May 19, 2015

Kayak Cafe Kemaman

 Hi Kemamanian!! There is a new floating cafe opening here in Kemaman!! Just newly open for around 1 week only. I have been there for twice. I am so excited , feel like want to blurt everything now. ~~ But let my pics talk us =D

 First glance at the restaurant. Purposely took this angle so that the entire ...roof can be shoot in.

 The food that we order. BTW, the hot chocolate is not in the current menu. CY just ordered it. Plain water is for free of course, and bottomless. And for 2 times our patronise there, no GST was charged.

 Carbonara Rm 13.30

Carbonara always my favourite. Not that watery, but a bit sticky. I like how it garnish with mushroom! We used like 5 mins to take photo before try on it. End up, the carbonara was a little chill, personally feel that the taste would be more flavourful while eating hot. Overall, it's pleasantly common delicious.

One of the reason that I like here, because the carbonara here is cheaper Rm 7 than one of the restaurant in Kemaman. Though both were equally good, and same portion =D

 Marinara Chicken Pasta RM 15.30

Marinara refer to Marinara Sauce, an Italian sauce made with tomato, garlic, herbs and onion. (source from Wikipedia) . 

 Quattro Cheese Salami Pizze Rm24.30 

The 4 cheeses are mozzarella cheese, gouda, , Cheddar and parmesean. topping on Beef salami strip. The combination of all the cheeses and the marinara sauce is really yum! Like taste heavily flavourful. But the crust of the pizza is quite hard. Even biscuit is crunchier than the crust. Later on I just found out that I can actually choose the hand tossed which is like the pizza hut one.

 This one is just to show how thin is the hard crust ~~ LOL

 Special menu of the day. Strawberry chocolate pie!!!

I usually go to fridge to see what is the dessert of the day. Normally, just 1 type of dessert.

and make new friends too! Meet Peeboo and Shane Leong(right). He is a tattoo artist in Kemaman. If you want to see his masterpiece, you can go to @shanetattoostudio in instagram. His drawing is quite complex, complicated, and gothic and cute!

Okay, now the environment of the restaurant.

 Open kitchen style, LIke!

 Just notice there is a menu on board. I usually just order from menu booklist. The right side one is the fridge that I went to see what's the dessert available.

 Floating restaurant. Literally FLOATING, cause the restaurant will sway when huge wave or when it's going to rain soon. Really like the environment of the restaurant. Chilly and breezy environment.

Words from Chef Ahmad

Chef Ahmad has like 15 years experience in cooking. This is the 8th restaurant he has been work for, and he previously help to start-up a new restaurant , kind of like consultant, and give training to the employee also.
Chef Ahmad with the modern gas-pizza oven. This is where our pizza was burnt before it served! 

I didnt eat the lamb, but he being friendly show me what's is signature in Kayak Cafe, and how these were home-made. The dishes that he recommended? Combo Jerk (Rm24.30)

Generally, this restaurant would be a new chillax point for me in Kemaman, as there is really not much eatery at night, Most of the time, it would be limited to either choice A or B, and that's all. The opening of this new restaurant open a more choice for us while chillax or YUm Cha. Serving Italian cuisine. Would recommend to add on more snack to munch.

Price range from Rm 3 - 25 per person.
Like when I just ordered the snack, it cost me Rm 4.
When I ordered spagetti and pizza, it cost me Rm 26 to share with my partner.


Situated along Taman Rekreasi Bakau Tinggi Kemaman, keep left before you enter the bridge to Kampung Bukit Kuang.

Operation hour
 5 pm - 12am

Another side that serve local & western dishes
12pm - 1am

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