July 5, 2021

I feel like the misccariaged body is even weaker than the pregnant body

 The observation that I am going to share was so far what happened to me 2 days after miscarriage. Personally, I feel the need to document every single part of this incident because ...of course, no body would ever want the same thing to happen anymore. 

Day - 0 miscarriage - 3rd July 2021 , around 7pm 

Day 1 - Post miscarriage Day 1  - 4th July 2021 

Day 2 - Post misccariage Day 2 - 5th July 2021 

 For Item 6 Seating position, I would spontaneously sit in the position as shown in Mr RIGHT. (The position on the right side of the picture)

For item 6 also, the SUPINE position. 

For the item 1-3, It is about the gripping, meaning using your fingers to catch something. I feel that my arm muscle is still working fine. 

Whereas for my fingers muscles...It could be probably due to Day 0, while the violent contraction happened, it was so painful that I have used all finger muscles  to grip/grasp the T-shirt of my husband, until at one time Ifeel  that I could have tore his clothes.  

I feel nothing immediately after the miscarriage (while I am still in hospital). The pain starts on Day 1... 

I feel that my muscles (fingers, bottom parts, uterus) has now undergoing post-traumatic syndrome, hahaha. That's how I call it la. SO, I really need to have a good rest. 

I really want to jot down the story of my miscarriage , but for now , I would just go and lie on my bed first. The uterus is aching now.