December 11, 2023

2nd weekend in Dec 2023 - Long weekend


on Sat 9th  Dec 2023  

Actually our plan was mainly to buy shoes for YX. Ended up I bought 3 other sets of clothes for YX. 

During the night time,  mummy wanted to start teaching tuition already. Then YX also comes in to join. 
so I let her to sit on the chair , sit down together so that she can experience what I experienced too. 

on Sun 10th Dec 2023  

It was a fruitful and meaningful morning. I went to Sunday Dharma class in SABS in the morning. Teacher 丽燕 talked about 善财童子 , the little boy who is on the left side of 观世音。 and from there, we learned about Kalyana Mitra 善知识。  

Then we had this colouring activity 

Awoke after 15 mins of nap, then get ready to go out.  

Have her to wear the lavender clothes set.  

Meet my friend, I am Yee Xuan. (YX)
My friend is Yong Xu (YX)

and we played snatching milk bottle game. Watch the video below! 👇👇👇

and then on Mon .... 

on Mon 11st  Dec 2023  

Both daddy and mummy went to Tong SHan to get ready for pregnancy . THank you Jie jie for looking after Yee Xuan at home! 

and spendig time with my lovely daughter. 

so engrossed watching TV  .  

November 28, 2023

26 Nov 23 :第一次当上佛学班老师 The first time being a Dharma teacher

 I have to archive this before it is too late. 

My Sunday is well spent. I mean my every day is well spent. but this Sunday is extra special because my wish to be a dharma teacher finally fulfilled! 我想当一个佛学班老师, 然后我的愿成真了! 

谢谢YC 促成这次的缘分。 因为他在SABS 上班。 本来想叫我当翻译, 我拒绝了, 然后我表示我想要当佛学班老师, 他本来进office 给我介绍里面的他的team member 然后我就遇见了美菱老师。是不是很神奇?

之前没有主动去找佛教会当佛学班老师因为其实自己也是有点懒。 想到星期日有时间可以陪家人, 就不了了之了。 

后来就因为YC 的邀约翻译, 就误打误撞我申请当佛学班老师了, 😃😃😃😃


1. 我去到SABS门口, 丽莉老师一开始就告诉我, 这里的佛学班老师都是义务的, 但是还是需要一定的Commitment , 几时使命感。 接下来她讲的第二句话, 我听了蛮感动。 

“我们这里的宗旨就是想要在孩子们的心中种下一颗善的幼苗。。。。一颗学佛的幼苗” , 我听了后的第一感觉时间就是我去的佛学班很成功! (就在这时候, 听到这句话, 就好像点醒我, 有点找到初心的感觉)

2. 我的愿成真了, 当上佛学班老师, 而且我把我小老师的角色扮演好, 所以投入感, 参与感很强。 

3. 因为很投入, 然后再这过程中找到当初小时上佛学班的那份感觉。 不知道怎么形容那个感觉, 不是感动, 也不是开心, 应该是叫初心。 

所以, 在这里我要谢谢

1. YC - 开启了这个缘分! 

2. 美菱老师 

3. 丽莉老师

4. 艳玲老师

早课 :我很喜欢共修的感觉。 

燕玲老师很用心的讲解当天的主题:菩萨 boddhisattva 

听她分享, 我学到很多一些故事, 蛮精彩的。 三个观音的故事
1. 鱼篮观音 ( 马郎妇观音)的故事
2. 游戏观音 - 买找心镜子
3. 我忘记了, 呵呵

我好喜欢燕玲老师的心态、精神。 就是一种不认圣教衰, 不忍众生苦的情操。 


During the post mortem after lesson. 

1. I suggested that since we were overtime by 7 mins, maybe we can cut the 3 stories into 2. Then I learnt that it is normal to over time. Because the most important thing is to be able to delivery what they want to deliver in only 2 weeks once lesson. Because things like students ask questions, waiting for them to settle down takes time. 

Hmm. now that Iam thinking back on this, actually teacher can also learn how to manage time without cutting down the content. It isn't easy, it takes effort esp when it comes to real active group class of primary kids. 

2. 十个人里面只要有一两个有专心听, 我们就愿意讲。 


之后我们还去参观了观音观, 里面有33尊观音。 每一尊因为不同的文化背景, 所以都有不同的化身。 照片看video . 

November 2, 2023

My baby was diagnosed with HFMD Nov 23


Situation at home: We look after her at home.  and she is mischievous as always! 

We totally didnt expect that. 

It seems like she fulfilled the symptoms of the Hand Foot & Mouth disease (HFMD)

First, she got high fever on the first day, Sun 

that's when we bought her to the nearest klinik.  

She was given paracetamol (for fever and pain relieve)

and the antibiotic 

Mon 30th Oct 

She still got fever. We sent her to daycare. She ate slowly. 

Tues , 31 Oct : Day 1 of no solid food 

Fever subside. but the red spots/blisters on her leg was increasing. 

The night on Tues was the worst. 

We almost woken up every 1-2 h by her anguished criedsss. 

She kept tossing and turning when she cried and she cried badly....that it was quite heartbreaking to see

It seems like her stomach was bloating. 

We suspected it was due to the antibiotic because it was written on the bottle that the side effect is stomach discomfort. 

at night, We decided not to send YX to daycare because she suffered a lot of pain.

We were quite grateful that her hand is free from red spots/blister. also Her fever subside after 3 days and she was getting active as usual. 

Wed, 1st Nov : Day 2 of no solid food 

She woke up with smile in the morning. As if the thunderstorm yesterday had finally passed. 

Of course, as parents, we were on happy to see that she was getting better. and we also felt so much reflieved that she was getting better . 

In the 7am ish morning , we showered her. THen Ws realised that her red spots on the both legs were getting more. Ws decided to take her to  child specialist, paediatrician. 

Intiailly our plan is to stop the antibiotic, but after seeing the paediatrician. 

The doc mentioned that HFMD could cause bloating stomach too.  

I was still working on that day morning. 

Both WS and me were consider WFH  

She was diagnosed with HFMD. Wah~~~ omg... what should I do ar? 

My mind: what does HFMD mean? is it serious? 

Since she need to stay quarantine at home, how do I adjust my working time ar? 

SInce then we took extra pity on her and more tender loving care for her. 

The night time: 

It was quite a peaceful night, she cried only twice the whole night. and woke up around 7.40am on the second day. 

Thurs, 2nd Nov : Several bread crumb and meatball 

She recovered quite fast, the red spots were still there. 

However, she was just as active as usual. 

Her cognition is getting better too 

TOwards the evening, after I came back from 7pm teaching,  

she called me Mami! 

she also shouted Ba Bi  

and long continous mumbled of very serious speech with fingers pointing at you! 

October 22, 2023

Malaysian tourist shopping in Japan : Kyoto & Osaka 2023


1. Shop in Takashimaya  

The things in Takashimaya could be quite expensive. 

Takashimaya in Osaka 

It carries a lot of luxurious brand. All under one roof! 

so I actually had a whale of time window shopping here! I think I spent around 3-4hours only at Level 2. 

Nope, I didnt buy them. I wish I am rich enough to buy them. It was so fancy and so light! 

Didnt expect to find the luxurious brandStella Mc Cartney here. This is a luxurious brand selling handbag without harming animal.  

Even the kids department also carry a number of luxurious brand like Burberry , Anna Sui and a range of other brands. I quite enjoy window shopping here. 

The kids fitting room looks cute, isn't it? 

I was glad that I manage to go to the basement of Takashimaya and look at their food. You see the was so tempting! 

 THe chocolate cake that my sister would like! But cant bring back to MY . 

I didnt buy in the end because there is no seating for dine-in. I still wonder....where do the Japanese eat after they buy their food?  I cannot find a place to sit down and dine-in in their department store ler... 

In the end, we went out from the Takashimaya department store and settled in Starbucks because it was just right outside of the store and it has seating for dine-in. 

2. Make sure your credit card match the name in your passport 
Look at D. 

I actually made this mistake. WHile applying for credit card, I included Maple inside my credit card. Fortunately, my husband read carefully all the Terms& Conditions so we manage to make payment with his credit card.  

3. Apply Takashimaya shopper's card to enjoy additional 5% off for spending 3000 yen and above

We didnt know this initially. Until the friend sales girl told us that all the foreign tourist can apply this card for free. and entitled 5% additional discount on top of the 10% tax free deduction. 

All you need to do is just to show your passport and show the card while making payment at the cashier to be entitled 5% rebate. Quite good! 

Little did I expect I would spent almost half day at Takashimaya. I actually planned to shop in Uniqlo and GU , famous japanese boutique. 

YOu know I didnt go in the end. Too tired . hungry to shop the whole day. Also, I wanna save my wallet. 

Evening time when we came out. 

4. Buy Royce Chocolate at Japan airport 

The normal price of Royce Chocolate Malaysia cost Rm 55. If you buy in Kansai International Airport (KIX), it comes with tax free price and only cost 800 yen (around Rm 25)

I know why people why Royce Chocolate after travelling back from Japan.  

5. Choose Wise if you dont want to bring too much money 

Be sure to apply it at least 3 weeks before your departure. My husband's Wise physical card only arrive after we came back from Japan. 

So this Wise card works like a debit card, so you need to top up with sufficient amount first before you swipe. I am still unsure about the processing fee / conversion rate as I didnt get to make payment with Wise account, however I guess it would be cheaper than credit card for sure! 

September 19, 2023

Ramen Mob @Taipan USJ is delicious!

Good news for Ramen lover around the Subang Area! 

The entrance to the Ramen mob. The staircase sandwiched between Blackwhale and a pastry shop, Komugi. 

Parking : 
Parking is hard to find in Taipan business area. I usually park inside the building, Wisma Conlay. The parking rate is Rm 1 / hour. So It was quite afforable and also it is shaded so my car wont be too hot during the mid day. 

Finally there is a Ramen shop in Subang area! I am a Ramen lover. Most of the time when I want to have ramen, the ramen shops are mostly in shopping mall. 

So I was so happy knowing when I see the signboard of Ramen Mob being installed at USJ Taipan Business area. 

Shiro Yakibuta Ramen Rm 31.90 

This is their signature. I tried this during my first time visit. Oily flavourful of the Pork belly slides being roasted with a tint of caramel on the charred surface. 

Not bad. The pork based soup is full of aroma after boiling for 16h . It gives me the feeling of like Ippudo. 

Their onsen egg is  served cold. The manager said it was to served cold as they prepare for it before hand. However, you can request for hot onsen egg while order. 

The bowl flavourful ramen soup , coupled with having a cup of green tea really makes me very full. So full that I skipped my dinner. So it is quite worthy for me. 

Kuro Chatsu Ramen Rm 29.90 

    During my second visit, I tried their Kuro soup base. It tastes more flavourful then the Shiro. I like it! 

If you order both Shiro and Kuro 
Then you should go for the lighter soup base one, which is the Shiro. then only Kuro. 

I actually wanted to try their Mala base, but I am not sure my stomach can handle it or not. I can handle the Mala-ness before pregnant. However, after pregnancy and giving birth...I am not confident that my body can handle that. Perhaps I would like that soon. 

Even if I am not ordering Mala, you can still season it after it has served. 
The typical seasoning is soysauce , oil are available. 

The one that impressed me is their chilli powder. It was so good, so punchy. You can start by sprinkle a little bit of the chilli powder first, and adjust it from there. It was so refreshing to eat with chilli powder after a mouthful of Shiro ramen !

Cheese and Chasu Tamago 

Buta Katsu Rm 15.90 

Breaded pork loin. Also ordered this pork loin. It wasn't as good as the one from Maison Tonkatsu. but it was fine. The taste is some how similar also. 

UPloaded this here because I would still like to try their other fried snacks! 

and yes.YOu can also opt for add on should you need any of them. 

They do serve Don also. but I didnt include it here.


July 22, 2023

July 2023 - Part 2

 WS's   Birthday 2023   

The first birthday with his daughter to celebrate along with him! 

Thank you jie jie for the treat! 

Always the limelight.  

At one point, i feel that her mischievous looks like me! 

The eyes still look like her daddy 👀👀

Things that happen when you want to take a proper photo with baby. 

Looking everywhere but the camera lens 

and then got distracted by it 

21st July 2023 - Received this joyfully  enjoy-the-moment baby from daycare 💗💗💗

THe photos sent from daycare always looks extra cute. Not sure is it because I am on work, and this makes me miss her more. 

and her hand gesture got me into thinking the heart sign which is very commonly seen on Kpop idols.