May 28, 2011

the thrid interview

maple: Good morning

panel: please pass your resume here

maple:( walking towards her, passing the resume to her, so as the photocopy,but it was returned at the end of the interview ==" so shame)

they are altogether 4 panels, i think the left 1 is the prime judges, from the way he speak, he act.

panel: How do you come here today?

maple: by car ( suddenly remember that this is an interview, shouldn't answer informal answer)

ketua panel: What course are you applying?

maple: Pendidikan Bahasa Cina

Ketua panel: Do you know which school you are applying for?

Maple: erm......UPSI. University Pendidikan Sultan Idris

Ketua Panel:So ,applying for the Pendidikan Bahasa Cina is your first choice? i mean you put it as your first option?

Maple: No, Pendidikan Bahsa Cina is my second option.

Ketua penal: So, what is your first option?

Maple: Genetik Di UM

In chinese
Chinese Panel: Do you have any experience of teaching before?

Maple: Yes, i did teach in an International school from January until April.And i am currently teaching in sekolah jenis kebangsaan Cina Chukai( not sure about the alignment when saying the school name,gosh~~~~~!

(another female panel)
Female panel: Tell me why are you want to become a teacher?

Maple: i am interesting to become a teacher because i like to communicate with student.i like to speak(i din prepare actually, no idea what was i talking about , plus forget@@)

ketua panel: can i switch to english now?

maple: yes, you can

ketua panel: tell me about your teaching experience.

maple: repeat again.....the teacher went to deliver.

female panel: you said that you are interest in both genetic and pendidikan, if you are given the chance? which way you will go?

maple: pendidikan(actually, i still need to consider)

ketua panel: why you don't want to choose genetic,but you choose genetic as your first option?

maple: actually i am interesting in both genetic and pendidikan. but the prospect of genetic industry in Malaysia is not that advanced,but but linguistic~~YES!

ketua panel: (talk with other panel, ask them with got any question to ask)

ketua panel: any question you need to ask?

maple:(wandering for about 1-2 minutes, in my mind, i think i must ask at least onw question, i insist on asking) is that other than teacher, i can still become an editor?

panel: yes.