July 30, 2019

The Butterfly Project 6th Birthday Bash

It was a wonderful party with the people alike, because we all blog, and love meeting people. So I was totally indulge myself in the party!

The Butterfly Project Malaysia is a blogger community that I've been joining since the beginning. I have gotten a lot of chance, opportunity to review a lot of skin care and beauty products since then through the Butterfly Project.

and It was all thanks to the person who found the Butterfly Project, Tammy Lim. Tammy Lim aka Mamasan , if you get the chance to see her in real life, she is totally a down-to-earth person, not the snobbish type, and she cares for everyone in the community.

And because of her , and her avenger team. The culture and the spirit of the Butterfly Project continues, lively, friendly, and welcoming.

Moving to the 5th year of the Butterfly Project founded, I am glad I got to be a part of this community! Now, let's photos feast your eyes, shall we?

Actually I have shown some of the photos before through my instagram.But nonetheless, I would like to showcase this again in a single blogpost. These are the little details that make our spice up the party!

Yves Rocher My

I was so hyped up and couldn't wait to share with you all when I got to know that Yves Rocher actually having great deal of discount I made an instagram video as you can see here. Well, you can watch it still. The promotion has been over. But don't worry, follow Yves Rocher MY then you will be the first to know their latest promotion!

Instagram | Yves Rocher MY

Facebook  | Yves Rocher Malaysia

 Avant Garde Blooms

The flowers from Avant Garde Blooms bring exquisite to me. Compare to other flower house, Avant Garde Blooms exude a feeling of British English high tea feel.

On the day, there was a mini flower headband making workshop that further impose our vainess. LOL, no la, I personally enjoyed it a lot! Although the flower headband that I made was... a tad bit normal. But I did enjoy making it, how to assemble, matching them together to create it from scratch to becoming something!

Fresh and fancy colour flowers selection to turn them into your fancy flower headband

Neh, my masterpiece. Looking normal hor...

Instagram | Avant Garde Blooms

The Blossom Balloons

Do you like the helium balloon here?  It can be custom made, and was just a really good prop for taking photos! It creates the ambience of airy, dreamy and bubbly!

See! The ambience of the party was not so boring because of different texture, colourful and the helium balloon!

Instagram | The Blossom Balloons

Joanne Kam

Joanne Kam, it was the first time I get to know a stand-up comedian. And it was a female! She was invited of course to play  comedy, and it was very locally-tasted!

and witty!

Instagram | Joanne Kam

 Tsticks of London

Have you ever heard of drinking tea without using a spoon? 

Now you can do that at ease, enjoying a cup of premium fruit tea at home by simply pouring hot water into your cup!

Why no spoon? Because the alumium foil casing of the tea stick itself act as a stirrer. Just like any other fruit tea, you can always add a twist on it by adding lemon, or milk or sugar! 

p/s: I love that the packaging itself is self-explanatory! I got to know everything I need. For instance, the Minty Green is alternatively recommended to pair with a drop of rose or orange water for a spicy twist! 

🍸🍵🍹The 10 flavours🍸🍵🍹

1⃣Breakfast Brew
2⃣The Earl’s Favourite
3⃣Zen Green & Lemon 🍋 
4⃣Morrocan Minty Green 
5⃣Zesty Lemon 🍋 
6⃣Fruity Forest
7⃣Striking Strawberry 🍓 
8⃣Perfect Peach
9⃣Rockin’ Rooibos
🔟Tangy Orange 🍊 

Instagram | T-Sticks Malaysia

Jom Party

Now, lets focus on the staple item in a party. It was that little finger good looking food. Looking beautiful and yet delicious

Tell me , what does one resist such good o home-made food? 

Instagram | Jom Party

Website | Jom Party 

Macarons by Madeleine

Colourful Madeleine, Variety in Flavours, custom made, Pattern design macaron

Price from Rm 1.50  for one with minimum 24 units per order for the same flavour. For the rest of the combination, feel free to contact Macarons by Madeleine. 

Instagram | Macarons by Madeline

Myself and Friends

Nicole Yie

Aliza Sara

Rika Jue 


 Mira Cik Cit and Syafiera Yamin. They are way more famour one, yet I am glad I don't feel stress to interact with them! We just talked like a friend, like a bunch of xiao zha bo.

And Betty Liew!

and I forgot to take photo with

Last but not least! Thanks to the Butterfly Team who made the event a happening one! I did enjoy every bit of it!

Our Tammy , the founder of the Butterfly Project in Malaysia was looking gorgeous that way, I was looking forward to take picture with her, but she was just occupied by many. Okay la, a photo of her here.

Not forgetting the dedicated Butterfly crew that made sure everything was taken care off. From door gift, to the food, parking, attired, set up the party and all. and taking photos too!

Some of the photos here credit to the photographer of the day, Eros aka @fishmeatdie from www.fishmeatdie.com and Bokoaz from www.bokoaz.com. 

Once again, thanks to all the sponsors for making the party a sparkle and happening one!