September 27, 2020

My experience of undergoing laser underarm (armpit) hair removal treatment

The package that I have signed up for
RM 799 
The package will expire after 2 years from the date you have signed up. 

NOTE: I signed up for RM 799 package during their promotion (NP: RM 999), so if you are interested, would like to call them and ask for their promotion first, you may save Rm 200 because of this single action. 

There would also requite supporting document showing the date to freeze and extend my account (meaning to freeze the 2 years treatment, until I deliver)

Also, having cash flow is King, so I pay by instalment using my credit card. In this way, you wont feel so burden or so much wallet damage for having to pay Rm 799 lump sum

The main reason that I signed up for the treatment because I want to conveniently get rid of my armpit hair as I go gym, and don't want to be troubled by the sight of armpit hair. 

What to do after every treatment? 

After laser underarm ,  NO deodorant/hot shower/swimming/exercise  within 24 hours. This is because the our skin condition might be very sensitive for the laser treatment, so it is best not to irritate them with the above activitivities. 

 No scratching/seawater /aloe vera gel in 3 days. For the same reason too. Laser treatment burns your hair follicles, there's how it slow down the growth of the hair. If one applies cooling aloe vera gel within 3 days, it will stop the burning.  

Use body scrub after 3 days at the treated area. This is to remove dead skin cells and also the hairs will fall after the treatment, so the scrubbing to ease the falling session too. 

Do I follow all the TO-DO obediently ? 

For avoiding aloe vera gel. YES. I do not have the habit the aloe vera gel all this while. 

For exercise, I will just go for dance session on the next morning, nearly immediately after 24 hours lah, so far, nothing happen. 

Is it safe to do it when you are pregnant ? 

So far, there is not enough of scientific research to study of this issue. I did ask my doctor friend and the consultant from the Bubble Gum Wax itself. 

For your information, I have signed up for RM 799 underarm laser treatment. So it is the underarm part, it is not stomach. 

Some said 

Laser is using the heat on that particular place only, not radiation. Some more laser is not x ray radiation, so no issue for pregnant also~

Some said

Not sure. 

The consultant said

When you are pregnant , there would be a sudden surge for pregnant hormone which might trigger the growth of armpit hair. Please inform us once you know you are treatment, so that we can freeze (and extent) your account. 

My plan is 

Safety first. If I am really pregnant, I would just stop the treatment until 3 months after I deliver. 

Do I like the outcome? 

Yes, that's why I spend some time to blog about my experience. 
Watch the video above to know more! =D 

Bubble Gum Wax 

The room/cubicle condition. 


The trial price for the first timer. You can also get it at Fave app. THat's how I got to know Bubble Gum Wax also. 

(Note: Photos taken in Sept 2020 )

You can see from here the underarm laser treatment would be RM 999 . I signed up for RM 799 during the promotion. 

I'm not paid to do this, but just feel like want to share the experience of my laser underarm hair removal treatment. Anyway, here's the link if you want to look at the latest price list from Bubble Gum Wax