March 24, 2019

Japan Premium: Pineapple Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream Review

If you are looking at this page. I guess you are girl/lady who will wear sleeveless, or wearing tube or wearing bikini , who isn't afraid to flaunt your under armpit, because you are confident that it is hairless, and smooth.

But how often do you have to remove your armpit hair or unwanted hair at bikini line?

As for me, I have chose a cheaper option which is to use a shaving razor that is created for this function. There are many salons that offers permanently hair waxing or hair removal treatment.

The downside of using shaving razor is that you skin might be irritated over a prolong period, and then the hair grows up more frequently, and more rough and previously, in the end, you have to shave it frequently. 

While going to salon for such treatment is costly as you are paid for one time usage only. Let's not talk about plucking which the after-result is even worse, it is painful , causing redness and time-consuming! 

So, today I am going to introduce a very gentle hair removal cream all the way from Japan. This tube of 100ml of Pineapple and Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream is developed by Suzuki Herb in Japan.

The story of Suzuki Herbs Laboratory begins with the founder making a herbal lotion in order to cure his child's atopic dermatitis. His reputation spread mouth by mouth, and in 2004 the company was founded.

Plants have been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times while surviving the ever changing environment of hundreds and thousands of years. We believe in the incredible power of organic plants to bring healthier, happier lives to all. Our mission is to create and provide the purest natural products that awake the natural force of the skin without imposing a burden on the skin.

Having to create product with the mind to cater for sensitive skin, it denotes that all the products under Suzuki Herb are suitable for sensitive skin. 

and it is selling fast in Japan too! 

You might ask,  What helps this cream to remove hair effectively? 
It is a chemical known as Calcium Thiolglycolate that do the job in removing the unwanted hair.

Calcium Thioglycolate is a calcium salt of Thioglycolic acid. It commonly used in hair waving product, to modify hair fibres to change the structure of the fibre, that is used in hair straigtening or hair waving. They are also used to chemically break down hair fibers so that unwanted hair can be removed by simply wiping it from the skin. 

Understanding how it works, you will find out that

1. You need to wait for 5- 10 mins after applying the cream so that it can be wiped off for a clean, and silk-smooth result. 

2. You will see the hair will become slightly zig-zag as the bond in the hair has been damaged and chemically broken down hair fibers.  

 As for the packaging, it comes with a spatula, so that you can easily apply onto it!

and this is how the cream look like. It doesn't has the pungent smell like the hair straightening agent, and literally works as it says. Gently removing the unwanted hair. 

I guess the reason it is so popular in Japan is due to it effective job yet gentle. Thanks to the 7 herbs above. 

One of the reasons it got my liking because it leaves a porcelain smooth effect like never before. I can keep touching and feeling my skin texture the whole day! LOL. 

After using it for 2 weeks, I can see that the grow of new hair on my leg is very fine, and takes longer time to grow (slower 3 days for my case as compare to using razor). I also do not need to have razor to shave it. All I need is a wet towel or wet tissue to remove the sort-of zig-zag damaged hair fibre.

You can see from the picture above. It gives radiant to my skin without causing skin irritation. It also sorts of soften my skin, making it more fair and smooth. 

The achieving result is having a hair waxing treatment at home. Leaving you porcelain smooth skin! 

So if you wear sleeveless, want to look flawless putting on bikini , get your Pineapple Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream from Japan premium now! 

I expect a tube of 100ml of hair removal cream can last for 10-15 times usage if you remove your armpit hair, bikini line and thigh, cause I dispense a little and it spread out easily. You might need to squeeze more if you hair is very thick so you might used up faster.

 If you ask me, would I continue to buy the cream again after finishing it? 

Yes, I have been using razor all this while, and I can significantly feel the difference after using this hair removal cream.

Although comparing to removing via razor, I need to wait for extra 10 more mins, but I wouldn't want to have rough hair growing again after that. Also,  the porcelain smooth result is the main highlight. It gives me impression that the dark spot on my armpit (due to frequent removing via razor) will be lessen with increasing use of Pineapple Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream.

On the side note, this product give me confident as it's from Japan.Tested on sensitive skin.