April 12, 2014

Big relieve!!

I am only so motivated to blog now!!!

Aloha! I finally done with all my presentations! Even though there will still be final in the coming 2 weeks, but this is enough to make me relieve all my burden!!

Week 13 is such a preoccupied week.
Monday- Critical Thinking SKill test

Wednesday- Morphology and Individual Oral Presentation

Friday- Oral communication presentation.

For each of the task, I only managed to complete them one day before.The worst is the Oral COm presentation. It's a group assignment. and we had 6 hours of meeting yesterday. from 6pm -12am straight. and then right after they went home, I stay awake to complete my part, compile until 3.30am.and the presentation happened on at 8am which is about 4.5 hours later.

(FYI, I cannot stand to burn midnight oil a few days continuously. Everyday, I slept like 4am, 3am....)

Gosh! I have nvr experience such as tiring life!
First, 6 hours of meeting, plus individul effort of 3.5 hours.
Second, so last minutes!

But then the surprise part is.....I didn't have time to rehear for my presentation at all. But I think I did a so far the best presentation I have delievered. Like I did prepared for Wed's presentation, but my Friday's one is far a lot better than the Wed one!!!

How can it be so??
Hehehe, actually I quite glad that I manage to work under stress lar. Or perhaps is too overly nervous until I look so calm. Anyway, I still think prepare in advance is better.

As much as I like my presentation today. I can't elaborate based on the slide. All of them, I just read them out loud casually only. LIke =.=.....why people still need to listen to my presentation when they can know it from the slide.

CANNOT! so next time must prepare in advance!

Perhaps it's normal for you. But it's not normal for me, okay?


Really a nice experience to work with my groupmate lar. A lot of laugher in between.My pale face cause slept less than 4 hours.which in turn I didn't feel like want to eat during the lunch.

Today is really a good day to put into my history. Simply because my perception change after big relieve!

While driving in UTAR compound, I learn to appreciate the greenery in UTAR. I saw green hill far away. Wonder why Kampar is still effing hot when it has a lot of "banjaran"

then I found a huge, straight tree that almost look like tiang in front of Block L, wonder why I never notice this.

My mood become so much better I talk a lot to people I met.So , I should always keep my self in relieve mood, cause it can make work done marvellously.