May 30, 2009


although my cousin may not see this article,but i still wanna say


to her.

wat an ironcally, i just started studying,she was finish her programme and gratuated already.
(note:we are both the same age)

the programme she took was direct to the skill and i think she could started earning money by now.
....really ironic,how great if i can earn money now too.

actually,wat is the significance of studying form6 tat is seem not direct to studying the stuff we are going-to -be in the future?
i keep asking this question myself recently,esp i heard lin wei said
"u cant to sth perfunctory if u are going to be a doctor as doctor's passion is going to save ppl life"

and then i thinking back as i am a careless person,can i still be a....... DOCTOR?

if i cant be a doctor? can i be a........dancer?
May 28, 2009

last day before mid-year holiday

adeline was going to MPK? to serve teacher in conjunction for the teachers' day celebration

wei leong,wat is the name of this guy?
shu yuan,qian,ching
shu yuan dun like taking photo,but i instill to put her inside

zi kang .me. wc

pretending hardworking ,hahaha.

i felt dissapointed because today i had snap a great shoot which the ppl are wei han and hui ling.
its great because wc and me put our finger on their head(virtualy),so its pretty fun.
but wei han discovered she had been snaped,thus she immediately head toward me and pulled my ear off ,threatened me to delete the i felt pretty "ke xi".....

and then the wei han o...i thought she will just pinch the ears of boys only,but she treat me like the same too.omg....

thus,there are 3 ppl who do not like to take photos in our class: wei han,hui ling and shu yuan


my hobby,dancing,eating,sleeping

my birthday

my favourite place

a country i does like to visit_ JaPaN

my favourite food_tradisional asam laksa

my favourite things_apparel and accesories

my nickname_maple

my favourite color

my love

my idol_jolin TSai

person who tag me,thx =)

now i want to tag:
sin yue
zi ying
chia ying
wen xi
wan ching
wen leong(he is being tag dy)
khai leng
chin ling
david chai
May 27, 2009


it makes me feel sorrow


4/6- SB6,超想去,因为可以见很多旧朋友.今天才决定要去.我在5月中的时候已经知道这个营了得.当时也决定要去了.但是一个星期后我收到母亲的电话(当时我还在PLKN),表示我的堂姐将在6/6结婚,于是又决定不去了.今天下午收到SB5的朋友,问我要不要当协调员,当时真的很犹豫(也很心动,因为终于有机会合作了),我脑海里面想到的就是婉慧跟我说过的一句话:


心里其实已经决定要去了,但是还有很多事情要顾虑到,如车票,父母给吗? 等等.

于是我开始taking action.
call ting2,told her i wanna go,and then she ask me to ask tian wang,he is in charge in this affair.
and then tian wang welcomed me to join SB6,so i was very excited lo(this camp filled with lots of pretty memories last year.) i oso tell tian soon tat i wanna come again this year and become facilitator. but at last....i failed.....................because i just make this decison at last minutes and the bus ticket is all gone already.



我心里已经有一个答案了__impossible .


为什么一定要做选择? 为什么不能两全齐美?上次PLKN的也是酱,这次又是酱.

10/6,换华小学有生活营,我有不能去因为12/6 要去绑牙.

但是开始上课后,我幸庆我但是没有做错选择.虽然很想回去,但是如果我没有提早回来的话,i must can't catch up wif the syllabus.
May 23, 2009


i first knew "tag" was from either wen xi or zi ying 's blog.
i check the dic what is the meaning but my dic can't detect it.
and then the most recently TAG i saw often was A-Z,it seem fun,so i ask zi ying to tag meXD.
later,when i viewed sin yue's blog,she got tagging me ya,hahaha,first time being tag.
So there are...........

A_ Apple,dough nut from big apple
B_ secret
C_comment,i like to receive comments,msg ,just tat sometime i am lazy to reply only ma
D_dance dance,no oxygen,no life
E_ Eagerness,eager at culinary art coz i like ti eat
F_ friends forever and keep in touch always o~~~but u guys find me la,i am lazy to find ppl one.
G_Go ahead at anything u wanna to.either to ur best or dun even touching it.This is wat my friend advice me.
H_hard,many ppl say its hard to study Form 6,but i can't think like tat.If i think like tat,i will play truant oftenly,hahaha.
I_ Imagine is good for exercise our right-part-brain
J_Jolin Tsai is my top idol.althought her latest song is .....not very nice,but i will support her it only my wish tat cannot come true to see her in qian chang hui in Berjaya Time Square on6/6/09? my mom say we hav to find others ppl's convenient,damn hope to see her in flesh.
K_ KOK,my malay Friend inPLKN called me as"KOK"
L_ later,gt finsh my assignment
M_money , i need money to fulfill my desire for clothes,tuition,car petrol ,eating and many things and sms and telephoneing oso

O_ Original,pls come to original and simple life.Today,when i was hangging the clothes,i was thinking tat,doesn't tat good if human being no need to made u a lots of PROS
1. save ur time to wearing
2. save ur time to buy
3. save water as we no need to wash our clothes,in other word reduce water pollution,hence the organism can survive for longer,the Redang Island will maintain its beatiful for longer,the coral will more colourful,the fish will bigger
4. save ur money
5. save ur space in home as we no need to buy a shelf
Actually,the first reason of our ancestors to invent clothes is to keep our body warming only ma,y there's lots of innovation and derivation?

P_plkn IS wonderful althought the life there is hard,but if u think of the pros,u can live 3months there without air pollution,the hustle and bustle of the city,and ur parents gt less burden for 3 MONTHS and u can learn to become half modern and orang HUTAN

Q_ Q for cute^^
R_ Rush,always rushing when come together wif wc ,she walk so fAST
S_Strolling,Can i strolling or jalan-jalan around if i got my car license?
T_ T for Tackle
U_ UM,wish to enter UM after sTPM
V_V for victory
W_ War Craft,my bro playing tis game whenever he used to be wif computer. sometime he oso cut in when i was leaving computer awhile,and then after he quit the game,i need to wait for awhile for my computer to operate like normal speed.
Y_ Y should i be rasional?
Z_Zealous,learn this vocabulary in Yun Yee's blog
May 20, 2009

white elephant

gosh, i still mind about the money that i paid evening just now...

this evening,i was in bad mood(cannot solve the mathematic problem,yet still have many household chores was not yet done),at the same time,i heard the music tat indicate ice-cream was selling,so i decided to buy a cone ice-cream . i like to eat cone ice-cream after i am coming back from the nasional service.there is a simple grocery shop cum bistro at there for trainers to buy groceries like hanger,biscuit,100 plus and ......Sometimes,i would buy cone ice-cream while i make a call(there are public phones just right beside the bistro)

i thought ateing ice-cream would made me feel better or great because i am feeling so each time enjoying the cone ice-cream.i have a little affection for cone-icecream since then.because its totally delicous and yummy and sweet and cool and refreshing.

however,the ice-cream i ate today was such a crap,and then it cost me Rm3.oo.omg,so costly.and i bought it for two,it was my treat for my little brother.Usually,the cone ice-cream is around Rm2.20-2.80 only,and the quality of the ice-cream is great.

the ice-cream that i ate in nasional service is either magnolia(the spelling is wrong...or right,but its sth like this) and nestle.and today's ice-cream is an unknown brand(i forgot to glimpse the brand).omg,expensive,doesn't have chocolate at the bottom of cone,the biscuit was not crispy(lou feng),does not had chocolate layer around the cone,does not have tiny chocolate at the top,very unsatisfied a!

May 16, 2009

story in PLKN


taken beforu can view the complete set of photos at my friendster,because all photos are published in my blog as my blog wasn't function like photo album,its a BLOG
May 15, 2009

form 6:moving to the class

me and adeline
but yong liang and ling wei is not same class wif us,sob sob..

candid shoot of them,actually they wanna move to kelas kemanusiaan de,but teacher said,the original science stream student must stay in sc class first until the order from the pejabat pelajaran daerah kemaman is reached.
another take without the tali,3 lengluiz,hahaha
me and wan ching,we pertend like a college student,but the tali...OMG
using the short free time before moving session to snap shoots,just a few only la.
last thursay,we were finally enter our class.this is the ambience of my new class ,which is not having tables and chairs yet.According to Zi kang and adeline ,the block we are going to study now is the hottest block among all the building in the school.SO.
all of us hope to sit just right below the fan,hahaha,yea,we are still immature,esp when meet with friends.

shift all the tables and chairs from a store la!

i not sure that the store is a store or a scene for formal examination like PMR

during the briefing before shift into the class,teacher or lecturer? always emphasize tat we should studying hard as STPM is the second hardest examination worldwide after the japan.
i just jump into the conclusion tat we must learn independant now onwards,like u are carrying out xperiment all by urself,the arrangement of the apparatus,the procedure,precaution and then doing research,observation.answer the question all by urself,its an indivivual work,can't discuss wif ur friend.

SO,be independant,all of form 6 student move the tables and chair from a third floor building to another building,can u thinking of tat?
at first ,i think tat its hard,after dealing with the affair,wooh!still hard,but not hard as i imagine.

u oso can get the feeling of new student in sis

KS(photo from my hp)

cheok and lili

both of us are anak merdeka,i am excited to saying this.
we had been birth at same hospital,same class during the 5 years in secondary school.wat a coincidence!!!!!!consider him as my zi mui,hahaha

lyme,shuh hong like to take pic in front of the sInK.wakakaka

ambience there
a pretty shoot of zu ning,its hard to eat out wif her.HOnestly,i dun hav chance to chat wif her focusly,coz majority of us are busying snap shoots.i still wan pics from zhuang kiang.
qiang and ming de candid
euan,studying broadcast in Tar
this is the n-times,ie,the first batch ppl just came back from nasional service
wc and wen peng(i know he called boon peng),but i like to write as wen peng,coz its the way i pronounce him
i had take wif choon siong several times,dun noe which photo ,he said he smile perfunctorily,so another take.Can you guys differentia which is the perfunctory smile one?i guess the above one.thx choon siong for not take perfunctory photo wif me.

yunn li and me.honestly, i think tis photo is nice,hehehe
qi qian n wc
because i saw her face is sooo cute.
i wan to focus the ppl between the purple girl and the black girl de
dun noe which time dy
qi qian n chia ying
candid shoot of zhuang kiang.
me and ying,yue and ying's msn title always put their homework,can't imagine if i am start studying,how heavy is my homework.
sin yue(no spelling wrong gua)see,how happy she smile,XD,but she said she is very tired now
ehaun is oso leave yesterday,it seem like everybody went to KL dy~~i will miss u de.
water closet
i think u guys see dy,in wc de blog

KS (KEmaman station ) is a bistro tat 91gengzz always go to yc,YAM cha.
everytime,i will take pics for the purpose to feed my blog,so as this too.the photos i shown above is mixing dy,i mean mixing of 2 time of yc.if not mistaken i think is
1. before chia ying go KL
2. wen peng 's birthday and before zhuang kiang went KL

for ur information,u can go here for other article of the same scene