December 25, 2012

CZ12 《十二生肖》

 Went to watch Chinese Zodiac yesterday, its nice, come with typical Jacky Chan's style of comedy, stuntwork that everyone should watch. And here I am, I bet you wanted to watch too,right?  Apparently, This is the poster of CZ12 十二生肖in KL,I first saw it when I was on my way from Cheras to KL, on the billboard roadside.

But, ehrmmmm, what do you think about the poster about? When I first saw the poster, I thought its going to be another action movie collobrate with Hollywood star, with no chinese element inside.

Later, I just found out that its something to do with Chinese Zodiac , the 十二兽首 (the 12 animal list in Chinese Zodiac), in the movie, the villian guy say he will add one more Zero 0, in the money reward he could have found the dragon head, this mean dragon in Chinese has an irreplaceable role among the 12 Chinese Zodiac.

and hence I prefer this poster than the previous one, its cuter, its show the hint of the story lines, and I just like it! hahaha.

(below) all the starlets in the movie, except I don't know who is the girl on the left, the leftest.Starting from 2nd left Yao Xing Tong, Laura Weissbecker and Zhang Lan Xin and I personally like Yao Xing Tong for her pretty apperance, and Zhang Lan Xin for her stunt work.

Zhang Lan Xin 张蓝心, also known by her former name Zhang Meng Yu 张梦雨, is a Chinese top model and football babe from Beijing, China. Born on June 21st, 1986, Zhang Lan Xin is also a taekwondo master who has won the championship of the 2004 National Taekwondo Competition. 

before I end here, I should show you the trailer of it
and after that, I went to loitering around or window shopping awhile with my relatives. intended to used up all my Vern's voucher as its going to be expired on 31st dec2012. so here is what I had bought!

jang jang!!! a pair of plush boot on the christmas eve, this pair of shoes ar, cost Rm 89.90, but my mother said, after looking for its quality only worth Rm 50++, okay for me la, coz I could hardly find out any boots in Malaysia for that price. 

Lastly, end with a handsome face of my little brother, he is a badminton freak!

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