July 28, 2013

Mermaid Princess by Mystic White

I am not a hardcore fan of kpop, nor consider a kpop fan even. The only things I knew about kpop is Girls Generation

and f(x),

 and Tohoshiki or TVXQ,
 initials of Tong Vfang Xien Qi, sometimes stylized as TVXQ, though TVXQ are now dissolved, but their songs still playing around the world!

The one that I know most is the girl's generation, at least I know each of the member's name, sorry for f(x), and tohoshiki, I just knew a few of them.

and today, the group which prompt to me blog about this kpop post, (which usually I won't blog about them, zero information about them, or I will only mention the facts that everyone knew ady.) is Mystic White!

FYI, Mystic WHite is just a one-time unit created for the annual end of the year music and award TV show 2012 SBS Gayo Daejun.(Source: Wikipedia)

QQ and CY came to my hostel and we played masak-masak then after that eat runningmanfriedrice.And in the middle, QQ play some MV, tracks, video which she thinks is nice, hahaha, She is also my kpop supplier, Usually, I won't google anything about kpop, except for their dance tutorial.

Just now I was watching the MV Mermaid Princess given my QQ, which is so captivating, eye-catching and pretty and beautiful and elegant until I keep playing the MV and finally decided to blog about it here.

Watching this! Their performance is so girly, that awaken the girly side of me, LOL. Anyway, this is really superb until me , not a kpop fan also fall in love and decided to learn this song,hahaha.

JiYoung   GaYoon   Bora   Lizzy   SunHwa
Cheoeumingeol sigani meomchun neukkim Ain’t no reason sarange ppajyeonnabwa
Neo animyeon boijigaanha ooh boy~! Hangeoreum deo oh naege naege wajwo
Haruedo susipbeonssik neol neol neol Saenggakhamyeon nadomollae love love love Mareun motago sigani eobseodo neoman isseumyeon (Alright)
I know You know Love me You know I know Kiss me
Oneuri gamyeon the end
Sad tonight! Oh naege dagawa naege dagawa jwo Come tonight! Oh nareul barabwa i bami gagijeone
Seulpeun ineogongjucheoreom Oh maldo motago Mulgeopum doe beorigijeone naege kiseuhaejwo
Oh Oh Kiss me Oh Kiss me Oh Oh Kiss me Oh Kiss Kiss haejwo
Na eojjeomyeon pok ppajil geotman gata Love is Magic mabeobe geollyeonnabwa
Neo animyeon nal guhae jul su eobseo boy Eoseo ppalli o naege naege wajwo
Honja namge doen bam neoege motdahan mal Chagapge sigeobeorin banganeseo yeollangman Gidarigo isseo nunchido cham eobseo aega tado mollajuneun neo (Hey you)
I know You know love me You know I know kiss me
Naeiri omyeon the end
Sad tonight! Oh naege dagawa naege dagawa jwo Come tonight! Oh nareul barabwa i bami gagi jeone
Seulpeun ineogongjucheoreom Oh maldo motago Mulgeopum doe beorigijeone naege kiseuhaejwo
Oh Oh Kiss me Oh Kiss me Oh Oh Kiss me Oh Kiss Kiss haejwo
Love To me naege wajwo Say Love me Love me Come with me boy~!
Sad tonight Oh naege dagawa naege dagawa jwo Come tonight! Oh nareul barabwa i bami gagi jeone
Seulpeun ineogongjucheoreom Oh maldo motago Mulgeopum doe beorigi jeone naege kiseuhaejwo
Oh Oh Kiss me Oh Kiss me Oh Oh Kiss me Oh Kiss Kiss haejwo

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July 7, 2013

The Liebster Award

I was being tag by Wen Xi for this Liebster Award, and I started to see so much of blogger in blog reader and lover start to blog about this, so here goes my post!

Oh yea, have no idea what is Liebster award ,right?

basically, Liebster is a words from german, it means all kind of positive adjective like

The Rules are : 

♣Post 11 random facts about yourself. 

♣Answer the 11 questions the awarding blogger has posted for you. 

♣Nominate 11 bloggers (with less than 200 followers ) for the award and link them in your post. 

♣Let the bloggers you have nominated know they are nominated. 

♣No tag backs.

11 facts about ME
I have 4 blogs currently, the first one is the one u see now. 
Second is the tumlr blog
Third, the blog on wordpress, write about solid facts, healthy lifestyle thingy in a very scientific way (that one is the blog I create because I thought I want to be a pharmacist =)) Finally, the blog also on blogspot, writing something very futuristic,hehehe, you will know when I am going to get married,hehehe.

So far, only the first and second blog will open to public, the third and fourth blog will be found if you want to get some information on it. BTW, the fourth blog is quite inactive now, coz I am still years away from that holy event ma~~~
(view my tumblr blog, I just update them yesterday!)

 I am really curious about this, so I will certainly ask question about this in my 11 questions later.Before that, I hope all my readers is open enough to read this without any like yi..er response. I don't know there is an action of tongue can protude out to each other's mouth cavity. I mean when I watch movie, television or any drama , they will usually kissing by touching their lips but no tongue action.(wikipedia say this is the so-called French Kiss) So my first response when he did this do me, I get shocked and took a step behind. And only that, I get to knew have got this kind of action,hahaha.

 How about yours? feel free to comment eventhough I didn't tag u. I really curious what's your response on this.

I get so tempt at pretty things and food easily, so sometimes I rather no open my computer so that I can concentrate on my to-do list. 

I wish to have a taste in  chocolate fondue  
 not this kind.

this is the one!

I like water activity, strangely enough, I don't know how to swim. I will still sink eventhough I did the frog swimming.

I have been thinking of go to Langkawi just to buy chocolate. Anyone want to join my chocolate trip?

I love to have friends, though sometimes, I am not friendly , but talk to me, I will talk back to u!

I plan to rebonding my hair, but I havent done it.

I had been thinking to have a chef in my house, a professor chef, who is capable to cook chinese, western cuisine, malay style. So that I can eat whatever I want! And he might need to teach me how to cook to.  

Just thinking, I rather go out to their origin place to eat in fact!hehe

many people ask me why my blog is ksh2772, because ksh is my name, then 27 is my lucky number, I was always called by my teacher during my standard 3 time to answer random question. She called the number according to the namelist. 72 is inspired  Jolin's song, litterally translation, see me 72 transform!

Whatelse, I am struck already, erm....I learnt that most of the English words are borrow from Latin, Old French, Old Norse.

Wen Xi'S Questions for Me

1) What is/are your favourite cartoon character(s)? 

- Erm....I dun really have a favourite cartoon. I felt like I have equal affection to all of them as long as they are cute, like Winnie the pooh,Hello Kitty,  snoopy, all the cute cute cartoon la~~

2) What is/are your favourite accesory(accessories)?

- no specific one le, I guess watch! It somehow show that I am smart , heehehe, I don't know why I always have this streotypes

3) What is on your wishlist right now? 
- My wishlist ar~~ learn how to swim

4) Name your favourite country and why? 

- France, I like everything sophisticated about it, and the macaroon.

5) Who is your biggest celebrity crush? One female and One male. 
- JOLin Tsai would definitely the one, she is the one who inspired me, motivate me to chase my dream. LIke she is sucks at dance at first, Viola! She is a dancing diva now! It seems like ntg is impossible on her. And male, I prefer male with talents and thick lips,like Channing Tatum. He has play in many of my favourite movie. One of the dearest_ The Vow. I event blog about The Vow.
At first, I like his handsome face, and electrifying eyes. But, in the step up3, he could dance well and handle his character well in the vow!I think I will going to watch the White House Down that is soon going to show. 

6) If you could have a time machine, which year would you want to go back to? Why? 
- After I complete my STPM, coz I wouldn't need to study foundation level for twice.

7) What is your favourite movie AND favourite TV series?

- The Vow, and no favourite TV series.

 8) Who is/are your favourite blogger(s)? 

Before that, I want to tell who inspired me to blog, it was my best blog buddy also the close friend of mine. She is Wen Xi, yeah is you. I don't know you know this before or not. I get to know that she blog since Form 3, or Form 4, then I view her blog regularlly. She is also the one who introduce Friendster, Facebook to me, hahaha, I am really dun care or dunknow wth this is. Let me continue, I viewed her blog, and she updated like almost everyday le! Soon, I am addicted to read her blog, because I can get some information on her blog, hehehe(openly disclose now)about our friends and so on.And therefore, I told myself I want to blog also after my SPM.
My favourite blogger, would be Chukei, Daphnne, Nana, White Garden (about bakery) , yeah....my favourite.

9) What is your worst habit that you wish to get rid of? 
- Time management and always hesitate on small matter.

10) If you can have super power, what do you want it to be? (eg: flying, becoming invisible etc...) 

- I want to have wings and fly, then I no need to pay taxi fare or wherever I go, save my petrol fuel also. And best memory skill, so that I no need to do revision whenever exam!

11) What is your favourite quote of all time?

  IF you love life, 
Life will love you.

okay, take attention here, here's my list of people that I want to tag and know more about you!

1. Ky wan
2. Eriol Loh
3. Camy Lau
4. caroline Mayling
5. Smiling eyes
6. Lim Xiao Wen
7. Ivy Liew
8. Aimei Khoo
9.Angline Tang
10. cel-sky
11. Miemie Loh 

My Questions for you!

1. Do you know that there is this French kiss before u do so? What's your first reaction o this?

2. What is the camera model you are using currently?

3. cheese, chocolate, strawberry?

4. Do you watch running man?

5. Who/what inspired you to blog? 

6. What kind of blog style do you read on?Who is your favourite blogger? 

7. Have you been join any blogger events before? Would you interest in joining any blogger events?

8. What are you doing before you turn on your computer?

9. What is your own personal taboo to people about you? (I must make sure my fridge has only odd number of can drinks, David Beckham has this taboo, he would drink the cans if he found out even number)

10. What do you not like about food? ( eg:I dun like to eat cheese, I will vomit whenever I taste them.  I like to cook but I dun like to wash dishes afterward)

11. Last question! erm....What is the fruits that you eat in your hostel?