March 14, 2023

Motherhood life :2nd week of March 2023

16th March 2023 :Her progress at 6 months 

1. She can sit on with 2 hands support her body 

2. Her cries is much louder and more intense, LOL

For eg, she would look at the object sharply if she is interested on that thing 
She would also move her mouth during our meal time 

4. She can hold her bottle now, although not very consistent still.  

5. Her kicks and finger graps is more powerful now. She would kick while crying in the midnight. Sometimes my milk got kick out when she kicked my chest. LOL 

16th March 2023 :Her first nightmare

Yee Xuan was having a nightmare yesterday. This is also the first time she had a nightmare. It was around 5am in the morning. She whined and increasing shout , I thought that she was hungry. Since my breast is also swollen with milk, I thought I might as well feed her to comfort her to sleep. 

Then when we were in the position, she didnt go and suck, which she would usually do. Then I realised she was shouting with her eyes closed. 

She shouted for few minutes until my lao gong also awoke. He turned on the yellow sleeping then after few rounds of shouting then only she subsided and went back to sleep. 

She didnt arch her body like she usually does. Which further confirm that ..she wasn't asking for milk. 

During her episode of shouting, she did turn her entire body like trying to free to something. 

12th March 2023 Weekend at home 

I bought the pink story book because of the cute cover. Yee Xuan is still too young to understand. It was just that clearly she enjoys interacting with her father or maybe enjoy interacting with people. 

I sit like a boss because I can. 

coz I am the boss in the house 

Previously I was away from home from every weekend, pay visit to my father in hospital. Now Finally , I can eat the home-cooked food by Chef Wei Sheng! 

12th March 2023 - was the first time I get to drink 泡参汤. Like Finally..... because I wasn't allow to drink this during the pregnancy . Finally when baby Yee Xuan's 6th month. I drank it. 

12th March 2023 - was also  the first time I get to bubble tea after pregnancy and giving birth. It was so damn sweet! Like so disgustingly sweet. I love to drink bubble milk tea before I pregnant.  Then I realised after you are not doing it for awhile. Then you wont miss it at all. 

10th March 2023  Friday  

Hoay and Long come from Kemaman. Because it was Heng's big day. 

He is now a 包租公 already. Really to collect money from his tenant! 

Yee Xuan and her dearest 二姨。 

andthe Kok 5 sibligns. WHo do you think is the eldest? 


March 3, 2023




看了一篇家长写的文章, 我也有感而发。





我上华小,中学有拿中文(SPM 拿到3B 大学选修英文科 English Linguistic


出来社会后发现到会中英文真的有很多extra advantage. 因为会bilingual 所以我可以教banana中文, 也可以教华人英文。





大学学linguistic的时候, Lecturer有讲过。 The main purpose of language is to communicate, to get your idea through. So there is no such thing as which language is more superior than any other  language. It is the people’s culture who speak in that language set up the perception /definition about the language.





现在有孩子了, 我的计划是以后孩子上华小, 学中文。

中学时, 就看孩子自己本身的兴趣在决定要去Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan or Private international school.


小孩子的first language 一定是中文

如果你的孩子在critical age (can refer to Critical period hypothesis) 吸收能力最厉害的时候学是比较理想的 (没有对错, 只是比较容易学)


The critical period hypothesis (CPH) states that the first few years of life constitute the time during which language develops readily and after which (sometime between age 5 and puberty) language acquisition is much more difficult and ultimately less successful.



1.     中文是世界上among  4169 language …that has writing system  最难学的语言。(more than 7100 speaking languages)。 我本身有教幼儿园和小学中文。 中文教起来会比bahasa and English more effort. 就说最简单的 “一” 和“口”好了,


“一”的笔画是 ##  如果我要很完美的教的话, 横的笔顺一定是from left to right, cannot be from right to left.


口” 是三个不同的笔画, 不是一个笔画。。。画一个square


如果你孩子写错笔顺并不急 (还好我小学有一本作业专门学笔顺), 4-6岁的hand motor skills 主要先学会抓笔, 只是有机会还是要纠正。 我小时候的“口” 也是从画一个square写出来的。其他的语言A-z   , 1-9  是没有笔顺的。


 所以小孩子会把学A-z   , 1-9  的方式用在学中文字, 忽视笔顺也是很自然的事。 这是Language transfer Theory 


就好像我们华人不明在 为什么动词(verb)还要分past tense, present tense 还有perfect tenses. (真正来说有16tenses)

再来,  我在教Banana时, 我的学生也是不明白为什么华文要有 阴阳上去, 我每次都有解释, 然后他就会回一句说: “ Why learning Chinese is so hard? ” 😅😅😅 但是如果我们是CHinese speaker 的话, 阴阳上去对我们来说是很自然的东西。 


一句话讲完, 中文是4000多种语言里面最难学的语言, critical age学会比较理想。




# Reason 2 


2.     I teach Mandarin to Banana (English as first Language ) too. When I teach them Mandarin, the main purpose is only too learn how to communicate in that particular language rather than learning the culture in that language.



中华文化, 博大精深。

因为我会华语, 我看的懂很多中国好看的综艺节目

会欣赏方文山的歌词 (如。。。缘分一道桥)当初听到这首歌的时候, 很庆幸  自己会中文, 如果我不会中文的话, 那么我就错过了一首好歌了。 

 insert here HERE  

虽然我不会decode文言文, 但是学习文言文真的可以明白当代诗人、笔者的想法, 也可以学习那个语言的文化。


如果长大后学中文, 只要是掌握的communication 而已。 比如说商人学中文mainly for business purpose, 其他时间都用来经营生意了, 比较不会欣赏语言的美  


中华文化, 博大精深。








没有学习到中文的美, 只是利用中文学会沟通而已。。。






My personal experience:

学华语, 学中文的人会比较收敛, 比较听话, 比较一板一眼。

因为华小的老师都很注重discipline ,








think less critically ,






因为我上了大学后,一直被要求做presentation ,

assignment 然后参与很多活动,生活营, 脑力激荡,


间接地把我train 成跳出思想的框框。



另外, 现在时代不同了, 主要是看老师怎么教。而且现在的作业真的有encourage students to think creatively, critically (and freely and randomly, hahaha).


现在的小学, 中学除了上课之外,






这就是为什么我想让我孩子学习中文as the first language.




学习英文看youtube , cocomelon , 买故事书。。。还有很多学习英文管道, 不难。