May 29, 2015


hi, my dear friends who is reading this, whenever you see a title #date, it means I will share the events that I encountered during the day or the week. And the post would always have no continue from the previous one. For instance, my previous post stop at #8, then I would start with #9 for this post!

I I learnt that you must either find accomodation first, then only you find your work in the vicinity, especially in Selangor area, where traffic jams always occur during the peak hour.

OR find your job first, then look ofr accomodation in the vicinity. then you can save a lot in term of wake up time, driving time, less trafic jam, and a more refreshing you!

I really not used to smell pollution gas from vehicle on the road lar~~ Like I was testing the route from Taman Paramount to Ara Damansara. While I waiting for Rapid BUs T607 at Kelana Jaya LRT station, I really felt a bit irrating cause the smell of pollution air. 

I guess I really STEPPING out of COMFORT Zone, cause I slowly realise that I am going to enter a word that previously never exist in my life. Hehe, sound so different yea, I actually see how people live in that way, but I never imagine that one day I would live like that. What I mean is

1. makan like a boss everyday. My working place is consider quite a high end area, all the food is on average Rm 12. With my mere internship allowance, how could I survive o? and not forgetting about Toll Fee, Petrol, Parking Service...hmmm, seem like I already complaint a lot before I even start my lar, I am not complain, just trying to save money can I can do so. In fact, I am quite excited to start working anytime soon! I am more than ready to learn anything new! Let's wish me luck! 

I felt so guilty I already taken Mc Donald twice in a week. Urgh~~~

Buy a house before you buy a car. If you need car to travel, then travel with any car that can use is good enough, even its second hand or third hand.

Maybe the first property that you buy is no need renovation fee one, then you can save a lot. 

Awesome Canteen

Yesterday marked the first day I landed in Kuala Lumpur, Seapark to be precise, going to start my intern on 1st June! Thank you my bf, Wei Sheng bring me to eat food of my choice, so I chose to eat here. Awesome Canteen in Taman Paramount, Seapark here.

 I not sure is it me, or every girl out there. For a sweet-tooth like me, it's very hard for me to resist those delicious looking cake!

 The bright light inside cafe form a strong contrast with the daylight outside. Which kindda make it instagram-worthy.

 Mushroom Swiss Cheese Melt Chicken  Rm 17.90
(Opt for beef then it would be Rm 19.90)

Initially, I was thinking of having carbonara. But they only have seafood carbonara, then boyfriend chose this for me. He knows that I like cheese and mushroom.

 Trying to show the combo within, I believe their patty in home-made one , cause it's quite soft and tender. The condiment inside become watery after awhile, However, it is  the last scoop I like it the best, various mushroom topped with the sauce and cheese, YUMMY!

 Ordered this Banana-Broccoli smoothies. Photo taken by bf. Very messy, but the lighting is so good!

 Strawberry- Lemon Butter Cake Rm 12.90
Banana-Brocolli Smoothie Rm 8.90

Girls and dessert are always inseparable,  both these were my favourite choice.The buttercake is quite nice, but a bit pricey to my expectation. Nevertheless, having lemon in the cake just make the cake more pleasantly delighting!

I don't used to drink Smoothie, cause for me they were colder than cold juice. But I am quite tempt by looking at the name: Banana-Brocolli. It make you a bit full, taste more like banana than broccoli.

Part of the efford to imitate the school canteen ambience.

 Awesome experienced by This pair love bird, hehehe.

Why that I picked this cafe? The cafe name itself and the ambience that it radiate, like relax and instagram-worthy~~~

Awesome Canteen:
19, Jalan 20/13, Taman Paramount, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Contact Number:  03-7865 8048

Operation Hour: 

Sunday - Thursday : 10am - 10pm
Friday & Saturday: 10am - 11pm

Kitchen close at 3pm -6pm (meaning burger, sandwich , pasta and food that prepare in kitchen would not available in 3-6pm, but the front bar is still on, meaning drink and cake is still available)

May 19, 2015

Kayak Cafe Kemaman

 Hi Kemamanian!! There is a new floating cafe opening here in Kemaman!! Just newly open for around 1 week only. I have been there for twice. I am so excited , feel like want to blurt everything now. ~~ But let my pics talk us =D

 First glance at the restaurant. Purposely took this angle so that the entire ...roof can be shoot in.

 The food that we order. BTW, the hot chocolate is not in the current menu. CY just ordered it. Plain water is for free of course, and bottomless. And for 2 times our patronise there, no GST was charged.

 Carbonara Rm 13.30

Carbonara always my favourite. Not that watery, but a bit sticky. I like how it garnish with mushroom! We used like 5 mins to take photo before try on it. End up, the carbonara was a little chill, personally feel that the taste would be more flavourful while eating hot. Overall, it's pleasantly common delicious.

One of the reason that I like here, because the carbonara here is cheaper Rm 7 than one of the restaurant in Kemaman. Though both were equally good, and same portion =D

 Marinara Chicken Pasta RM 15.30

Marinara refer to Marinara Sauce, an Italian sauce made with tomato, garlic, herbs and onion. (source from Wikipedia) . 

 Quattro Cheese Salami Pizze Rm24.30 

The 4 cheeses are mozzarella cheese, gouda, , Cheddar and parmesean. topping on Beef salami strip. The combination of all the cheeses and the marinara sauce is really yum! Like taste heavily flavourful. But the crust of the pizza is quite hard. Even biscuit is crunchier than the crust. Later on I just found out that I can actually choose the hand tossed which is like the pizza hut one.

 This one is just to show how thin is the hard crust ~~ LOL

 Special menu of the day. Strawberry chocolate pie!!!

I usually go to fridge to see what is the dessert of the day. Normally, just 1 type of dessert.

and make new friends too! Meet Peeboo and Shane Leong(right). He is a tattoo artist in Kemaman. If you want to see his masterpiece, you can go to @shanetattoostudio in instagram. His drawing is quite complex, complicated, and gothic and cute!

Okay, now the environment of the restaurant.

 Open kitchen style, LIke!

 Just notice there is a menu on board. I usually just order from menu booklist. The right side one is the fridge that I went to see what's the dessert available.

 Floating restaurant. Literally FLOATING, cause the restaurant will sway when huge wave or when it's going to rain soon. Really like the environment of the restaurant. Chilly and breezy environment.

Words from Chef Ahmad

Chef Ahmad has like 15 years experience in cooking. This is the 8th restaurant he has been work for, and he previously help to start-up a new restaurant , kind of like consultant, and give training to the employee also.
Chef Ahmad with the modern gas-pizza oven. This is where our pizza was burnt before it served! 

I didnt eat the lamb, but he being friendly show me what's is signature in Kayak Cafe, and how these were home-made. The dishes that he recommended? Combo Jerk (Rm24.30)

Generally, this restaurant would be a new chillax point for me in Kemaman, as there is really not much eatery at night, Most of the time, it would be limited to either choice A or B, and that's all. The opening of this new restaurant open a more choice for us while chillax or YUm Cha. Serving Italian cuisine. Would recommend to add on more snack to munch.

Price range from Rm 3 - 25 per person.
Like when I just ordered the snack, it cost me Rm 4.
When I ordered spagetti and pizza, it cost me Rm 26 to share with my partner.


Situated along Taman Rekreasi Bakau Tinggi Kemaman, keep left before you enter the bridge to Kampung Bukit Kuang.

Operation hour
 5 pm - 12am

Another side that serve local & western dishes
12pm - 1am

May 18, 2015

Lace Affair

What you appear in your mind when talking about LACE?

I used to related LACE with Ballet , perhaps because both give me the feeling of elegant, demure. Also, I always think that having bra that it's hem sewn with strip of lace is sexy!

Me wearing a black sleeveless top with black lace, that's why it's not very visible here. But it enhance the overall aesthetic. Imagine that if the top become a plain black design, it would be a little dull, and you might need to pair with accessories to pair it off.

WHile lace being tagged with elegant and sophisticated, it still depend on how you style it. I saw some of the pieces from Zalora were quite nice! 

 LOLA SKYE- Lace Tee


 DOROTHY PERKINS_Lace Kimono  (THis is one of my favourite!! )

 KITSCHEN_Lace Short Sleeve Top

Last but not least, Duchness of Cambridge,  Kate Middleton strutted in a Bridal Gown, designed by Sarah Burton during her grand day.

May 10, 2015


bare face taken on 30th april 2015. In the midst of group studying, Teeehee

Harlo~~May! I  wish time could run faster so that I can meet my love one faster.

It's been awhile since I last blogging. and today I am so motivated to blog. like blogging on urge, cause I got to know that someone praise my blog, eventhough my blog has  a lot of gramma mistakes, and the content is not attracitve enough also.

Well, for me my blog is sort of like my online open diary also. So today, just gotta post what I encounter today.

Rainbow on the streeful day of final exam may 2015

I woke up 7am today, to cook for my father.
Right side: I use 30 mins to prepare for the fried migu egg (migu煎蛋). Left side: my mom use like 10mins only to prepare gan lao mian (干捞面), and its superb delicious!! Would like to call her supermom for being mother of 5+ 1 kids. Another one is daddy kid! And she feed us really well! Happy Mother’s Day, mom. Grateful to have you as my mami!!

I found out that my cellphone can do better job in editting than my laptop. WTF?? 

eat out just now. In a restaurant, suddenly a little girl dashed out with a bouquet of red roses in her hands, walking to the restaurant's boss, who was taking order. pass the bouquet of roses to her, and said sth like..this is the roses for you. All the people in the restaurant looking at them. I guess I know what to do during the next year mother's day, <3 span="">

today is the third day he went offshore? 3 more days to meet him. 


 Cheesecake is always our favourite!! I like to eat cheese too! HOmemade Oreo Cheese cake by me.

Looking at this picture now really drive me a bit mad. Fresh steamed cod fish from a chinese restaurant outside Awana Kijal, the corner unit in a row of shoplot. The food there always nice! 

always looking forward to 1st June, where I start my internship. Excited and anxious! I saw some of my classmate already started their intern right after exam. but I just want to snug in my home sweet home for awhile before I start. 

omg, haven finish my FYP proposal. 13 more days before duedate! 

watching clothes encounter right now, and doing a lot other society thingy concurrently. Multitasking?? OR my internet browser being multitasking. 

Feel like wanna dress up after watching those videos. I regret a bit I didn't bring my make up cosmetic back. =( 

cause I purposely Dun wanna bring those cosmetic thingy back. Dun find the occasion to use it, and wanna focus on cooking and doing FYP proposal and reading and workout. But so far, nil progress. and relationship also important mar~~ That's why I am in Kemaman here. Hehe. 

That's all, everyday in Kemaman is a fullfil day, although the only thing I do most of the time is Watching TV =D