January 2, 2013

Flooding in my house

Thought of going back Kemaman would be a home sweet home? YES, indeed it was, and this is because part of it is quite a disaster that I would never expect would happened in my house.

On 26th-27th December, (jotted it down here so that I would remember these date),though some part of my town will flood every year during this raining season, but it never happened in my neighbourhood,never during my 21 years of staying there.

28th - the water "retreat’

Oh yea, it did happen last few years, but only my kitchen flooded, and it only last less than 2 days only.

at first, it was this, the water level, still be able to see the tyres, either inside the house or outside one

at the same time, my backyard ...

my house nearby area

Oddly, the sky is so blue, how could this happen?? There was a rumour saying that a dam nearby here was dispense out some water so that the dam won't crack due to high pressure.

 We even went to bought some clay,okay, now I have tested it and this method to prevent the water from entering is VAIN!!!the clay can block the water, but its not sticky enough, and it will become weaker and weaker when any motor , car passing through, the water wave crush the wood, ,then the water got to enter. (sigh)
Neh, this is how we use the clay. I guess u guys while reading this were saying this is ridiculous, so do I, but that time, we were like, okay, its fine, its going to be fine , so we just use the clay to block all the holes where the water might enter.
Soon, the water covered up all the garage.

seeing this happen like never happen before, we can't sit and wait durian runtuh,right? no, the durian won't runtuh, but the water would kept raising, and second attempt to block the dirty water, its really dirty, stinking you know?!

 Come on, baby, lets fight with the FLOOD!

yea, I started to thinking it was fun, kept capturing photos here and there.

 Sigh, I would like to say tat,second attempt could have been success, but the glasses measurement long, its not long enought to block the flood, the water from entering my living room, it started to intrude my room RUDELY!

While capturing photo, I was helping to move all the stuff to higher position, now when I flash back ,pI think its is adrenaline rush, and not only me had the adrenaline rush, I wasn't fatigue in moving all the heavy stuff, and I could stay fit until 10 in the night.

 at first

then it went to...

and finally!!Even this is not the worst one, the worst one happened in the night, didn't take photos after panic cover my estatic seeing this.My home sweet home, all the wooden furnitures, the stacks of abundants photo albums that kept at the bottom of living room cupboard1!!

We kept busy until 10pm like that, just we leave, at that moment, all our neighbours already leaving, only me and my sister leaving, the rest of my family members stay iniside the house, to look after our home...

That night, we were going out with sampan, it was bit of fun, but mostly was exhasuted.

Second day 27th December 2012

Went back to take some clothes

me: some old diskets that flowing out from no where

2nd: my sister that escape together with me

3rd: handsome? my bro who stay overnight yesterday.Luckily you grow up already, can help move the fridge!

Third day 28th December 2012

 The water retreat ady,like finally

what is leave was looots of cleaning work, not a lot, but still abundance,hehehe, our relatives came to help us cleaning too!

and so the flood end here.
hopefully it won't come back the next year, its not fun at all, I have enough of experiencing it

end this post with your thumb-size little frog!

从来没想过, 我家会发生水灾,


Happy World No end!


the impact of this flood:

I started to notice about Hilux(car), its esp useful during the flood.


  1. Wow, this is scary!!! My mom described it to me, but it's much more astounding to see it in pictures! Thank you for blogging about this! And thumbs up for all the hard work! :)

  2. thx, xixi, quite scared that i reveal too much of private info,hahahaha, thx so much, ur comment motivate me to blog again!!


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