January 12, 2019

Dr Glamogenic Brassica Peeling Gel

You have toner in your skincare routine, that's for your everyday use, you have sunblock, moisturizer, serum, night cream and essence. Cause those are the skin care product to nourish your skin. 

Most of us tend to focus on those nourishing products more than cleansing. As long as we have the facial cleanser , it would be suffice. However, whenever you go for facial spa , you will realise that most of the salon will start off with deep cleansing then scrub off the dead skin with scrub or anything similar. 

Well, since you have a comprehensive range of skincare, why don't you include a peeling gel into your weekly skin care routine?  Because, now you can get your skin being pampered and well maintained just like having spa or facial treatment at home! 

Introducing the Brasica Peeling Gel from the brand Dr Glamogenic. Dr Glamogenic is an Australian brand and It is created and formulated with Australia lifestyle, and it is also  kind to your skin and the environment, with plant based extract.  Offering the  safest, effective and natural ingredients

I've tried and used it , and it does 

Remove dead cell effectively
More radiant skin

Looking at the ingredients, you can see that it is mostly naturally plant extract ingredient, to infuse all the goodness into our skin.

The design of the 100 ml Brassica Peeling Gel in a tube form make it easy for us to use by simply squeeze out as much as you want.

 I am having a sensitive skin that I need to avoid seafood all the time, I also use special shower gel to bath daily. But the formula inside is gentle, it doesn't cause any irritation on my sensitive skin. 

The closer look at the packaging.

A happy user after using it. See how sensitive is my skin (my palms). However , it does gently exfoliate my skin, I can feel like my skin have become smoother, as the dead skin has been effectively remove, yet with moisture remain on the skin. 


Gel like icy-cool texture. The blue pigment as seen in the picture is a cellulose which is the ingredient to  mix with the oil on your face  and forming the eraser dust like thingy while massaging your face.

Testing on my knee. Thanks to the cellulose inside,  it starts to form clumps on the application area.

Talking about cellulose that forms the clump, it actually exfoliate my skin. It works like the grains in any scrub, except that the cellulose is much softer, not as rough as how the grains physically exfoliate on your skin to get rid of the dead skin. 

So, don't be horrify if you saw erase dust like thingy coming up while massaging it.

The cellulose together with other naturally plant based-extract like Brassica Oleracea  Broccoli extract

Betaine (an amino acid commonly used in skin care, or hair shampoo, giving ultra hydration without feeling sticky with the silky effect, which is why our skin feel smooth right after application)

Portulaca oleracea extra aka purslane providing the anti-oxidant, anti- aging properties , it gives you the radiant glow inside out! (and after studying the godness of purslane, I believe that it helps to prevent the sign of aging by reducing/slow down the formation of wrinkle)

Does it work on me? 

Well, it does in a very gentle way, manage to exfoliate my skin with minimal pressure of massaging, which afterwards didn't leave my skin completely dry.

As for the radiant glow, I didn't notice it until after the third usage. So, it is a good weekly skincare routine that you can add in into your skin care routine, for the dirt-free skin absorbs all the great essence better than a normal skin.

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