December 28, 2022

My pregnancy diary - First trimester (Jan - April 2022 )

 (Sequence of the date:From the oldest to the latest date)

 27th Jan 2022 - The Day I discovered that I am pregnant! 

The day which I discovered that I was positive with pregnancy test! 

Initially I just want to test the ovulation

 The ovulation strip turned out to be positive. 


Pregnancy can turn the ovulation strip positvie too

...from my first experience. 

Since I have some pregnancy strips, I just casually tested with one prenancy strip  just to double confirm. 

In my mind, I never expect it to be positive. It turned out to be double line in mere 5 seconds! I was shock and surprised. Then I immediately showed this to my husband. 

At first, He thought I was positive in ovulation, after I emphasized the this is the pregnancy test, he was surprised too. Then we test again with another pregnancy strip. 

and tadaaa! The result below shows! 

I am so thankful that our dream comes true! 
I am also thankful that the embryo is safe and sound in my womb! 

Because I experienced miscarriage before, so I amquite concern about the safety. 

 28th  Jan 2022 - TFT Test  

Went to do TFT (Thyroid function test). The results came out 2 days later. My T4 was drastically low 1 (normal range is 9-14). My husband asked me to go check with doctor see is there a need to confirm the dosage or not. 

30th  Jan 2022 - Went to see Dr. Yogi from HOspital Umra 

Hello, little gestational sac and york sac that is going to nourish my little precious embryo/foetus and baby! Can't wait to see you growing up soon! 

I promised that I will take good care of myself by 
1. eat properly
2.Getting enough rest and sleep. 

As for now, I am taking the following supplement 
1. Folic acid 5mg 

2. Neurogain – DHA 250mg
EPA 20mg
AA (arachidonic acid) 35mg
OA (oleic acid) 30mg
Mixed tocopherol 3mg

3. Calcium 600mg (my friend asked me to drink plenty of milk too)

4. Blackmores Pregnancy & Breast-feeding formula

(Left to Right 1-4 )

7th Feb 2022 - Week 6 Day 3 - Difficult sleeping

I couldn't sleep well last night. Normally, i can sleep through the night until the daylight, until my alarm rings.

Actually, it has been few times that I awoke in the middleof the night, but I could just easily go back to sleep after a few turnings.

But yesterday...

I not sure if it because of the light of the Handphone ,


the changing hormone in my body

I think I have been lying and turning back and forth for 2 hours. There was like a gas ball kept moving inside my body. Whatever I did was just not right.

I covered myself with blanket , soon, i remove it.


covered myself with blanket , then remove it again

then it keeps repeating.

My sleeping pose kept changing. Turn 360 degree on the bed, then sat on the floor , head lied on the bed and sleep, and crawl to the toilet, and sleep in the toilet. Then went back to the bed and sleep.

At one point, i felt very frustrated and woke up and cried. Then went back to sleep again.

So the next morning, I decided that I must do some exercise/workout so that the qi (the gas ball) can escape and won't kacau me again. (won't distrub my sleep)

Covid-19 Booster Injection

Last menstrual period (First day) : 23rd December 2021

Booster Injection Day : 30th Dec 2021

The day I discovered pregnancy - 27th Jan 2022

Gestational age - 4 weeks 4 days (4 weeks + 4 )

Actual age of baby at the discovery - 2 weeks + 4

Gestational age is counted from the Last Menstrual period.

I feel damn lucky that I have the booster right before we made the baby.

That being said, by using the standard .........Day 14 is ovulation in period cycle,............. then we actually made the baby on 5th Jan (counting 14 days from the LMP)

I am so eternally grateful for this. Thinking about this makes me think that this (This 2022 pregnancy) is going to be a healthy, safe pregnancy. FYI, I had miscarriage on July 2021.

That's when we started to actively seeking help to regain my healthy, recovery from mini confinement , went to see TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) to see if my body is fit enough for the next pregnancy and to cultivate warmer, comfortable womb.

The TCM we got after seeing doctor. It is quite convenient to drink, just warm it, and you can drink it. I enjoy drinking it cause I actually like to drink herbal soup. 

From July 2021 - Jan 2022 - We actually went to see 2 different TCM doctors/shin seh. I am also not sure if it is the Chinese Medicine that helps us to get pregnant or ...our willingness ....or combined. I do you judge it?

To be frank, one of my 2022 wish lists is to get a harimau baby虎宝宝 aka Tiger baby. !

So I am really over the cloud that it comes at the right time, after the booster dose.
I and my baby would stay healthy!

10th Feb 2022 - Week 6 Day 6 - A great day!

Today is Thursday, and I have a great sleep yesterday! I did wake up few times at night, but soon I fell asleep very soon.

Also, I should have woken up 5am to take my 125mcg thyroxine pill, but i didn't hear the alarm at all. So I had it at 8am, when I woke up this morning.

It was a great day, my face complexion is glowing. Rosy glowing. It is not like the sauna quite of glowing. It is like...when you see the mirror, you feel that how come my skin so glowing ar...hahahaha

Guess you hard to find it glowing.

Nah, see the comparison. Actually the complexion is more glowing than my usual morning complexion.

I am still hesitate if I should join the yoga class at 8.45am, since it was already 8am, but I did at last. I mean I pay so much for the gym membership,

and also, actually I feel like want to do some gentle stretching

THanks to Teacher Sheer for helping to adjust my body posture, I managed to come out with this photo. Other students can do this easily 😭. But I am not truely upset la, cause I can see that my body is slowly adjust to it. Guess it is because I like it , LOL. 

What I learn from Aeriel Yoga, 
No pain, No gain. 

It feels good if I can do exercise at least for 5 mins daily. It is also the commitment to myself.

WS's unimate best buddy was having house warming. I would definitely swallow them with different type of cheese if I cant. But because I was still in my first trimester, so I do not dare to eat too much of raw food.

THe guacamole is really really yummy! 

Omg, instead of pregnant post, this is like a food post. But diet is part of pregnancy ,right? The very yummylicious , flavoursome curry chicken, I would definitely ask the recipe from Shu Huey whenever I am ready to cook. It is so good. So appetizing. I don't normally so much of white rice for dinner. But I did this time, cause I wanna pair with the flavoursome nyonya curry paste. 

Nyonya curry chicken : What's inside the pressure cooker. 

and it was 13rd Feb, the birthday of Calvin! 

OOTD on the next morning :  14th Feb. 

See my tummy is big. But it is the food belly. because of the pregnant hormone progesterone that soar up during the first trimester , my digestion slows down too. So I prefer to eat less for dinner so that I wont have upset stomach, and then having trouble sleeping. 

Tues 15th Feb 2022 
Everyday, i am craving for something sour, soup, mushy ....
ON this day, I want to drink rasem, the Indian cuisine soup which is sour and spicy, so satisfying.  

17th Feb 2022 - Week 7 Day 6 - Dont talk to me

I am most refreshing in the morning when I have just woken up.  Everything feel so good! 

It has just started like 10 mins ago. around 9pm.
I don't feel like talking. because I feel like vomit when I talk.
The question is ....should I go vomit so that I feel better?

23th Feb 2022 - Week 8 Day 5 - 情绪饱满 On-the-dot emotion


The above phrase basically summarise my coniditon recently.

I feel that I live like a baby recently . This happens in terms eating, sleeping, emotion

So much to talk about this one. I feel very hungry since 2 days ago. Normally when I was hungry. Before pregnancy, i can still stand it even when I am hungry. 

But nowadays, when I am hungry, my stomach will grumble instantly. WOW 

2. Eat a little , eat frequently , Just like a baby. (Sometimes, every 2 hours)
I will some time standby in some snack in my handbag just in case my stomach grumbles. 

3. Simple, warm diet 
Some confinement centre which is heavily Chinese supplement based boasts that they will also provide the ladies confinement with bird nest, ginseng ,  jian zhu zao (Procupine date powder) which in fact I am  反感 irritated.  

Despite those are the great, expensive , healthy Chinese herbs. but I dont feel like want to have them in my stomach. 

My stomach crave for simple baby food like soup, mushy , warm , porridge, carrot, tomato,   potato, ABC porridge. Something which is easier to digest.  

I guess this is normal. Feeling sleepy after meal. and always want to sleep. 


You may feel touched when you watched the  2 videos below. 
Normally , I would just casually shed tears when I am moved by the touching scene in video. 

Nowadays, my emotion is so saturated/become richer , hahaaha 
Instead of wiping quietly, I would cry like a spring foundatin, burst into turmoil of emotional tears. 
and as usual, after done with it, I  can casually continue with the rest of my other activities. 

I was thinking is  it because I feel sad, so my baby feel sad, so I would double cry?  hahaha 


Could it be because of the hormonal change, so it get elevated when you feel so. 

In fact, I am not only cry out loud when I sad , (I think I am quite relax, so I can cry all the way the body wants, hahaahahah)

I think it is the elevated emotion in sadness, happiness, excitedness and dumbness, hahaha. I could watch thrilled dancing video until midnight and don't feel sleepy too. (Which is unusual)

Video :It's okay by Night birde

Video: John Q 

Some dancing videos that I have been watching 

Summary for this few days at Week 8 
Eat like  a baby
Sleep like a baby
Emotional like a baby

Feeling nausea like a prego 

24th Feb 2022 - First visitation to Klinik Kesihatan

Wei Sheng was so excited the night before, because we finally get to meet our baby! Unfortunately,  due to stringent Covidp-19 SOP, my husband was barred from entering the Klinik Ibu dan Anak-anak. So he was waiting outside alone for roughly 1.5h. 

While on the way there, I feel so blessed that I have Wei Sheng with me, joining, attending and dealing with every big and small pregnancy journey together! So far he hasn't missed any of the pregnancy visitation with me! 

He would also accompany me to Thyroid check-up even before the pregnancy. I told him that he should reborn as a wife in the next life so that you can experience how blissful it is. Then he replied me
 You thought every lao gong in the world 
is like this meh ?   

hahaha, Okay fine. 

Our first KK (Klinik Kesihatan) visitation. Our appointment time was 2pm. We reached around 1.15pm 

Turned out, only the mummy can enter. My lao gong was honestly a bit dissapointed. 

blood test for STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease , in Bahasa = Penyakit Kelamin), Rhesus factor. And urine test I forgot for what already, one of them is the test glucose if I am not mistaken . 

It was the end of Week 8, but they can't detect my baby through the ultrasound also. The doctor explained that it might not be viable. So we went to private Obs and gynae, we did transvaginal scan this time. There was not machine for transvaginal scan in the KK. 

That's our little baby! I don't   want to call it too scientific..urgh... I would use the word embryo when i teach anyway. 

The reason for failing to detect it on the ultrasound could be because I have a retrovert uterus, so doctor said until the second trimester, my baby is hardly seen through the ultrasound. But can see it better when the baby is getting bigger. 

Play the video, during the scan , it was reported that the baby was Week 9, but in my hp app it was Week 8 day 6. Anyway, notice that our little baby is moving at 10th second! 
Omg!!! It like a way to greet us! 

Since then, I talk a lot to my baby whenever I am tired, happy, emotional, busy...anything. 

Took this photo just to archive that I can have bigger food belly at night. 
That is not even the baby bump yet! Ai yor... 

But one great news was that my body weight actually drops from 63kg to 59kg since I cut down a lot of starchy food. I guess it is also because of I eat much lesser compare than when I wasn't pregnant. 

Some time, for dinner, we would just have a piece of fried fish, and no rice, because rice make me very bloated. It is so uncomfortable. I can still eat some rice for lunch, but not during when it is about the time to sleep.  

26th Feb 2022 - Week 9 Day 1 - Nausea but overall good

I can never imagine this day would come. Feeling nauseated, I can split the chicken rice into lunch and dinner and trust me. Although the portion is only one meal portion. I am full. 

On the usual day, when I am not pregnant, I can eat a plate of chicken rice and more. Nowadays...half a place. 

In fact, I am feeling nausea the whole day today. When I eat too much, I would feel nausea. However , for the case today, I believe it is due to the oily and starchy food that I took slightly more than the usual portion that make me feel extra nausea today. 

In the evening, WS went to play basketball, I tagged along and did some exercise too. I feel  that doing exercise during pregnancy can ensure better sleep and help to ease bloating a lot. 
The first ever photo of 3 of us went doing exercise together! 

Afterward, I had 1/2 chicken rice for dinner. Lao gong was worried that I dont get enough nutrient, He took out all of these for me to eat. 

The Japanese egg (salty and delicious)
Fried brown mushroom 
Farm fresh yogurt - yummy
Fresh orange 
Actually I like to eat all of them, but again, I only took like 50% from each of them. 

What I feel these day is ....I would be nausea whenever I take the pregnancy supplement....

Also, my urine nowadays has white discharge. Like seeing cloud in my urine, LOL. 
but I am not too worry about it. It is just showing that I am pregnant , hahaa 

The white discharge/white particle in the urine is due to hormonal change.  This is normal and is not a cause for concern.

28th Feb 2022 - Week 9 Day 3 - First time vomitting  

I cooked a bowl of tastefully delicious maggi curry just now. Perhaps it was just the plain maggi (carbohydrate that I had), extra starchy, so I vomitted. 

I vomitted a little only. Watery stuff, less than 10ml  also. 

7th March 2022 - Week 10 Day 3 - Coughing

I cough, I am not sure if it is because I am  nausea, and cough until phelegm also come out. It bothers me because I cannot sleep well, and would be crancky some time because I am tired and I want to sleep. 

Also, I am a tutor, so I teach, but it hurts my throat the more I speak or projecting my voice. I feel like I have throat inflammation or something like that. 

Anyway, let's look at the photos I've been taken for the past week 

We went to Ara Damansara food court to have lunch after visiting the Senses confinement center. WS and me visitting like 3 confinement centers within a week. I am so looking forward to the time when I get to have one-month rest and recharge! 

The same day OOTD - This photo here is to show my belly size at week 10, but the bulging one is actually the food belly. However, still need to capture this moment. 

11st March 2022: Feeling quite prolong  uterus-ache or abdominal pain , so we we went to Obs to see what happen. The Obs said the baby was in the right size, right position, everything is normal from the ultrasound. She said it is normal that I could feel abdominal pain due to the uterus is expanding to make room for baby to grow. 

Another reason for this could be the Urinary tract infection. I then had a urine test , which came back positive that I have slight Urinary Tract Infection. LOL. I was like...I took care of the hygience so well. I change clothes every day , how could it be? 

The doctor said it is normal despite I took care of hygience because the vagina secrete some discharge to protect the womb. Okay.  She then prescribed me the medicine above. No urine for 4 hours after taking this. It was just a sachet of .....something like oral dehyration salt, except that this medicine cost Rm 55 according to the bill.  

I am not sure if it does help or not. But the pain does go away on the second day.  

Left : My lao gong had maggi for dinner. I cannot take it. The smell of processing me is very irritating for me. Actually I do hope that there is a glass to seperate the ventilation between the kitchen and the dining area, because the smell is very offensive. 

On the way to become cow 母乳牛, 哈哈啊哈。 No lar, the nurse would ask pregnant woman to drink more milk for the calcium, and also It makes me fill full whenever I am hungry and also It tastes good it also relieves my nausea. 

Sunday  6th March

I was inspired by the delicious carbonara that I tried at the workplace, so I asked the recipe , try to cook it with Prego carbonara sauce. Yea, the sauce is a canned food, but it is better than any pasta outside as it is less oily. I pretty enjoy the taste of the Pregro carbonara. I thought that expect that I would feel less bloated since that it is less oily, however, I still experience slight bloating at night, less severe this time. I guess it was because I had more carbs than the usual pregnant portion. 

For the first time, I had a plate of carbonara for both lunch and dinner. So okay, slight bloated. Hopefully this condition will be better when I come to the second trimester.  

Went out to a private hospital to follow up after the carbonara lunch. 
My baby bump OOTD
Recently, I like to wear long pants that cover my knees. My knees become very cold easily recently.  

Here's a little game for you. Which kind of food do you think is more attractive to expectant mummy in the first trimester who  experience nausea?    

Yes, you are right. It is quite obvious that I would go for the hot and  warm ABC porridge. 
The food in  second photo is just too oily for me. 

What pregnancy had done to my emotion. 
Saw this piece of reading in my app. Yes , it is true. Nowadays, when I laugh, I could literally laugh out so loud even my brain cannot understand why. When I watch touching video clips, I would also weep like water fountain. It is just a strange change that I experience nowadays. Sometime, as I was crying so bad, my mind was thinking, hey , is that you , you don't cry so bad like this on the ordinary day ler.  
I would also become more crancky when I am not feeling well. 

9th March 2022 - Week 10 Day 5 - Moodless 

Today is a day when I wake up , feeling totally numb to everything . 
Numb to all my favourtie things...
The delicious food 
The funny / entertaining videos from youtube

Nothing attracts me, 
I don't feel positive nor do I feel negative. 
It was just , I feel that I lose interest in everything 

At the moment, 
I felt that  life is so meaningless, 
Nothing is fun, nothing is passionate

The only thing that keeps me going is the baby is my tummy. 
I don't feel hungry, I eat because I have to keep my baby growing. 
I don't feel like resting, I sleep because playing on phone is so boring, 
and maybe
I would feel much better after sleeping
Anyway, it doesn't uplift my mood that day. 

By the way, 
On this day, my husband also works in the office. 
So I stay at home the whole day alone. 
Oh yea, I was also coughing at the time.
Nonetheless, I don't think this has any to do with his accompany

Fortunately, I feel that 
I gain interest again 
I regain myself again 
At the night time. After the dinner time i think. 

11st March 2022 - Week 11 - My baby has grown 1.94cm in 2 weeks!!

Top : 
Week 9 :  2.30cm 

Bottom : 
Week 11 :  4.24cm  

Top : Transvaginal scan
Bottom: Ultrasound scan 

My baby looks like mini human of 4.24cm now! He/she has grown 1.94cm from 2.30cm in the freaking 2 weeks! The enormous 84%  of growth in size!!

I am so proud of you!  I would learn how to protect myself in order to protect you. 

Daddy and mummy loves you !   

I went to KK (Klinik Kesihatan) yesterday (10th March), at first, we never expect to be able to see our baby to the ultrasound scan, but yes it shows! 

It was also the first time my husband, WS didn't follow me for pregnancy checkup  as it is the covid-19 pandemic now, so only the mummy would be allowed to enter. My baby is moving excited in my tummy! 

See, in the video, my baby keeps moving actively. 

Also, in the video, I was so excited, the doctor said the blinking blinking sign means the heart is pounding, but I cannot see the blinking blinking one ler...

The doctor said that the fact that you baby is moving/dancing in the tummy is a healthy sign. Alright. 

The irony 

I am not sure is it because I was haunted by the past experience. I would on and off worry about my pregnancy about my baby. It is so irony. 

for example, 
If there was a day, where i feel completely normal, then I would doubt if the baby is developing or not. 

If there was a day, I wake up feeling nausea, then i know my baby is developing, but then I have to suffer to nausea. 

So do you see irony?
If I am good, then I would be worry that I am not pregnant
If I experience the pregnancy symptoms, then I would be suffer. LOL  

Although I know that at the end of the day, it doesn't help much to overthink, I would also chant metta, listening to soothing music to calm myself.  

However, if you ask me, I really wish that I can scan my baby weekly to know that he/she is developing well. 

Another example.....
Do you see that in the video of week 11, my baby was moving so actively, I was so excited when I look at it. It is like he/she is greeting to me. 

Then afterward, I would think that is it normal that my baby moves so vigorously ?  I did not think caffein in the morning also... okay la, Milo has very little  caffein. but is it normal?   Any mummy, does your baby also moves like this when your baby is 11 weeks?  

16th March 2022 - Week 11 Day 5 - I become dumber?

Scenerio 1
Me: Why would people reply you when you text them but they never reply me one?

WS: Because you ask them during their working hour ma~~ So they are less likely to reply on casual matter lo

Me: Oh...yea hor.....

Scenario 2
Me: Why does it feel better/chiller to stand outdoor at night than to turn on air-conditioner in the room ?

WS: Because when you turn on the air-cond, the air is cool, but dry.
When you stand outdoor (in Malaysia), the wind is breezy, cool and wet (with great humidity)

Scenario 3
Background story : There was a shift of tuition time from 7.30pm bring forward to 7pm. In this case, I would have 3 hours of tuition lesson back to back.

5.30pm - 7pm : Lesson A
7pm - 8.30pm : Lesson B

TBH, I would always space out time for dinner even if there is tuition at night. Because I would usually have dinner at the constant hour. However, due to the system change, I would have to follow the system, adjust it from 7.30pm to 7pm.
Me: Oh no, after this I am going to have dinner during the lesson at 7pm.
WS: No, you can actually your dinner before 5.30pm.
Me: Yea hor, why I never think about it? I can have some at 5.30pm then eat somemore if I am hungry at 8.30pm.

I actually think that I am getting a little bit dumper this pregnancy. There are also many also examples that I have slip of tongue when I teach. For example,

Third of March >>>>become >>>>Wednesday of March.

I do feel that changes too. I do not think as fast as I could. and I am also lacking of motivation in starting a new initative or a new project. But it is okay if it is for the good of my baby! We can't wait to see you out! October....please come faster~~~ I wanna stop being dumper.

16th March 2022 - Week 11 Day 5 - Cough > asthma ?

I have been coughing for one week. I saw a lot of news online, sorethroat can be one of symptoms of covid-19, so I went to do PCR despite not having fever or other symptoms.

THe PCR came out negative on 15th March 2022.

So why do I still cough when I don't have covid? I am thinking is it because my asthma come back during the pregnancy.

ory tract. ...or maybe it could be the acid reflux that irritates my throat area?

16th March 2022 (Wed)- Week 11 Day 5 - Aerial Yoga

Normally, THursday is my day in a week, I get to embark on my favourite activity, which is Aerial Yoga. Yesterday, I woke up super early, like 5.30am and stay awake until 7am, then go back to sleep, because my stomach is super bloated (I had nasi lemak with fried chicken for dinner) I cant sleep, nor do I feel like lying down.

I woke up, sit straight and do some stuff with laptop while waiting for my stomach to feel slightly better.
My husband, WS was still sleeping at the time (around 5.30am ). I whatsapped him, telling him that I wish to attend the Aerial yoga because it makes me happy and that I am confident that I know how to protect myself and my baby, I won't do those action/stunts that is deem dangerous to baby.

I requested again during the dinner time. Although he was right... (that's why I listen to him), and I feel very sour. No more endorphin (happy hormone) already.....=(

He said , we have been longed for this baby for quite some time, and you are approaching second trimester soon. (Going to be 12 weeks in 3 more days). Don't take the risk la.

Aerial yoga involves a lot of core muscle de.

20th March 2022 - Week 12 Day 2 - NT Scan

Baby has the size (CRL = Crown Rump Length) of 6.58cm

Everything was normal and low risk.
However, there is this statement here.

"The anterior uterine wall is thick and outer 1.3 shows Goppler flow suggestive of Adenomyosis"

Sugeest Uterogastant 200mg until 34 weeks

Suggest Detailed scan at 18-22 weeks. "

21st March 2022 - Week 12 Day 3 - Elevated sense of smell

Today is the first day of me spraying perfume on myself. Recently I think I have the elevated sense of smell or sensitive sense of smell.

First, I am petrified of the smell of alcohol , esp beer.
Then, the smell of sweat of my husband, it really drives me away.
Then, the breath from my husband

Fortunately , i am not driven away by my own sweat, haha. That's because I will go shower immediately once I sweat. Just when I thought I am not driven away by anything from myself....

I was wrong. I was mind-drafting about this blogpost when I pee.
Sudddenly , the smell of my own urine disgusted me.LOL

I am not sure that's because of my elevated sense of smell or does it really stink than the ordinary non-pregnant me.

I guess it is the pee + hormone that disgusted me.
It would smell even worse when I eat oily food or heavy-flavoured food.

Even my poo smell nicer than my pee, (it is gross but true )
In actual fact, I am happy when I pass stool, it means that I am not having constipation and able to make more room for my baby to grow. (Just the feeling, no medical evidence or whatever to support the statement btw)

21st March 2022 - Week 12 Day 3 - Too much caffein

I bought this teh tarik ice(Milk tea) with LESS SUGAR while buying lunch just now. A sudden craving
It was indeed lesser sugar than the usual time. So it was slightly bitter and perhaps more caffein?

And the thing is
I think because I always try to avoid caffein beverage (except for Milo) since pregnancy, the side effect for me was so overwhelming. I had a very terrible headache at the end of the day. Like so bad nothing I do was right. Luckily it went away after a night of sleep.

I am grateful that I can sleep well. Actually not really, I can't really sleep well on the night. I flipped to and forth , awake on and off throughout the night. It was so bad It reminds me about the beginning of my pregnancy , like on week 6-8 like that.

When I discussed this with my husband. My husband reminded me that I have drunk the milk tea. Okay, painful lesson learnt, one sip of milk tea is okay. Half cup of milk tea is not FINE.

22nd March 2022 - Week 12 Day 4 -Also about the food

My husband had a burger, like a Ramly burger from the road side for dinner. so I took a big bite of the burger. and Man , it was just that one bite and made my stomach feeling bloated now.

Okay. Good night.

24 nd March 2022 - Week 12 Day 6 - First combined clinic appointment

24 nd March 2022 - Week 12 Day 6 - First combined clinic appointment

was a working weekday, I am glad and grateful that WS manage to make it right after his meeting with his client. I am so glad that you come with me! We both thought that we can see our baby through ultrasound scan this time, but again, my husband were banned from entering the O&G Clinic, lucky he could still wait outside the waiting area of O&G Clinic. So in the end, only me, the mother got to witness my baby through ultrasound scanning.

Poor husband/father kena banned due to the covid SOP restriction. Thank you for taking your time to go all the way to H. Putrajaya with me! <3

Went to have lunch before heading to Hospital Putrajaya for our first ever combined clinic consultation!

It would be the combined clinic between



20th March - CRL - 6.58cm
25th March- CRL - 6.91cm

Growing 0.33cm or 33mm in 5 days

My baby is moving during the examination as usual .

The prenatal vitamins Ihave for now.

26th March 2022 - Week 13 Day 1
Went to baby fair, but bought nothing. and I forgot to take photos, because I was a bit overwhelm with the massive crown in Mid Valley, and a bit sick about it. Here're some items I would like to share.

We didn't sign up in the end, mainly due to budget concern. But I would suggest you to have it if you plan to have pregnancy , would suggest you to allocate Rm 6k - 20K for stem cell storing. Price inclusive of 20 years of storing. Price is correct as of the March 2022 Baby fair.

Joey & Mom
Iam quite impressed with the quality of their swaddle. I didn't buy it know I am not ready to stuff the things (will only be using in September) in my little house now.

Wait ar...
Let me make some space for the baby stuff first.

There are many other great quality baby stuff like car carrier... but I would like to share this infor only.

31st March 2022 - Week 13 Day 6 - Guilty struck when I dont eat prenatal-vitamins

I skipped dinner yesterday, cause I already have French toast with Kaya for high tea.

I didn't feel hungry for the dinner, also perhaps I was in the state of tired mindset. I didn't know how to respond when my husband asked me for dinner idea.

I was focus on the job stuff and couldn't bother about food. Normally, I can answer promptly when it comes to dinner idea. However, recently, I am less enthusiatic when it comes to food.

THose food which used to be my favourite like pizza, pasta, fried rice are oily and heavy flavoured. These food make my stomach bloats, so slowly and gradually, Ialso don't know what to eat already.

My favourite pregnancy food so far is porridge or bihun (vermicelli) with potato, tomato, carrot, and a choice of protein (pork or chicken).

Why am talking about my pregnancy food choice here?
THis is because I would tend to not taking prenatal vitamins if I skip meal. All I had during the dinner time is a cup of milo only.

At night, when I reflect on this, I do feel a little guilty for not taking care of my baby.

I mean, it won't bother me so much if I do not take medicine whenever I am sick.
it is different when you have another life in your tummy

Also, I told myself before that

I would learn how to protect myself in order to protect my baby.

At the point of thinking about this,.... I couldn't be more impressed by my own thought.

WOW, this is how it feels to be a mother.

You will tend to protect/take care of your baby .
To protect your baby,
you will keep yourself healthy and fit.

before the pregnancy, I was having this conversation with my husband.
How could we take care of our baby if we can't even take good care of ourselves?

When I think about this....
It does not matter....
Because one can never be 100% perfect enough to take care of themselves
By the time, they know how to take care of themselves,
They reach a new higher level, the existing one is never good enough

So I guess it does not matter,
The mutually care for each other is inspiring, uplifting
I mean at least pregnancy prompts me to have the awareness
The awareness to take care of others

So Hey, if you are reading this, and think that you are not good in taking care of yourself, how could you get pregnant?

No worries, we all are learning along the way.
You don't have to be perfect enough to play/take the role.
But it is important to be mentally, financially prepare for it.

Nice video- What to expect in Labour?

I would like to share this video because this is not a random video that I can find in youtube. It talks about the labour in Malaysia in private hospital in general. and I do learn a lot, learn to prepare myself through this video. 

5th April 2022 - Week 14 Day 4 - Spicy food irritates my digestive system

I would like to share this video because this is not a random video that I can find in youtube. It talks about 
3rd April 2022 - Had frozen Ayamas drummet, hot & spicy 

4th April 2022 - Had Tuna sandwich, it is a bit bland, so I added some Domino Pizza Chilli Flakes into the sandwich. My husband said it could be the Chilli Flakes that caused the diarhoea, because it has chilli seed

4th April 2022 - Lunch - tried 2 bites of chilli Pan Mee. 

I am not too sure which of this spicy food irritate my stomach, but it did, because you would experienc slight burning sensation in your rectum (the exit point of your poop) when you pass a motion. 

then I started to feel mild and prolong pain in my stomach/uterus from 4th April night time until the second day morning. It is 5th April ,9.32am as I am writing this. I guess I shall rest well, had bland food today to let my stomach to get enough of rest today. 

I also hope that my baby won't get shock from this contraction of my stomach. 

2 drops of brown spotting spotted on the next day afternoon, I realised it after I move the air freezer. 

Below are the photos taken during my week 12. I was dressed up for Haba Labo product shoot. 

Do you see my baby bump here? I am so proud of my baby bump! 

So a mandatory pregnancy photo. But I cannot show to the world during the first trimester. THere's a taboo amon ghte Chinese Culture that we should lie low. Remain low profile esp during the first trimester. My boss friends ....all said the same thing! 

And I also follow. Coz you the first time parent, we do not know what to do...and just want our baby to be healthy and safe. 

Hey, my baby girl. I am not sure if it is the glow that you gave me...or your mama is always so hot chick (obsess with self like that..)

i mean .
hey baby girl...Look at your hottie mama! 

This is to show my belly bump at week 12 

HI, Can't wait to see you growing! 

Anticipate for you each and every day

10th April 2022 - Week 15 Day 2
 I am not too sure which of this spicy food irritate my stomach, but it did, because you would experienc slight 

I like to drink plain water than milk for now. 
because of this, Iwent to toilet more frequently now.