird to take as its appearance is not as much as appealing like others.) but it really taste nice. our family always eat 猪肠粉when we come here, its like we never miss it.

last night,after the wedding dinner, we went to liao kei (燎记) ,the foremost place which sell 猪肠粉, it was my first time eating there,yummu savoury~~!

December 17, 2011


可是就有两三个很热心的德士uncle 要带我们去巴士站了
所以花了RM5 拜托德士uncle 了
what a white elephant



6.36am 巴士停我们在langkap的一个等巴士的小亭子
6.40am 另一辆巴士带我们去安顺
6.43am 巴士票给打了洞洞






注: 安顺对我来说,是一个拥有许多positive 回忆的地方,我从小到大的新年都在这里过。^^
December 11, 2011


昨天学到了一个新的英文生字, convalesce(kan ve les)  意思是说病愈后在家修养. 正好符合我现在status. 我真希望一月份能快点来, 我能快点上大学,  这段日子........在家里........也没有什么东西做.......觉得很浪费时间........虽然父母都觉得这是很好的修养机会.....我也是酱子觉得......可是很多时候, 除了吃喝, 我的时间很空, 很想找一些东西做, 找到, 可是就是做不到, 觉得没有人施压,就慢慢来,反正时间还很多.......好!我要做一个可以自己控制时间的人,



但是我要讲的不是这些, 我要讲的是, 我已经想好我六七年后的计划了.

1. 明年一月份开学,第二年的三月份读完foundation, working at KL until July,then continue to pursuing my degree. Since one year got only 2 semester, that mean i have 3 months free during the time studying degree, i would like to use the time to work or learn something in KL, only the one month holiday i will go back to Kemaman.

2. After graduate, posting for 2 years, i am a pharmacist. I wish i could work in Singapore, but i want to marry too! Do you know that it is better a lass give birth before 30? cause the consequence of get pregnant after that , you will become an old mother,hehehe,facing higher risk of getting various women cancer like breast cancer, ovary cancer and etc.I wanted to pregnant only after 2 years of marrying. I will fully utilise the 2 years like travelling around the world.I THINK we both earned enough money to travel , i love travel. That's why i wish i could study abroad, but sadness my family couldn't afford it, plus i am not smart enough to obtain a scholarship.

but good things studying in malaysia:

i can meet my family more frequently

okay, i think till now.enough of talking ntg.

31 oct2011,dating at pantai (convalescence)

i went to a pantai(beach) with someone i love at Dungun.  Luckily the wheather was no bad, though it seem like it was going to rain. We been staying there for like 90 minutes. Beach.....we always dating at beach,hahaha, IT is romantic, and bill and coo there.

 Oh, there was a little drizzle that afternoon. So, we took out the umbrella to standby. We found out this bended coconut trunk,hahahah, guess how we play with it??

it can be use to sleeP

to view scene,  i miss the time. I am so boring at home now...Can some one help me? I got nothing to do,I wish i could go out,hanging out,not only with bf but with friends too. okay, since i am at home now,i want to use this opportunity to

1. Learn Japanese
2. Learn English
3. Learn how to edit video
4. Read the healthy book

haiz.....January, can u come faster? How i wish i am already graduate and enjoy my working now..

December 5, 2011
Shoud i? or shouldn't?

i am a indecisive person, there are many situation in our life that we need to choose only one among all the options, choose and make a firm decision. Some time it could be very easy, but when it come to hard decision, you still have to go through it. As the time come nearer, it prompt you to solve it although you try to ignore it, hide it. 

I seldom come to this problem. I really hope i can change myself to become of decison firm, never change person. What should i do now? 

A or B , it is really a hard decison to make. The decision that i make will affect my future. Can somebody give me some suggestions or advise. I wish that i have the wise to solve this question. But i don't think i will tell my problem here. Its really hilarious to tell you all that what course should i pursue, my dream.....