October 30, 2022

Things I really wish I need to know as a first-time parent


1. Breastfeeding 

- Food that boost/reduce milk production 

- Exclusive pumping schedule 


2. Sleeping schedule /Day time routine 

I have been a mother for 8 Weeks and 4 days now. And the first 6 weeks of motherhood is very overwhelming for me. 

That are so so much life-changing moment/habit that I have to learn/practise which I could feel very depressed at point. For example, 

There are only 3 points listed here. However, there are many other major changes in my day time routine also. I don't have time for grooming, for working for planning for anything! 

Also,any of the point mention here is major enough to send me nerve-wrecking. I was so mentally exhausted followed by physically exhausted I finally understand why it is so easy to postpartum mother to get depression. 

For me, I dont get depression because of sudden hormone change, it is more like a SUDDEN  MAJOR LIFESTYLE CHANGING that is so COMPLETELY NEW to me. SOmething I didn't know exist before! 

Although I don't get depression, but this makes me want to escape more. At that time, I wish that 

1. Someone can help me to look after my baby so that I would be mentally at ease 

2. I could send her to nanny/infant care center earlier 

3. I yearn going out more, staying at home taking care of a baby with curtain closed send me depression too. 

3. I feel that working is easier, much more managable. Even when I am stress at work, I will have me-time ler. However, by taking care a newborn entirely by yourself ...I feel like I am working 24-7! 

Before giving birth, I feel at ease when it comes to night time, because I can rest my mind, relax and watch TV. 

Now.....at night....I feel depressed because I know I couldn't sleep well and have to get so many things ready like I only started working at night. Why the work like never meet the ending one...

4. I feel that full time housewife is a SUPERWOMAN! If they can be a full time mom, they can basically capable of anything. Omg, they are so mentally strong! 

So If you are a mother to be, I really wish that you would have mentally prepare yourself for all these life changing moment. 

So having to go through all of these, I guess I would have manage this major life-changing lifestyle/ moments/habit better if I know the following 

1. Equip myself with enough knowledge of breastfeeding 

2. Equip myself with enough knowledge of baby's sleeping pattern. 

Of course, there are still so many other new information to learn about new-born. 

For me the knowledge about breastfeeding and sleeping pattern would help me to manage my time better and I can better adapt myself to the sudden major  changing lifestyle because 

1. I have already mentally prepared for it - So I won't be so mentally exhausted 

2. I know how to manage my time, and know what to do when it takes place.