February 19, 2021

Food Review : Above Cafe @ SS15 , Subang Jaya

Updated 4th Aug 2022 

The cafe has been permanently closed. Not sure since when. I miss their carbonara la. 

 It was just a random day when I first stepped into the cafe. I was starved that my stomach kept gumbling. While running errand in SS15 , a hustle business area in Subang Jaya, I decided to pop in any restaurant to feed my hungry soul first. 

Above cafe wasn't my first choice (It is located upstairs, same row as Mc Donald in SS15), I was actually planning to dine in the pan mee not faraway, just as I passed through the doorway of Above cafe. (As seen in the picture below), I thought I might try some different things. 

I was attracted by their lunch value combo. I haven't eaten carbonara for quite some time already. and since the price was okay, I decided to go for it. 

The first view that greeted me when I pull the transparent glass door . 

It exudes a comfortable  cozy feeling, the yellow gallery lightning for the interior of the cafe exude a feeling of slowly pace and relax. (Cozy relaxing BGM , background music playing at the back too)

The view of the cafe interior from my seat. 

Brought my husband to the cafe during the second visit, because I want him to try the carbonara that I was craving for. 

The view of the cafe interior from my seat #2 
also, perhaps it is located at the first floor couple with MCO period. Not much of people dropping by the cafe. It was quiet and I get to have the entire cafe for ourselves, hahaha. I also love to drop by quiet cafe/eatery recently whenver possible to avoid large crowd. 

and here comes our food
My meatless carbonara. As plain as it looked, this is one of the great comfort food that warm my tummy and my hungry soul. LOLOLOL. This plate of creamy carbonara was also the reason I brought my husband here because I want him to try it out! 

We ordered food from value set lunch. So it costed Rm 12.90. It was quite afforable to be honest. Most of the delicious carbonara that I like are mostly Rm 15-20. and this carbonara not only served hot, creamy and delicious! 

As a carbonara lover, I wont said that the plate of carbonara is top notch, but quite above the average, and with the price, I am happy to drop by for the carbonara whenever I yearn for it! 

Our orders

Husband ordered the salted egg chicken chip. Rm 15.90 

According to him, it was an average chicken chop. I am actually quite hyped up when I saw the menu because they serve innovative western food. and I would order them if I wan't on meatless diet. 

Husband also said that the cross french fries is a tad bit too hard for his liking. For me the french fries was crunchy. So .. I guess the liking for food between my husband and me are quite different.. hmmmm.

Take a look at the menu! 

What I like about this restaurant is that they serve western food that I like at afforable price. 

They also included 10% service charge for dine in. 

Verdict : 
Husband's point of view 
1. Long serving time - Took like 20 minutes to prepare our orders. 

My point of view
It shows that they preapre the food freshly, and indeed the food was served hot and freshed! 

Their Nasi Lemak Rendang Chicken is the most popular one. But it was not served when I dropped by the cafe. Probably due to MCO I assume. 

If you still want to try Above cafe from the comfort of your house , you can always try order fromt he whatsapp number below =D