January 31, 2009


JUST a few minutes ago, i upload my camera's photos to my computer.
so sad that majority of my shoots accompany with big lower eyelids,sad~~~

January 18, 2009
i am so happy right now,but at the same time , i also feel tired,because usually i am sleeping right now,its11.40am now.

as u know , i am working at nirwana now,as a cashier.
everyday,cashier has to do finance report before going home.
sometime,our counter will short money, and sometime over,or balance.
however,Balance is the best.

whenever doing finance report, i will be very nervous,because i saw everybody can count money(coin or note very fast,like lightning),but i am slow.
usually, i will count the coin because its easier for me to touch,because of my hand(skin) problem ,i cant frictioning the note,its too smooth for me to touch,a method to overcome this problem is wettening my hand before counting them,but usually i not the one who count the note,this task is dropping on my cashier friend(my counter has two cashier,i act as the assistant)

i had been working for more than one week,many things happen everyday,i also learn many things,thx for my friends for teaching me.there are so kind,i am feeling pleasure to working with them.

they had been teaching me the technique to handle the fussy customer,the way to answer customer question,its a unvaluable experience.

but i am also afraid of somebody, like my superior,XX.
XX not only looking fierce but she also speak in a style that i dont prefer.
but my friend who had been working there long time,there said
"actually,if u are not doing wrong,she wont score u.She always speaking in the style like that,after u working for a long time, u will find out she is oOK

main point

everyday,i will be scold before home,because o short money evryday,and then when doing the daily finance report,i have many thing dont know,althought i know how to count money,but i cant count them smoothly.
Today, my superior didnt scold me,because i short 15sen ,hahahaha
the only day that i back with good mood~~~
January 11, 2009



-第一次觉得自己在做工(我form3的时候也曾经做过工,是promoter,something like sale girl,its low class than promoter.)


而且你知道吗?伤心只是一念之间而已,因为后来有发生开心的事,是不是很咋到?但是这的确是我的感受.有时会想到发生过的愉快事件,甚至在帮customer ,scan东西时,一边scan,一边偷笑,刚刚就有一个customer看到我忽然间笑起来,问我她脸上是不是有东西.......

January 7, 2009

Last friday,i went to kuantan.
i am so happy that i no need to bored staying at home. althought "living like in a jail" is not a suitable adjective to describe my life after spm,but its very totally absolutely bored.
i had decide to find a job to fulfill the bored at the last moment. At first, i went to Tunas Manja since many of my friend working there,but the people-in-charge had reject me,saying "our vacancy had been fulfilled already". OK,i went to Nirwana to ask for cashier vacancy and the boss(or manager) there give me a form. It was 31/12/2008. the manager,Mr Ooi ask me to fulfill the form and handle by tomorrow but i didnt go tomorrow morning.

On the second morning,i still hesitate if i wanna go to deliver the form and started work as my friend saying.I had bring this problem to my parents while we are breakfasting. My father as a boss advise me not to deliver the form,saying" if i were a boss, i wont take a person who always ask for holiday(off day) for work,so at that moment i decided not to work at anywhere ,except help my father because he can let me off day anyday anytime ,hehehe.

on 2/1/2009, i went to kuantan to go on with my make-up course,actually i just learn the course for only 10hours.All the stuff i learn is just a basic enough,only to handle the normal make-up.At these 10hours,i had learn :
1. the way to trim eyelashes
2. 3D make up
3. smooky make up

My teacher has a sweet and soft voice, make me thought that she is not fierce.But she is quite a perfect person,after i follow her instruction to deal the task,i will let her check and then she will say here "put some more here", "the colour should mixing with tone,but not distinctly two colour" and the she will show to me sometimes.Overall, i am quite satisfy with the course,because the teacher would make sure me has learnt and absorded and digested what i had learnt.

After finishing the course, i went to Berjaya Megamall where only located in font of me.When my family members saw me,there were quite shock at my make up because its too over, i also feel that some people glimpse at me or even stared at me and mock at me.

my make up was as below,but its not the original,it has been remove a part of eyeshadow.

While i was arrive, my sister, soo hoay was dealing with her hair,she want to make a new hair style, and the hair-stylist is my cousin.I dropped by a while by the saloon to see my sister's condition,also wanna how my cousin cut,trim the hair.

the time of learning was1pm-5pm,after finish the session,i was hungry enough to eat a house so i brought some bread
1. curry chicken pie
2. cheese hot dog bread
3. blueberry flavoured .....

after that i brought some cosmetic products in order to practice and apply in my life like during dinner or some kind affair like these.(i was eating curry chicken pie while waiting the rain to became smaller~~~at the car park.)
it looks like i was very gluttonous,hehe.^0^

Since my parent want to took part in a wedding dinner at 7pm,so they sent us,five of us to ECmall to buy some clothes for Chinese New Year.My sister had brought a shoe,and then we eat out.Since,five of us had different eating choices,we went to eat laksa first.
Then go Pizza Hut,i had order a new-flavour pizza,Tropical Chicken,but its not taste good,it taste like a drink ,air sirap.Over sweet.