September 27, 2013

Oreo Chocolate Cheese Cake

I am more prompt to blog short post lately. Perhaps I have been writing too much of long post lately?? I am having my freaking holiday now. But I still have yet to  blog about  Lost World of Tambun. There would be 4 posts around this, haha, I will make good sure of you won't get bored reading all of them. Back to topic anyway.

I have been keen on making cheese cake after my first attempt not long ago, and there it is NOW!! My second time for cheese cake. 

Didn't get to snap the process along this time. But I am so flatter when one of my blogger friend ask me to do a post about chocolate cheese cake!! =D (okay, Camy, if you see this, I will promise you a post loaded with the pics step by step if I make them next time =)

As you can see here, the crust is not completely crush into powder form, hehe. And the cheese part also have a lot of white cream cheese titbit. I not sure this happened last time or not, but if it only happened this time, I guess its because I have added too much of water during the beating process.

Only add water at the end of beating. 
cause cheese is oil based which is insoluble to water!

 I made this according to the recipe of a famous facebook user who has around 16k followers famous for her bakery. Click her to see the recipe that I followed.

Compare to the yogurt cheesecake last time (here's the link), both my younger brother like this time's cheese cake more. But I prefer the yogurt cheese cake, like what my dad mentioned, this is ToO SweEt! Blame to the vanilla filling in the Oreo Cheese Cake!

Hmm. I think I appreciate the sourness from the yogurt more =D

So , Dun noe on which day, I am here to do my strawberry cheesecake again~~ why I use the word again?? No No Nope, its actually my first time making straberry cheesecake but the strawberry is bit of sour lar~~ Feel like want to go Australia to buy strawberry....Missing the time last time my 二姨bring strawberry from Singapore when we are still young last time.

 I think it look very appealing here, I have used the dry blueberries (with bit of sweetness) to compensanate the sour cheesecake.

Cheese + sour strawberry = sour

However, all my siblings don't give a damn on it, they don't like to eat sour. Me alone finish all the strawberry cheesecake, still enjoying as well. Whether you trust it or not, Me alone can gobble everything to nothing in one day. =)

Maple is totally a cheesecake lover~~~ cream cheese especially~~~
September 26, 2013

Weekend getaway with Butterfly Project- ETS

Greeting! I have been abandon my this blog for quite some time~~~ blame on my poor slow internet connection! I would sometime miss my Unifi in Kampar now Xp. 

Never mind, I am now
 Back in Action!

It's been 4 days since I join this event.Hopefully I still have vivid image of every scene so that I can provide you as useful informatoin as possible.

Well, if you still don't know what's going on, view my this post here. I have been won an invitation to Lost World of Tambun getaway review project!! Was being so elated the moment when I knew this! My heart really skip many beats, LOL, and I was in the middle of Final Exam revision, it take me quite sometimes to calm me down and back to my study mood ('U')

I want to thanks so much to Butterfly Project for choosing me to join this project, I have been keen on joining Butterfly's event since the Amante Massage event.

And thanks to Tammy for lending her Samsung Galaxy camera to me, really appreciate, you litterally save my life. The moment when I realized that I forgot to bring my camera from Kemaman, I was so effing depress, it was early morning around 5.30am in Pudu Sentral, who should I find to help? Everyone is still in their bed,  I don't have any close friend who have a decent camera.

Lesson: Never leave your camera behind as a blogger!

Once again,  really a BIG thanks to Tammy for this. 

The journey to the Lost World of Tambun started off with a ride to Ipoh with ETS. ETS has been one of the generous sponsor of this project. And because of ETS, we don't need to suffer shuddering and lurching in the bus on the road. It could be quite terrible, turn me into dizzy  if this  over the journey. 

Another plus point is that ETS is time efficient! Going by this 2 points, I choose to travel with ETS to KL. I bet It would be great news to East Coast People with ETS could provide service in East Coast in the future =)  [can really consider this suggestion, it really works as so much of people stay in West Coast come from East Coast too!]

For regular patron of ETS, ETS will have their new timetable scheduling started October, kindly pay attention on that.

The luxurious coach of ETS also installed TV inside to spare our time =)  
I once watched a nice English Movie along the riding,laughing out not loud, its a comedy that a baby from wealth family has been kidnapped and how the police and the family work to find out the baby again.

Blogger being bloggers~~~~ Snapping time!!
Sit together with Edaz, she is so chio in her fashion sense!

With Jeniffer , I do read her blog sometimes, so glad to meet her in real life!

Actually, there are quite a lot of people who I read their blog and get to meet them in real life. Meet Kah Mon aka Ben Dan who I know from Blog reader and Lover, a group in FB!

Our arrival on ETS Ipoh Station were warmly greet by Firdaus and Syawal from Lost World of Tambun  (LWOT), how sweet is that~~~~
For this special day , they have hired a bus just to welcome and pick us up to Lost World of Tambun! They also hire the bus to send us back to KTM Ipoh! Thanks Sunway Lost World of Tambun!!!

Frankly I tell you, I tried and saw others snap many times already, shooting with this pole is quite nice and aesthetic even you don't know how to catch the angle. See! The prove! Just a randomly pressed the button, and the outcome is pretty well =) 

People, when you drop by here, snap with this Ipoh Tiang (pole) ~~ Guarantee 99% satisfactory with the mystic white British style building behind =)

With the friedly girl, who accompany me to steam cave. More details later.

I watched her video, quite funny . That's why decided to snap with her. She look adorable,right?

With Tammy, the mamasan of Butterfly Project, so glad to meet her in real life. She is the one who lend me her Samsung Galaxy camera. Usually, people won't simply lent such precious things to a first-time met person, but she DO! Thanks for trusting me =) I won't leave my camera behind again.

The ticket she hold in the pic previously. 

SEE! Special label 
{Blogger Getaway- Sponsorship}

I really felt that there are a lot of privilege being a blogger, as blogger can consider function as semi- Mass Media already. But I blog based on my fancy. Sounds so wrong to label as MM =)

This is just a part 1 of the story, stay tuned of the next part yea~~
September 19, 2013

Bavarian Bierhaus Makan Venture

Hello~~~~although Mooncake festival is approaching ,but today I am going to talk about German Cuisine. I have joined a food tasting event called Makan Venture by my. You can join too as long as you stay in KL, although there are some Makan Venture in other state, but most probably in KL. So dear any Ipoh restaurant here, feel free to contact Openrice to request for a Makan Venture in your restaurant. I am craving Ipoh Dim Sum right now!

Before anything, let me dissect the name of Bavarian Bierhaus to ease your memory retention. Ba-va-RIA is a state in the South-east of Germany. Bierhaus simply mean Beer House in Germany. FYI, English belongs to  Western Germanic branch of Germanic Family, that's why it sound alike.

Bavarian Bierhaus, is a Germanic restaurant and bar located at Wisma UOA II.Once you reach the entrance of KLCC Aquaria, you need to  cross a road, reach a bank (I forgot what's  the name of the bank), and  a little hoarding by the side of the building, On the hoarding, it has subway the franchise....and Bavarian Bierhaus!

 (you know how long I take to there? took LRT to station KLCC, and walk through a long tunnel to KLCC aquaria, the whole journey took me 45 mins to reach the destination)

Never mind, I will tell you another way to teach there, you can reach there from Pavilion too, and Public transport way to Bavarian Bierhaus Wisma UOA II from Pavilion is nearer.

Let me show you the way........

 From Pavilion there, you cross the flyover to Wisma UOA

After that, you will come to NovalTel Hotel, continue to walk along...

then you will eventually reach here, the way to Wisma UOA II(the building in front)!  Bavarian Bierhaus just located at the corner of the Wisma UOA II.

 The first scene I seen by the time I stepped inside.

 Hello, everyone~ Meet Wendy!!! She was the first Open Ricer  I met there. What a coincidence we are from the same Hometown!!!We are from Kemaman, usually, people from Kemaman would have been known each other or seen before. But we bump across each other because of Makan Venture!

Initially, I thought it would be an awkward food tasting session which none of them I known. But Wendy made me feel at ease. She is quite friendly and outgoing. I hope I can meet her everytime I join Makan Venture =).

 Next, he is KK, a staff from Open Rice, I don't know which department he is. But he is quite responsible. See the size of this camera, I try to hold the camera, its weight like 1.5-2kg?

Do I mention their Open Rice office is just located upstair in Wisma UOAII?

While others were busy tasting food, he stand there to serve us.As you seen in the picture above, our table is rectangular in form. So he was like waiter, serve us the best. Swap the dishes place once we have tried. And whenever a dish was empty, he himself  took them to the kitchen. And he also get ready by 5.30pm while our Makan Venture started 6.30pm. I reached there 5.40pm cause I don’t  know the way to Bavarian Bierhaus, that’s I went there early, trying not to be late mar~~~  

The itinerary and the food we are going to taste!

 The clean, simple cover of the menu.

My eyes nearly bulge out seeing the price of each dishes. Bit of expensive. Guess that I will only visit here during special occasion . =) I guess one of the reason for their pricy cusine is the pork, sausages and Serrano Ham are imported from German. And the chef, Masimo Zampar come from Italy.

He is one of the reason I decided to join Makan Venture, savour food from Italian Chef who cook German cuisine. I want to talk to him but I can’t blurt out a word of German Cuisine. Serrano Ham, Frankiskaner Wheat Beer…totally  jargon to me. Glad I get to join this, can learn a little about German Cuisine. =)

Wandering around Bavarian Bierhaus......

Mixed Cold Cut Platter RM88

We have our first dish with an appetizing cold cut platter. The one you see in this pic is different from the Menu, it is Chef Massimo specially prepared for us! Watching this make me feel like I am a carnivore. I am eating raw meat, man! I ate every different type except the salami(centre). Surprisingly, each of them taste awesomely good. Easy to chew, except the right bottom meat is a bit of tough, extra force to chew on it. Basically, each of them is slightly different with all taste pleasantly briny.

Caesar Salad RM22
Serrano Ham, gourmet food from Spain, topped with Manchego Cheese and the rest of them you can see here. Their season dressing really make a great plus point to this dishes. 

Bavarian Pork Salad RM24

Grilled pork escalope with refreshing healthy salad bowl of cherry tomatoes, wilted greens tossed with Bavarian mustard, warm haloumi, crisp bacon & olive oil.

Yes, it taste good as well. Perfect for appetizer of pork lover. Greens that come with it console the guilt of me as carnivore Xp.

Prawns Salad RM26
grilled prawns, tossed apple with green salad, bacon, cherry tomato, buffalo mozzarella, red spinach onion, and roasted pinenut oil. 

For me, it taste almost same with Bavarian Salad, except that it has switch Bacon to prawn and apple is added! Would prefer this more without prawn. (I don’t eat seafood)

Mix German sausages Platter RM82
grill farmer bratwurst, hungarian, thueringer chorizo, emmanthaler, neurberger, pork frankfurter, cocktail sausage, grilled bacon, potato salad , sauerkraut and  roasted garlic mayo, german curry ketchup, mustardh habanero mayo & horseradish sauces.

This is one of the most sought after dishes. Empty it within 8mins?Highly recommended this, Variety of sausages found in one! Only available in Germanic restaurant. A must order whenever you drop by.

Pork Ribs RM74

I was appetizing at the first glimpse.
 My impression toward this reduce to half when I learn that I have to eat this by holding it bare hand already(There is no hard rule you must eat with bare hand, you can use cutlery if you have enough skill the cut the rib). Anyway, it still taste nice, better than pork knuckle.
My advise is, Don’t order this while dating, girls. You  wouldn’t gobble like uncivilised man in front of your love,right?

Technical problem , don't know how it appear like this even after I revert it.
 Berlin Steak RM38
Grill pork steak with asparagus wrapped by bacon, season with dressing, and the yummylicious fries.
This is normal. I forgot to mention there is a spinach beneath the steak, the spinach and the dressing is fantastic.

Fresh Ravioli Pasta, Shredded Manchego Cheese on the top, small size serving, yet the cheese and the sauce will make you full. Perfect for small stomach eater =)

Crispy pork knuckle RM70

Here come the signature dish of Germanic Restaurant!!! Knuckle, bratwurst, and beer are quite common is German. Remember to pair it with gravy! Frankly speaking, not really fancy of it. The sauerkraut (sour cabbage) taste so sour that I can't bear to take anymore.Maybe we should pair it with beer or anything else~~~??

Dessert time as usual before we end the feast.

German Pan Cake RM18

This is the dish that literally make every girl screams there. They keep on praising how good is this. The pan cake is so fluffy and lovely~~~~<3 o:p="">

 Italian Tiramisu RM18

Highly recommended this for Tiramisu lover. Sorry that I forgot to snap the pic that unveil the bottom. The bottom is actually Tiramisu, not a classical tiramisu, pure bitter’s bitter. Don’t order this if you can’t stand the bitterness. It is much bitter than you imagine.

And the topping is the part that I love the most! Not-so- creamy mascarpone, Chef Massimo enhance it with some alcohol, the aromatic taste that you will keen on linger on lips one. Will definitely come with the Tiramisu lover to let him eat the bitter part, and I eat the mascarpone, Xp

Nice or not? So far the best I have taken on my first day of using my camera.

Strawberry Chocolate Mousse RM18

Normal, but dessert delight every girl =) The chocolate mousse is quite thick that Wendy played with the mousse.

See, a dual-tone lipstick is created, I tried too, but failed~~~

I really have a fun Makan Venture with the rest of bloggers. Nice to meet everyone, especially Wendy! Hope that I can get to meet her soon!Til then, enjoy reading! Bye!

Though the fact that I am quite fugly here, really dislike me in this photo, but I still insist to put on this photo to commemorate this is my first time joining Makan Venture =)

Recommended dishes:

1. Mixed cold cut platter
2. Pork salad
3. Prawn salad
4. Sausages platter
5. Berlin steak
6. Ravioli Pasta
7. German Pancake
8. Italian Tiramisu

Want to try
1 Franziskaner
2. Nacho
 for my next visit!