May 7, 2024


Moment with her yi yi 

When i was having yoga in the gym 

Yihan came KL. So meeting up on Fri with her cutie Son! Wei wei 

Spenting time with Wai po 

Go for ID hunting 

Morning randon dance at a nice gym in a nice condo. 

May 24 当妈后的心情。。

 RIght now, my daughter is no longer a baby. (It still feels like yesterday that she was a cute vulnerable baby that I used to carry a lot)

She is now very active, like a normal toddler. 

and you know what's the little things that can keep me happy for quite some time.....? 

As I reflect on this...I myself am quites surprise to find out how parenthood has change my mind... 

She hasn't been eating solid food these 3 -4 days. THen on Sun, my husband WS made a pot of ABCsoup. 

For lunch ....she eats like half a bowl 

FOr dinner....she ate almost one bowl or more

Seeing that she didnt eat much for the past few days, (she only drank milk/soya, and rejecting all the solid food, she would take out those food as soon as there is solid)

and now that she ate a lot, it really keep ws and me happy. 

Also...on the same night...she asked for milk twice...around 1am and 3am ...then the usual 6am....

about 7 ounces for each time....

We thought maybe it is a growth spurts...but then hor...

on the second day (Mon),

She's back to the no-solid food mode again 😏😏😏Ai yor..this girl yea. what she wants...

March 29, 2024

March 2024

 Although I am not so active now in blogging, but I still cannot bear to see that I dont see the latest update of my daughter in this blog. So here I am, I am going to update about my March life basically.  

Hello.....I like that my blog is filled up with my cute baby's latest photo. Hellow World.....HOw are you?   Let's live life to the fullest okay. 

My daughter is literally living her life to the fullest and that makes her parents tired... 😅😅😅 #parents'problem

This month is her 19th Month in the world. 

Went to Jalan2 Japan 

I actually plan to teach her a few things 

1. TO eat my herself 
2. Potty training 
3. To clean up (toys, clothes) by herself 
4. To wear shoes by herself (She is very excited when it comes to wearing shoes)

As my hair was getting longer, I went and get my hair cut shorter. I didnt have high expectation, but it turned out to be quite pretty....but hair is like grass, as I didnt maintain it properly .

21/3 - Basil Pasta

Thank you my bro for treating me a scrumptious dinner despite you are rushing off to your friends ' gatheirng 
I miss eating pasta. esp Aglio Olio. but the Aglio Olio here like not spicy enough... also it is a red sauce I wondered if they served the wrong one.  coz I saw in the menu, that is another lala pasta which seem spicy and suit my preference. 

YOu will always come across food photo here in my blog. because I love to eat. Haha. 
This is fried bitter gourd with pork and black bean.

Despite the humble looking of this simple dish, it actually tastes magnificient.

  It is so scrumptious, tastefully done by my husband. I told him..... if he quit his current job, he will still be able to earn a decent job by cooking because it was so delicious! 

And the above video is my bao bei trying to have a taste of bitter gourd. She accepted it. 

This michievous girl.....

My source of distraction 
My source of unproductivity 

and also 

My source of happiness  
So much of bittersweet story....
In short, my sweet burden. and ...I am still en route to have another sweet burden. If you are reading this, please pray for me that I could have a decent income , healthy body and a baby. Thank you !

Nah, you can experience her mischievous through your screen here. 

My very kind aunty passed away from pancreatic cancer. 
We did one time video call, and I couldnt bear to see that she has become like skinny bone only. I guess it must be very suffer for her. 

And it is good that she no longer need to suffer anymore. This is also my first time having to experience wake and funeral in CHristian way..the hallelujah way. 

It was a bit odd that when they use their tongue to chant something. but other than that, i like it they make the passing of their follower a hopeful one. 

It wasn't really a sad funeral. Every one is feeling hopeful as ...according to Christian?  (correct me if I am wrong).... she is now on the way to heaven and no longer need to suffer. 

Their power of faithfulness is very overwhelming. even the followers from Singapore, Alor Setar come to Teluk Intan in Perak just to give my kind aunt their blessing. I am quite touched actually. 

On the other hand, I can also feel that my cousin sister (daughter to the passing aunt) has grown up so much as she had to looking after her during the hospitalisation. 

A quick high tea in Teluk Intan, savouring local delicacies before we parted into 2 group. Group 1 back to KL. Group 2 back to my hometown. 

Also manage to squeeze time in between to visit my beloved godmother in Teluk Intan. 

I make a commitment to myself that I want to workout more. I want to be more committed. So I went to buy some yoga stuff like Yoga mat and pants. 

UO Shin in Millerz @ OKR is quite a pleasant meal. Afforable and tasty 

It is always packed even during the not-so-busy  weekday working time. Better to make reservation before coming. 

March 12 - This girl ar.... She bites until the pacifier broken 

Good, we didnt buy a new one. And use this incident as a valid reason ...telling our daughter that she doest have pacifier anymore. This incidence came at perfect timing. 😆😆😆

10th March :Too cute not to feature my cute baby here. 

I was so determined so get my daugther to eat on her own until I buy the kid utensil set from Ikea. 6 sets of them. RIght now....The kitchen has i think 8 sets of her utensils ady. 

9 March 2024 我的老公是厨神  
Butter saute pork. Damn oil...but very satisfying ...full aroma and so delicious I  dont have craving to eat out. 

January 28, 2024

Baby Food 6- 12 months


6-10months  Baby food list



High iron 

High Energy  





Sweet potato


Egg yolk 










mixture of banana + apple

Butternut squash + olive oil

pea + kale

broccoli + sweet potato

sweet corn 










Egg yolk


1.      Egg yolk

2.     Chicken

3.     Fish

4.     Cheese

5.     Yogurt

6.     Tofu

7.     Cauliflower

8.    Broccoli

9.     Kiwi fruit

10.Whole wheat Bread Sticks






Flax seed

Quinoa (9 essential aa)



Nuts and seeds

greek yogurt











January 25, 2024

Final week of Jan 2024


Thaipusam day - PUblic holiday 

It was a public holiday. It also means a family day! 

In ther morning, WS went to play basketball ...about 8am - 10am like that. 

I brought my daughter to a playground in our area because she kept saying "wong wong! " (dog barking). SInce I am free and finally free, I brought her out alone....only 2 of us to the playground. 

I actually quite enjoy bringing her out. It was just that the sun was quite hot, but both the mother and daughter cannot open our eyes. 

HI , baby. Nice to see you ! 

She didnt get the have morning nap. So when we went out for early lunch, about 11am. She slept soundly and securely on her father's shoulder.  

What a lovely scene....💓💓💓

After the Bak Kut Teh lunch, WS went and got his haircut done.

As the usual day is working day, so this was the ...i think 2nd time I follow him to his haircut. The first time was before we got married. And this is also the first time YX witnesses his dad got his haircut done. 

👆👆👆Video taken while waiting for her father doing hair cut 😇😇

👆👆👆 After haircut, reaching home. YX is reluctant to put her bag now. She insisted on carrying her bag. Perhaps it is fluffy and comfortable for her?? 

At night, we went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. THe waiters there all kept looking at YX because her eyes are big and cute. Everyone kept playing with her. However, the parents took turn to eat. because the other one has to keep an eye on YX as she kept walking here and there. 

After that, i join a meaning meeting to plan about the 2024 Dharma Class lesson. I am grateful for this chance because I enjoy going to Dharma class since childhood.  

January 9, 2024

1st week of 2024 ~~Picnic ~ grocery ~

 6th January 2024  : Happy 1st Birthday to baby Yong Xu! 

Thanks for YIkWei and SHu Huey for asking to us to come and join their picnic. It was so fun, so much to see and so refreshing! My mental is quite happily recharged. Hahaha. 

I didnt take out my phone to take photo because I was busy looking after YX and the surrounding refreshing view. So refreshing, so outdoor-sy, I wish Ican come again! 

Then the day before, we went to buy groceries. This is a video of Yee Xuan pulling cart and dancing. So cute! must watch ! 

Then  👇👇👇this is the video of Yee Xuan calling out her papa! 

1st January 2024 


On the first day of 2024, we went to a buddhist Temple, SABS to pray. TO wish for the best 2024. Actually  my sister in law followed too. But she didnt like to take photo. 

Then we went to eat Pasta! I had been craving for either pasta and hotpot. WS opt for pasta because hotpot is so hot and it was a public holiday, must be full of crowd. 

We had lunch at Italianies in Centra Icity. It was so good. If you like to eat pasta, you must try the pasta here. Most of the pasta that I is either ..portion little....not flavourful enought..... little ingredient. The pasta from Italianies it carbonara, aglio olio or pomodoro or lagsania...all are well balanced with everything I crave for. 

Selfie in the toilet because I dress up, hehe 😊😊