October 19, 2019

Butterfly Health and Wellness Workshop 2019

Thanks to The Butterfly Project Malaysia. I was glad to receive the invitation to pamper myself, a mini short getaway for body, mind and soul in this Butterfly Health and Wellness Workshop!

The event was started of with the welcoming speech from the organiser and Jessica , the PR manager from Hilton KL.

Not sure when is my last time to take photo with Tammy. She looks absolutely captivating ever since she works hard to shake off some weight. 

First session: DIY Vegan Beauty Mask

For our first kick start, we were arranged to make our mask. A Clay Mask. with naturally plant based ingredients. Wha'ts the best part? YOu get to customise the ingredients you would like to add to your DIY clay mask!

SO the idea of making the clay mask is very easy only.  Our guru of the day, Ms Bavani from Naturally Handmade had prepared us a base clay (Kaolin Clay) in the little glass bottle. All we need to do is just to add in another type of our chosen clay.

I had chosen the Red Clay because Red clay purifies, cleanses and removes toxins and dirt. In short, it is ideal for weekly detoxifying face and body masks.

Then we were to choose another superfood powder from the many options given. So I had chosen Pomegranate Powder and Aloe Vera Powder. Both providing moisture in the skin and Aloe Vera other than soothing and cooling properties, it also rich in antioxidants.

If you would like to further know about Ms Bavani, she is actually a vegan beauty care maker! Under her magic hand, she has created several vegan beauty care products which are quite useful in our daily life!

Check out her instagram here. She would organise some vegan beauty workshop occasionally too!

Me and the founder of this vegan beauty care maker! Ms Bavani! She does sell her vegan products too!

Think about essential oils, tea tree oil, lavender, etc. Shea butter. She is passionate and therefore knwoledgable on the functions and uses of the various vegan ingredients you can name of!

Naturally Handmade

Second session: Aromatheraphy Oil Blending Workshop

LIfe is full bittersweet. and at one point, the city hustler will resort to aromatherapy as a mean to calm down our exhausted body , mind and soul. and we resort to Essential Oil for this! 

Do you know about Signature Market? 
Signature Market is an online platform selling superfoods, vegan food! Sounds familiar but not sure? 

DOes this logo look familiar to you? It is the super food that you will see in Watson. 

Aside from selling superfood. Signature Market also has this series known as Plant Origins , selling Essential Oil, but have since expand their range to include personal care products such as hand soaps and body washes. 

The session started with Dashindra from Signature Market introduce us the plants origin and the various uses of essential oils. 

Prior to that, I already know the existence of essential oils. I know essential oils can be quite expensive. 

Upon browsing through Signature Market site, I found out that their essential oils are actually quite economic. Click here to see. 

Guideline on the selection to blend your favourite essential oils. 

Aromatherapist Maple at work. Creating a rollover that I can put it in my handbag and bring it anywhere! Can apply on my face and work as antiseptic too! 

My choice of blending oil

and the outcome. Look like perfume har~~

Was thinking how to use essential oil, so I bought the essential oils together with a free diffuser during their 10.10 sales! 

On the side note, I bought their body washer, cause it smells like it can calm your soul. So after showering with it, you can rest in peace. (JK). I mean I bought it cause it smells so soothing and calming. The body wash was infused with variant types of essential oils yet manage to clean our body. 

Signature Market

Third Session: Self Care session 

Minnie Chang is a Self Care Coach. In this session, she was guiding us to reflect upon ourselves. Creating a space for us to reflect on the challenges, the problems we faced recently.

I also the little kit bag! 

Minnie Chang had prepared a little journalising kit for us. Due to insufficient time, we cant finish the whole session, but she manages to make the ambience so calm, and everybody got to take time to listen to our inner voice.....

Yea, our groups with our coach! Minnie Chang who is at the front row, third from left.

If you are interested, and would like to learn how to care about yourself, feel free to take a lot at her instagram.

Instagram | minc.care

Venue Sponsor 

Hilton Kuala Lumpur 
(just next to KL Sentral)

The Spa & Gym at Hilton KL is definitely a spectacular spot with extravagant of wide range of gym facilities. Would share about this in a separate post as it was too much to talk about! 

Cant wait to experience doing workout here? Of course, there is a good news here! By using the code BUTTERFLY. You can experience all the gym facilities here, including an OUTDOOR SWIMMING POOL. , their relaxing and spacious JACUZZZI  and sauna room.

You can apply for a membership here for the price of RM 180 monthly when you use the code BUTTERFLY with minimum 4 other of your friends!

Trust me, if you are a gym junkie, you will love this! Especially if you are working about in KL Sentral area, this suits you the best! A perfect time to spend your time here while waiting for the traffic to be cleared. Coming along with the membership also includes the 25% off for the food fill at any of the dining spots here. This is also one of the points that lure me so much. I took a walk at their buffet dinner, and I am actually very tempting to sign up for the membership! 

There are complimentary  fitness classess guided by the expert too! Just take a look at the timetable here. 

Hilton Kuala Lumpur

I also Vlog about the experience of the day. Feel free to view the video below