March 25, 2011


this is my latest look, i think i become more thinner now, and i sure that people who spent most of the time with me during form6 sure can notice that, too obvious already.....555555.

i wan to become chubby!!!!!!

Going to kuantan today.
Had complete 2 out of to-do list out of 11.
That is

ask for the surgery


bought a new handphone

Ask for the surgery
erm....once i got into kuantan, we immediately headed to KMC, which is behind the berjaya megamall. The result of the consultant is i am going to having throid surgery on 20 April2011,confirm already, the doctor told me that i must fasting start after 9am, fasting mean cannot eat anything, any type of drink, liquid also.

Register 2pm, Operation 3 pm, the operation will be carry on for about 2 hours, its to remove the right side of my thyroid, and later will sent to examine whether the tumour is malignant or benign, if its malignant, that's mean its cancer, then another operation will be carry out to remove everything, i here refer to the whole thyroid, and because of that, you have to eat on medicine or iodine for the rest of your life.

The effect of the surgery are
- maybe my voice will become more thick

the cut will bleeding sometime

but according to the doctor, he say the probability of being so is just 1%, i hope i will not be the 1 % la~~

the cost of the operation about Rm 5K la, so far, i had been use Rm 108 for this, include lab today.Certainly i will be stay hospital on 21/4/2011, but 22/4/2011, maybe i will discharge le, it depend whether the doctor give the permission lo, but i think mostly i will stil stay hospital 22/4/2011 , only 23/4/2011 i will confirm at kemaman.So Guys,do visit me at KMC that time if you r free o~~~i think i will be boring there, luckily there got wifi , i ask about the facility once after i went out from the doctor.Erm.....for your info also, this is neither major nor minor op .

right after that, i went to berjaya megamall, intend to buy a new handphone.

bought a new hanphone
my current nokia express music broken down le, due to the red button cannot work out(switch on and off the phone de), i did do the survey,asking so much questions ,keep asking the salegirl to test the handphone,

the way to type message

how clear was the photo taken

can zoom or not

can hear music or not

can record video

basically, thats all i test. but there certainly are several must HAVE!bluetooth,wifi,3G

and i found out that SamSung Wave series 723 fulfill my requirement,

the price i survey......Rm 920......750......780......900, for sure i will bought the handphone from The Rm750 shop, somemore the service from the shop was the most friendliest among the all, i fixed my nokia express music there which cost me Rm100.okay la~~

and i feel so guilty. at first, the price of fixing is Rm 110, then i try to negotiated with the man, i said you let me fix with Rm 100, then i bought the Wave 723 from you,since the price that the shop offer was soooooooooooo satisfied.And so was the services.He ask me to take the phone after half and hour.

My sis and me then strolling around inside the building lo.....and something complication was occured, while i was waiting for my mum to help me, cause i don't have enough money to buy it, as it was out of the budget, i budget Rm 600 or below with my new Handphone. Me and my sister were wondering, since the old nokia was healed, why should i own another handphone???
i say it was to keep as standby, my sis keep advising me not to buy a new handphone, she advice me with so many lame excuse like wasting money, no use keeping, the price of the handphone will fall and why so buy a new handphone with more latest function ...........and lastly she came out with one turgid reasonable excuse that i couldn't admit that i have to obey.

that is i have been spent Rm5K for the surgery, and it was my parents who pay that, and i ask mt parents to sponsor me Rm 500 for the new handphone......i feel guilty for that, so i decided not to bought le, i felt like own le salesman ,the Rm750 shop's salesman a ren qing, nvr mind la, if nect time i wan t to buy a handphone, i will go to the shop.

erm....okay la,tats all for today, i want to bath le,bye bye

nitez people^^

March 21, 2011

yummy yummy=)

went to steven last friday, enjoying a dinner there,

and here it is ^^
leftL: chicken chop with mushroom sause

right: steven fried rice

actually,there is one more restaurant at kemaman is quite okay.

it serve western cuisine

the ambience there is nice, not only yellow light, but transquil

wifi available

and you can enjoy the yummy food there with economic price!!This is the point,
i went there yesterday actually, but due do my handphone broken, and coincidentally my camera is battery empty, taking pix is unavailable.Btw, i am fond of the lemon grass fried rice there, special,unique, tasty.Highly recommend^^

opps,s orry, i forget to mention the restaurant, its Jack's Garden Cafe, which is located opposite SIS2(Sekolah Kebangsaan Sultan Ismail II), the new shoplot there.
March 20, 2011

blueberry ChEesE cAkE^^

omg!!!it is 11.17,but yet i still want to blogging, actually i plan to blogging last few days, i mean last thursday,friday or saturday or sunday since i was no working, but i am so busy or when i want to use the comp, the computer was occupied, i mean my sister or brother use them.

hahaha, i am making cheese cake recently, actually not me made the cheese cake, i just go there and learn from my mummy's friend. She is seem like very professional, you know??so cool, she got everything even the one we use to sapu the whip cream on the cake, i am refer to the tools ,tat thing,actually, i intend to take more photo, during the decoration section, but then my handphone out of battery , photo.

i like to watch them to decorate the cake, it feel like very fruitful from a plain,simple cake, and you make it into colourful cake,just like the birthday cake you see at the shop.

Uhmmmm.plan to try it on my own, perhaps during april or may, coz i don't think i hav time this month, somemore, i need to buy the material, borrow the cooking, baking machine,tools from people, i mean i need time to prepare,. Hopefully when i did it, it will taste good la,hahahaha

some pic here, of the process

the cheese, castor sugar, and sour cream.....

beat the cheese, castor sugar until light.

the materials, but not everythings here.
somemore the aunty say, after finish baking, you hav to let the cake to chill completely inside and outside,so have to left it at room temperature for about 3 or 4 hours.

pour the mixture and arrange the filling, it can be up to you either to use blueberry or strawberry.

pour the balance mixture and steam bake at 160 degree celcius for one and a half hour.

this is do make the base, which is the chuncky biscuit, and i totally lovely it!they taste awesome!!
melt the butter and crush mary biscuits and stir in melt butter.

divide and press onto the base of the trays. chill for 15 mins or until needed.

prick base with the back of a skewer before pouring in the filling, this is done to so that the cheese filling will hold the biscuit together.

opps, forget to mention that, this is the cheese the aunty used. The aunty say that the brand is better and hence will produce tastier cheese cake.

ready to put into the oven to bake......

after one and a half hour......look tempting,right???

off the process, i was squeezing the lemon jiuce into the sour cream^^

when i beat the eggs to put into the cheese mixture, one of the egg accidentally break outside, and the aunty's daughter say we can apply the egg white as mask,hahaha~~

Ta daa~~~~~


here is the

blueBeRry CheEse Cake

look craving ,right??hahahaha

i plan to do the base solely this friday or saturday,coz only 2 simple step,hahahaha
March 5, 2011


Actually, i felt i still not doing well as my working place now.

From the observation , i know that if you want to enjoy with your working, you have to not take it as your job.just enjoy it, try to make it informal,try to make your lesson interest,make friend with them as well.

刚才回家的路上, 我一直想要读什么好, 要拿什么好,突然间听到radio传出来, 讲什么the feature that a success people will have, have confident,have远见,bla bla bla


我就想到只要把自己当成是学校的老板,你就会有老板的pattern,就会enjoy on your work,所以应该就是酱吧!

edu fair

went to kuantan today,trying to get some useful information from education fair.

felt guilty to my friend,esp KW, due to i forgot to bring purse along (and i know its a enormous dummy mistake) , i borrowed Rm 200 to buy a hard disk 500 GB which cost Rm 167 at the PC fair, the PC fair is just beside the edu fair only, that mean, at the same location.

Along the return journey,i felt tension , meanwhile, feel lose too.

felt tension because i have still have to work tomorrow.Yea, i know i am lucky enough that i no need to work on Saturday,but then ........its hard to explain right here.

On the other hand,i felt lose because my result is not really good,CGPA2.84, and i intend to pursue something related with bio,but then for every program i ask , like biotech,marine, nutrition, pharmarcy,the minimum requirement to apply the course is CGPA 3.00, i hate this!
i mean i hate myself cannot get 3.00 above, i hate myself why i not study harder, why i am not firm to myself whenever i had plan something, why i can't manage my time properly.

i Know mutter here ,right now will not help ,but i still wan to write,xixi

Opps, forget to take the pix, nvr mind la, i not quite satisfied with my look yesterday.
The education fair had 20 IPTA, and 100 IPTS (look like). And one of the reason i felt sorry to my friend whom i ask them to join there is the education fair not really a major fair, the staff who service the public, their service,i not really satisfied. First, they are not initiative, some of them(esp ) from the UPU, the staff (actually, what is the appropriate word to call them? i think sth gotta to do with the word "marketing...") they cannot explain more detail, for instance, when i ask "so far the graduate from your campus had go to work with any renowned company?', and everyone of them just simply give an irrelevant answer.

" yes, after you finish the program, you can go to pharmacy, the industry that apply biotech....."

come on~~sure i know i will work in the cartain industry after that, i am wondering for which renowned company i can go after that. This is what i not satisfied with, they are not able to explain it more detail. And one more thing i dom't like, some of them just sat there, waiting for the people to come forward, they are not initiative at all.

The one staff which i had been go to asking question before, at education fair,it was the staff from College LIm KOk Wing, i not sure whether its a university or a college right now(i checked just now, its a university of creative technology), i was satisfied with the infor the staff given to me, he let me know something i don't know before, and that is what i want!