January 13, 2020

2019 Monthly Archive

Jan 2019 

  Got a handsome bonus from my boss
I am not sure when is the CNY month, but I recall that I got a quite handsome bonus from my boss. She is a lady who is actually younger than me, but very capable in running her business.

and of course we had marvellous "shao gong yan" 收工宴before the CNY. I feel like ever since I work with her. SHe will bring us to eat good, luxurious food once in awhile. Which is actually an eye opener for me!

All these photos above were the delectable array of buffet spread in Shangrila KL. It costed like RM 180 per person. Of course I need to archive this. It is quite expensive for my financial condition.

Giving Ang Pao for the first time.
It's CNY。 And I actually feel great to be able to give rather than take. It's a bless that I am able to give , right?

Even though I hadn't had my Chinese Wedding Ceremony yet, which is actually a great excuse no need to give ang pao to people. I still give to a few people I love and care.

Through the Ang pao, I sent my great blessing to my parents, and the parents-in-law , and my colleagues. I also , for the first time buy CNY hamper to wish Aunty Chong (my landlord in Bandar Utama).

Also , with give some to my godmother.

I feel so happy that I am finally financially stable enough to be able to give!

Work hard like a cow! 
The longer time I work, the more I earn. I am still at the early stage , where my income will only increase with the increasing working hour. Since it's a new aim set, January was a month where I start to adjust to hectic schedule juggle between full time and part time job.

I am glad that I can make it to hit my goal. Although I am quite exhausted at the end of the time, but I like the way how I spent my time in a meaningful way. The sense of achievement is really something that drives me to work harder.

I also told about this to my friend in Dec 2018 that 2019 would be a super busy year for me as I can foresee. Well, it busy but rewarding year ahead for me!

Taking wedding photoshoot! 

 I am glad that my husband, Wei Sheng, aka WS signed up with a wedding photography studio in a fair, that actually brought us to this wonderful moment!

The timeline was something like
28th April 2018 - He proposed to me

July 2018 -  Attended Wedding Fair in Mid Valley, sign up for the package, which we expect to take photos in another year. However, my mother urged us not to drag too long between the proposal and the real actual Chinese Wedding. So we progress with our preparation slightly faster than what we expected. First, you have to decide all the Ong Ong (Lucky) day to have ROM, photoshoot, Chinese Ceremony and Bethoral, then the rest will tag along as you went on to the details.

7th Sept 2018 - ROM 

It took us 2 days to get the entire photoshoot done. A day at Kepong FRIM forest and another day in their studio. You can view more photos here.

Yea, I know what you think,right? I have  a pair of super lean and long legs which looks so unreal. It is NOT BEING PHOTOSHOP! It about the angle on how you take it.

The reason I can CONFIRM  that it is not photoshoot was because I immediately asked to look at the photo after it was taken. I was expecting it to be uglier than my photos taken in my daily life as I didn't put on high heels or any footwear that make me looks taller.

Surprisingly, when the photographer showed me, this is what shown. Since then, I slightly understand why people are willing to fork out so much to pay the PROFESSIONAL ones to take photo. It SPEAKS. It happens because of the  studio lightning, the angle and the photography's skill but of course, dont' expect my legs to be this long in real life! I was taken aback to see the result too! For me, it is still a 照骗。 =P =P

February 2019 

It's the Chinese New Year season!

The photo below make me realise I am quite silly when I am so relax.

and it was also our first time to have reunion dinner in KL. To be more specific at Nando's in Nu Sentral =P . If it wasn't the year 2019, then it would be 2018 . 

CNY is also the  time for gathering with relatives. With the family of our Fifth uncle. We used to celebrate CNY together every single year in Teluk Intan, Perak! 

just some silly photos taken with my lovely counsins! 

March 2019 

Nothing big happens in March also.

Just us travelling to Penang to buy furniture from WS's coursemate.

Then it was the specially cook for me dinner by Aunty Chong because I request that and I have rushing to teach tuition afterward. I cannot not posting this. It was just full of L O V E to the brim.

Attending the first wedding dinner. It was Suet Wah's one!

April 2019 

Collect Marathon racing kit . (Yea, i know it's so trivial, just wanna archive down every little single mom of us! Our second time joining marathon together. )

and the marathon aftermaths. I had joined the 10km one.

Move into a new house. I moved into our new house on 28th April 2019. So it means we still have a lot of bit and pieces to buy here and there.

May 2019 

Our new house! It means so much to us! I can't be more grateful and was so excited it last a couple of months.

Mom said need to roll the pineapple when we first moving in. So we did! Hence that explains the pineapple on the table.

And then I realised it looks quite relaxing with beautiful fresh flower in transparent vase on top on the dining table too!

I need a study table. So we went to Ikea and WS assembled them like a toy lego.

Started our life living together. However, we do not really cook everyday. This was one of the earliest meals that WS (aka my hubby) dapao / bungkus /delivered for me. It was a Thai style Pineapple fried rice. I am so inspired and put Thai style Pineapple fried rice in my to-cook list.

One of the earliest times we cook together! One of the most excited parts living in your own house is that you have the FULL AUTONOMY in your kitchen! From the design of the kitchen, no and location of kitchen fan, the fridge, to choosing to put include airfryer, oven, microwave , and many more little things . When it is done, you get to cook whatever you want, any time,  buy whatever food, fry, steam, oven, air fryer, blend... Bak Kut Teh..anything.

Argh...talking about cooking. I feel like want to eat a good plate of creamy cheesy carbonara right now.

The Wesak day falls in May. It was the first year I didn't go for any volunteering/becoming helper in any buddhist association. I just did what a layman did. Went to temple and pray pray only.

Because the family of WS's brother was in KL. So we spent the day together.

So I went to pray pray at the temple together with my family-in law.

June 2019 

Dress fitting for the September wedding banquet as well as the morning tea ceremony part. 

Looking at these photos right now. It makes so much sense, like so so much sense , haha, that I am willing to fork out to get wedding photoshoot done. It's only Once in A Lifetime people.

So to all the boys/men out there
Please understand and have your fiancee to go for wedding photoshoot of her choice. Make her like a queen. She will thank you profusely. 

After all, this is a very special moment between you and her. Eventhough if both of you have no plan to have wedding banquet. You can still go for this! 

Even the dress fitting session is a GREAT JOY j. Why yea. ...Why all the wedding dresses make you look so nice ? 

To all the girls/ladies out here, 
You know that even though (in case you are Single), you still deserve this pretty moment! Looking at me looks so nice on this dresses is so dopamine-releasing (meaning very excited). It inspires me to work harder. I hope I will be able to take another wedding photoshoot again with our first born child in the future. 

It also inspired me to live life to the fullness, with purpose and . Be a zesty soul.  

Then , we had housewarming steamboat , hoping to bring up the ONG (Fortune) for our house.

Worth to put it here because so many people were using my kitchen!

You could tell that I am obviously quite 38 (nosy ) here 

Going to Ikea again to buy some little bit and pieces. 

       then my friend  Avoon, Bryan, Wei Hoong them visited my house too!

Then I joined UTAR Buddhist Society Exco Camp. Sharing my experience along with many other seniors. It was like a time which the seniors get to gather together! 

July 2019 

3rd month moving into our new house

Worth putting it here, because it is one  of the earliest meal that we home-cooked together! The chicken herbal soup (十全汤) and the deep fried slices of pork were by your Chef Maple!

This was the bouquet I begged WS to give it to me. Because I love beautiful fancy things a lot. We also had squabble because why my dear doesn't love me =(  
(Reason: Because he didnt give me flowers which I like a lot)

then it was WS's birthday.  Give me a moment。 I  am still looking for the photo where a group of us is in the photo. 

August 2019 

1. Home cooked meal

I am so grateful that I get to eat once I woke up. Thank you Chef WS for making it happen!

2. 过大礼 Bethoral


It was a very auspicious day to conduct the bethoral and to pay respect to our own ancestor , meaning it was a very Ong (suitable) day to perform this ceremony. We both travelled from KL back to our hometown to do so.

Through all these traditional Chinese  customs, which in my opinion, I wouldn't say it is compulsory. However, to many of the senior eldery. Bethoral is as important as the tea ceremony on the actual day.

Hence, I have learnt that from the way my parents deal with it, they have really taken care of every little details so well. I guess it is part of their Chinese blood feeling so obliged to do so.

I would also like to shout out to my hubby , who even is  also very modern minded , was respecting my parents decision in doing so. I truly appreciate it.

Initially, my idea that these kind of customary ceremonies is optional. But I glad that we did it, because every tradition ceremony has a meaning of its own. And through  experiencing all these, all these formalities and ceremonies, it somehow get me ready. Ready to be a wife.

By performing all these rituals, it had given  me messages that I was going to get marry. and I need to learn to be more mature ,more motherly,  learning to take care of people around me. 相夫教子 (literal translation is assisting the husband and bring up/educate our children) is only part of them.

And to my parents who really taken care all the minutes details. It's a sign that they do really love me and care about me.  All the little efforts, thoughts, ideas etc.... to conduct not only the Chinese rituals, but also the preparation throughout the wedding event (6 months )is a sign of Love For Me, their daughter.

I am very very proud to be their daughter. They planned to really make the wedding a more grand one, because I , in their eyes costs more than that. For this, I am forever grateful .

To me, I glad that I have gone through all these. Instead of saying it is a series of Chinese traditions that Chinese were oblige to follow, I would say it is an indication how much your parents LOVE and care about you as well as your husband in a very Chinese way. And the amount of space to compromise between my husband and my parents, the extent to give in to make a harmony and peaceful ending.

If you ask me do I feel troublesome preparing my own wedding. I bet you, not troublesome at ALL.  It is in fact, a JOY to take a long time (one year) to prepare for it . I got to indulge in a series of river of love showered by people who I care!

And I wish to help out in the same way to my younger sisters and brothers in the future, and whoever I can help for people who I care!  It a cycle of LOVE! hahaha!


At night, WS father had thrown a simple wedding dinner with my in-law's relatives and friends. So we went to Dungun,  presented ourselves as Mr & Mrs Tan in front of the guests!

I forgot to bring heels, so wearing a pair of plump, which made me look short =(. 

With our relatives. Appreciate it as some of you travelled all the way from KL to attend our humble dinner.


On the next day again, it is my birthday!  My 28th birthday! Cant believe I am so old already. Yet I am still looking young! hahaha.

Okay, i need to behave like an old soul already.

There is no cake on my birthday, but there were people who I care to celebrate this moment with me! Hooray! I am again so grateful to have these people in my life.

September 2019 

7th Sept 2019 - Joined 学佛生涯工作坊 as a volunteer photographer. It was also the anniversary day between my hubby and me on the exact day! Hahaha, but I chose to join the camp instead.

The reasons are because it was organised by my UTAR senior, and I was afraid that if I didn't join this year, I might not knowing any of the committees again next year. So It is better for me to join now than later.

Also , I plan to focus all my time on my career next year in 2020, so I had better join now whenever I have time to squeeze in. Actually, this camp I also need to cancel two tuition lessons to be able to fully participated for 2 days. I didnt make it on Friday one.

Why be the photographer? 
Why not? Despite not having great photography skills. I have realised many youngster nowadays are able to take nicer photos than me , only with their smart phone's camera.

It still didn't stop from taking photos. I love taking candid moments. Pics that tell stories, and the stories come alive when I see the photos.

It is also my first time doing manicure! and you will soon why find out why! 

It is for my own wedding! Honestly, I was just enjoying preparing my own wedding! We just fixed the date, and knowing that we have ample time to do it. So, we just relax and prepare when we feel want to. All the preparation were mostly coordination. And you will feel motivated to do it. 

There were so many people who I would like to again thank! My family and relatives who came to KL from everywhere. Thank you so much for your time! 

Of course, my ji mui! meaning my sisters! Thank you so much for making it for me! Nitya, Vivien and Kar Yee are my coursemates. Xiao Ling, my leng lui cousin sister and Soo Hoay and Soo Ann, my dear sisters! Thanks for being so hype up and agree to be my ji mui when I first invited you all! 

with his handsome brothers!

and at night, we also took photos with our beloved friends, but let's just use the photo below for the summary. With my in-law's family!

October 2019 

Then  I joined as a committee in Worklife VS Zen 2-day meditation retreat.  It's only a short 2 days,  even a beginner who has no knowledge in meditation would find it easy to blend in too. It was not only mediation all the time, i think around 40% of it was sharing from Ajahn Keng and Bhikkhu Saddhadhiko.

You are welcomed to view some of the videos here. They were videos by Ajahn Keng in Mandarin about the sharing in the retreat.

Then the committees who working as a team to organise the 2-day meditation retreat! Our Chairperson, Bryan Lee is  ss very responsible and always think 2 or 3 steps further before making any decision.

Then one of my friends, Xin Ying  who cannot made it for my wedding dinner due to food poisoning had had a simple yet sweet dinner for Wei Sheng and me! So we both went to her house for the dinner then chit chat, games and catch up together!

By now, you should have known that I love eating, because I featured plenty of food pictures here solely in this post, most of it are home-cooked based. Yes, I do love cooking , and would like to explore more to cook a more variant kind of food!

I mean, who doesn't like to eat? 

Inspired by the delicious roasted juicy baked chicken that I had in Xin Ying's house, I decided to try out the recipe. since I have an oven at home too. Should make use of them!

okay, it came out quite nice too! So I was quite motivated to try out more recipes using oven!

Then without us realising, it was soon deepavali festival! I have this special liking for traditional costume for the rich in colour, perfectly garnished with distinctive tribal pattern that you could immediately  which group of culture do this particular traditional clothes belongs to.
So I bought myself a long Kurthi for the first time. While sourcing for the Kurthi to buy, only then I realised that Kurthi can be quite expensive , as expesive as Cheong Sam could be. 

Wearing the kurthi, then I invited my dear friend , Nitya to come to my working place to share with us , to give tell us something , be it origin, Indian song, Indian Culture, Indian simple greeting phrases and so on. 

Teacher Nitya was sharing the origin of Deepavali. Teacher Nitya looking nice!

So of course, I must take a photo with her la. It's been sometime since we last met.

and now we were (almost) twining together!

November 2019 

I quit my full time job, then work as a full time freelancer. A home tutor. Do find me if you are looking for a tutor too! I can scout for a suitable teacher for you too! Personally, I prefer to teach Science and Maths for any high school level. I do teach SJKC , SK, PT3 and Cambridge Checkpoint currently.

Attending the wedding of hubby's coursemate. There were so much intereaction with his friends that they have shown  their closed, long lasting , clingy friendship among his coursemates and unimates. Vivian Lim and Soh Boon Ping's wedding is one of them. And there was Alex's wedding, there was Wei Sheng's (mine) wedding to name a few.

If nothing goes wrong, it would be just a matter of time that his friends will take turn to get marry. Hahaha . I am guessing you have nod your head with me , as you also have the similar experience?

The night when everyone was so chilled and so happy for the newly wed!

Another pic to show their closed knitted relationship again. A group of friends who doesn't really contact each frequently, but always be there during their important moment. I am honestly quite impressed like their closed, long lasting relationship la.

Just the next weekend again, it was my cousin's brother wedding. I was glad that I can make it. There was wedding of my  another cousin younger brother , Wai Keong which I hope that I would be there to give them my blessing. Too bad I can't make it cause it fells on the day right after my bethoral ceremony.

Heartiest congratulations to Kean Teong and Jia Wei! From now onwards, would be calling Jia Wei my cousin sister in law already!

My cousin brother, looking handsome here!

December 2019 

1. Travel to Singapore

Visiting Lee Ting , my dear friend too and taking a short break  and pre-honeymoon vacation with WS to test if our relationship will shut down or not during the real honeymoon, hahaha.

Met up wit Lee Ting and Hong Yun too! Love Lee Ting!

Blogging SIngapore trip reminds me that I need to edit videos about Singapore vacation too.  LOL 

Xi Xi and Xiang Xiang are growing up so fast! Havent seen them for ages. and now they are teenagers already!

2.  23rd Dec 2019 - Partnering with my brother, we start on something very exciting!

3. Join as a facilitator in a high school buddhist camp in Shah Alam Buddhist Association.

These were the brunch of crazy and lovely facilitators! Thanks Hui Hui for asking me to be part of them!

In summary, the remarkable milestones in  2019

1. Achieve sustainable stable income condition
2. Move into my home sweet home in KL
3. Got married to Mr Tan Wei Sheng
4. Exciting project with Kean Heng