September 18, 2016

What did I learn from Sony Alpha Girlfriends Workshop

Initially I didn't plan to blog about this. But I truly enjoy all the interactive activities there. Also, I wish to document the tips/knowledge that l learnt that day. It is so useful, and now I knew how to shoot to come out with better, prettier photos!

Disclaimer: This is not a professional piece of article to share about the camera knowledge, but what I have learnt on that day. Also, the information here is very specific to Sony Alpha Camera , like where to find the 'white balance' in camera setting and so on. 

September 17, 2016

Ikea Damansara Restaurant & Cafe 2016

Always craving for food, I went to IKEA to hunt for food recently. Why the food in IKEA

1. Always I will bring my friends here when they were not local, because I think this is a place that every people should know. 

2. The food here is healthy, cheaper, and generally delicious. 
(Generally delicious means some of them are really top notch but not all. )

I went here twice this week. So I thought why not I do a review about Food in Ikea? So this post would review on some food in Ikea restaurant and some useful information too.