January 7, 2010
today is the fifth studying day...ok la,still can fit the ambience because same class de friend still de same,and their behaviour too,same ,hahaha,just more intimate.but this year,i think all of us really study seriously,thought we still play truant,coz the food in canteen really lame and ...just no appetite to their food,feel like their food is less hygiene..

以前,我一直以为我很成熟,原来我还不够成熟,我只是理智而已.就比如说....今天放学后,我就去店载我弟弟回家.然后我爸爸要去吃午餐,所以我留下来帮他看店.然后有一个customer要付我rm20.他给我 rm50,所以我要找回他三张红子罗,可是我的钱包只有两张红子和一张RM50 AND 5 pieces rm1,so i counldnt find him Rm30,i asked my father's worker if they has a Rm10,they din have....later..when i am on the way to my car,i passed by them,ask them why they didn't even have a Rm10?....then they respond smile and say we don't have money...i return smile to them too.

after i enter the car,my brother told me that i shouldn't say like tat:"kenapa tadi sepuluh ringgit pun tak ada?",coz this will hurt them,even my brother who is only 10 years old know this....haiz....我果然是个很直接的人啊!