September 15, 2012

A random poem

Can You Hear The Rain?
(Act out the poem on a warm rainy day.)
"Pitter-patter, pitter-patter," can you hear the rain?
"Pitter-patter, pitter-patter," on the window pane.
"Pitter-patter, pitter-patter," let's go out to play.
I just love to jump in puddles on a rainy day.
Little raindrops, "Splashing, splashing," all across my face.
Little raindrops, "Splashing, splashing,” splashing every place.
"Pitter-patter, pitter-patter," do you hear that sound?
I just love to hear those raindrops falling to the ground.
In my red galoshes, I make lots of sploshes, jumping up and jumping down,
Turning 'round and 'round and 'round.
"Pitter-patter, pitter-patter," suddenly, I stop.
Then I fall down on the ground and make a big "kerplop!"
Little raindrops "Splashing, splashing,” splashing on my face.
Little raindrops, "Splashing, splashing,” splashing every place.
"Pitter-patter, pitter-patter," raindrops on the ground.
"Pitter-patter, pitter-patter," I just love that sound.

- E.B. (1938 - ) MotherGooseCaboose.

from here

Genting getaway!

As I mention in my previous post, I love to watch KL tower, and this was us greet by morning KL!! LOVEUTOO!!

 our date on 8th Sept 2012,  cum his just finish his final, and most importantly 7th September 2012 is our 2nd anniversery, couldn't believe we already been together so long, but one disadvantage for being couple with him is I already prepared to become 陈太太, hehe, tats my feeling indeed. As title says, this is the post we were in Genting, I think next time should go with other friends, maybe double date, triple date or multiple dates!

Whatever it is, we still need friends!

this is the consequence of went Genting with only duo of us, have to selca most of the time, and I guess, if go with friend, then there was be double number of photos taken ady.

Notice that behind me, we just watched outside because WS said the snow world just renovated, and he had been inside once! Ironically, I wasn't, the reason of speaking in this way because I actually went to Genting n times ady, but this is my first time went there with him, hence its really a date to remember and MUSTPOST!

our photos was arrange in chronological order, tat mean we went to ourdoor after snowworld, wander around casino, entry banned because of carry travel bag- find a locker to keep our bag- tag wristband- and here it is, our first outdoor game.

Headed to play Sungai Rajang, initially my plan was to play the 火车- rolling thunder mine train, it was super fun!sadness it's closed!!

 my favourite pic of that day!!Super duper like, though with my eyebags couldn't be hided anymore, still love!!

 This guy ar, insist the play the cork screw, and before this he dragged me to play the space shot, at first I refused, but he kept on pursuaded me with the reason, 难得我来云顶,你一定要陪我玩,fine I want to eat Baskin Robin ice-cream as a reward of acc u for the space shot,..he didn't, but in turn bought a Rm4 ice-cream for me. Actually, I dun mind to pay myself, as long as he allow me to eat ice-cream. BTW, I forgot he played this shotting game before or after the cork screw.

Why your head so slow ?

I'm focus using left side eye.

pitter patter pitter patter, its raining in Genting, for some moments , the space shot was totally out of sight.

After a long queque, and finally. Actually, This had been a game full of my childhood memory, together with my father, it was my first time want to dinosaurland, and we took  a lot pic with the orang asli statue there, and have fun there. TIme really flies, some family of people I knew pass away recently, This indeed teach me a lesson that 我更加需要珍惜家人,活在当下,珍惜相处的每一刻。
物是人非事事休, 这句话的意思是说四周围的情景还是一样,可是人已经变了

 erm...I know I am so narcisstic, but this is the first feeling that strike into my mind,  am I look like 陈太太?

WS and Maple in elephant!

 阳光总在风雨后,notice that the sun ray, its after the pitter patter raining.

 a snap with London before dinner and went back. Need not to mention, I was having a fun day, and tired day with him. Headache after so much of putar-putar game, baby chair, cork crew were enough to make me putar putar, guess that I need to bring minyak kapak there next time. Til here^^

She is my idol, who inspire me , motivate me, still consider whether to watch her concert on 16th November 2012, I nvr been to any concert before!!
September 14, 2012


updated on 23rd Dec 2014

Raw Fish Porridge Rm 6

Eight Treasure Porridge Rm5

 This is the n-th time I paid my visit here. I mostly have my breakfast here if I happened to be at Petaling street. Trust me, the view of Petaling street in the early morning is so different from the view that you usually see, the one with congested crowd, and foreigners proprietor keep asking you to buy their good. NO.

The early morning of Petaling Street  tell the reason why it is Chinatown, everything is so traditional. They are people selling roasted Pork , Roasted Salted Duck, even the famous beverage stall like soymilk and "dong gua shui" (herbal tea) haven't operate yet. Everything is so peaceful. I truly enjoy staying under this early morning ambience.

Located at the cross junction of Petaling Street, there is a small shop selling porridge and chu cheong fan. As you can see in the picture below, it is actually old address of "Kam Lian Kee" This shop will turn into Fried noodle shop after 5pm.

 If you want to eat this godness, try to make it before 10am. Because I not sure whether you can found this shop after 10am. Mostly, the proprietor that sell wallet, purse, and leather goods and clothes will open their stalls, and occupied our eating seat, limited the seating space.

Also, the porridge most likely finish at 10am. I was quite sad to only eat Chu Cheong Fan on the first day. I came for their porridge! Their porridge is tasty, not to thick nor too sparse in texture. Though it doesn't garnish much, it was indeed a simple porridge that make me drooling!

Chu Cheong Fan Rm 4

 The stall outlook in the early morning


  a selca pic of me before went out to eat!

Its not a random day, coz its my dating days which I awaited so long,

but this post is about chu cheong fan, so I'm not going to say here.

Here is a post of eat!

Actually, this was my second time here, couldn't resist the food of this shop, in fact its not too delicious, but above average.

 Thoug there are only 2 kinds of food sell here, that are porridge and chu cheong fan, and the side dishes 油炸鬼(yao zha guai),but its enough to make me drooling, guess that another reason that make me drooling is I only eat this everytime when I was hungry enough!

Chinese Fritters     Rm 1

Eight Treasure Porridge    Rm 5

Chu Cheng Fan     Rm 3 regular
                        Rm4 Big

Actually, there are many food  in Petaling street here to try, what I can say tat its truly Asian Cuisine, esp Chinese Cuisine, we also ate curry mee and gan lao mian near somewhere in Petaling street too, but I forgot to take the pic.....erm....guess that it would be more interest if I didn't promote them,hahahaha. coz only by this way, I will leaving the feel of original,hahaha.

 oh yes, FYI, this food stall is found easily, because its located at the junction of Petaling street, and its only operate during day, during breakfast time,

as the saying goes
early birds get the worm

If you are interest, but still don't know where is this food stalls located,

 pay attention when u reached the junction there, there is 7eleven near there

notice the poster, it will helps u

this is how the outlook of the stalls
and you couldn't find it during night, coz there is another vendors again which sell fried mee, fried rice during the night.

Though Petaling Street nowadays really crowded with foreigner, and its really congested, some of the corners are quite awful, but somehow this is a convenient rest stop for tourist, coz its really convenient in term of public transport! There are 2 different LRT lines here, one is Kelana Jaya line, and another one is Sri Petaling lines or dun-know-what lines, and you can also see KL night view also.

(Actually , its only KL tower, but I like to see KL tower and KLCC, coz I'm grow up  being told how great KLCC, KL tower were, and when I came to KL study from Kemaman, I feel familiar with the 2 buildings only, and feel more secure as well)

September 10, 2012

Male rat dissection

The brain is not yet removed
Correction: the pair of prostate glands in the labelled diagram is not prostate glands, its actually scrotum, and inside the scrotum is testis.

View here for more detail reference about the urinogenital system of male rat.

Just in case if you need reference, this is it!

The above diagram is the labelled I made, can't guarantee if its 100% correct, cause there is the differences with the website I refered, anyhow, This is what I am going to attach in my report.

when the brain is removed

If its a female rat, you will find 3 openings there.

A- Anus
B- Vagina
C- Urethral opening
D- Nipple

Before dissection, we did some discussion with lecturer, we found 8 nipples on the dissected rat, don't know whether this is true for all female rat or only pregnant rat,
 awaiting for all of u to discover it =)

Some of my references..
These link help me in my labelling the rat's organs.

P/S: Just finish done my rat dissection report, I learn that it is very important to prepared well before start dissectiong the rat, this will help in identify the organs in the specimen and hence make the sacrifice of the rat more meaningful.

September 6, 2012

6th September 2012-last lab day

Today is a day to remember


coz I suddenly have mood to update my blog,

Actually, today is my last day of experiment!!!

for my semester 2 only

that mean, from now onward,

 I only have one hour class on tuesday, that is 8am-9am,


its a physic class.

Okay, tats all, signing off

two experiments come in a day= two reports to complete!!

and Chemistry report is due next tuesday........

Really have to sign off le,bye bye =)