October 30, 2012

HTC desire X

Went to Berjaya Time Square to meet my friends yesterday, we watch the thieves together,
 its quite nice, planning to post a movie review about it, but I am so busy recently, so I just skipped that part la. But I am so nice that I search some link about this movie just in case ur guys are interested.here and here2

 My make up, not make up, I only applied eyeliner is a bit thick that day, don't get shock, I think I prefer a thinner eyeliner make up. Okay, start my post of the title. See what am I holding in my hands?  Its HTC desire X. There is a contest where you just need to snap, answer and submit, then you will be able to take part in it.


Guess who is my photographer? He is the salesman there.hahaha, I'm so dare...

Do you know how I get to know this contest? 

Before my friends and me went back, I decided to shot a photo of us(as u can see above), then I just randomly ask a stranger who just passed by to help us. Coincidently, he is the HTC staff who work inside,then he suggest he used his HTC one X to shot us, later while he bluetooth to me, he told me about the contest. Well, you know I m always in for this kind of contest,  I  followed him to his shop and shoot shoot shoot, snap snap snap, no much photos taken la, just around 7 or 8 pic only,thx 2 of them if they see this^^

 After finalise among the 3 photos , I decided to choose this to participate, or you guys prefer ther first two?
 Next, something is interest me here, and I did like to share it out. When the salesman introduce their new product to me, he did mention about Jelly Bean, Gingerbread, and then I wonder what is that. Guess what (if you are as outdate as me)? There is a series dessert name for various version for  Android Operating System.If you don't know what is operating system, it is like Window 97, Window 2000, Window Vista for computer. It allow you allows you to communicate with the computer without knowing how to speak the computer's "language." Without an operating system, a computer is useless. Same goes to smartphone, human language cannot be read by them,lolll~~

Start from A for Astro, the very 1st version. Then alphabettically list the lastest one now is J for Jelly bean ady. OMG, sooo cute, it really draw me to learn about it. So this is the various Android OS code name from oldest to lastest!

Ginger bread (mine! HTC wildfire..)
Ice-cream sandwich

October 25, 2012

The story of the header photo

I just so fed up I cannot put the link beside there....

been doing this and facebooking all day long, I badly need to sleep on. 

BTW, How was my blog's layout design?
I have found that if you love life, life will love you back - Arthur Rubinstein

October 22, 2012

How to read the subject code for AMU

A very Good morning to everyone here ^^, my morning today was greet with a cold breeze in Cheras here. Just finished my first class for my third semester. Its English class, basically, as usual, just some introduction of the subject and giving note to be photocopy.

Some interest thing that I learnt today is How to read the subject code, not too late I only knew it today (as its my final sem here), hahahaha.

okay, Now straight to the point.
the subject code for english is FEE1323

F    - Foundation in Health Science
EE - English

1-  Level (like foundation and diploma in AMU is start with 1)
3- Semester (that means I am in third sem right now)
2- not sure
3- the credit hour

I not sure is this code also apply similary on other university as well.Thank you to my Emglish lecturer for the information , okay, I have to continue with my maths assignment now,bye bye.

Happy Monday to all! hahaha
October 20, 2012

My experience in convocation 2012

Hello there. There were many things stuck in my mind I want to pukeout now. Already planned what to write here before. I joined the Convo of my university and become a helper there.The convo was held in PICC(Putrajaya International Conventional Center) for 3 consecutive days, 18-20 October. So I get the idea that most of the uni would held their convocation every year around this moments, 2nd or 3rd week of October,is it? 2 sessions on first and second day, each sessions gather around 800-900 graduates like that. So it was super crowd! I usually choose to avoid the crowd and went to hidden corners around.  Because I was under student affair, so basically my job is to handle the graduate only. Let me describe the way I handle them ar...

1.showing the direction for graduate to register
2. remind about stuff need to be bring along in the hall
3. make sure parents have the invitation card with them
4........ this kind of miscellaneous.

 Apparently, the bus came at 4.30am , so I have to wake up around 3.30am like that. Luckily, now, I am done with it.2 sessions on first and second day, so reached hostel around 9++ pm like that, totally exhausted.Thats why I slept early. Honestly speaking, my duty was quite boring.I decided to join the convo just because I want to learn something. like the way the handle them, the arrangement....
 My OOTD on day 3 (can anyone tell the what does OOTD stand for?)

 with my friends, I just get to know them from the event. All my friends who should join the event together with me cannot join in the end due to  some reasons. Luckily I met them there. If not, I would lonely die ar~~

 Not much photos taken, my friends finally need not to study ady....happy for them, and congratz to them too!

 So I played instagram to resolve my bore.I played like 2 hours these few days,kay. This photo is beautiful ,right? I posted this photo in my instagram and an anonymous follow me because of this,hahaha, I m so motivated!

OH yea, dear all who read my blog, plz do follow me with username maple2772 in instagram. I don't know how to put the link here. Because I can only access to instagram with my android phone.
 Trying to show the scene that I view here. kekekeke. And the choir performance is love!

the food there were nice too!We all were provided with coupons for meal. 

There were many mementos there, I picked the one I think is the special one.^^

I also spotted my bf's school's souvenir mug at PICC here. I was so elated to let him know,I felt that we were connected because of this.(Ridiculous? So what? we have not been seeing each other like ages ler)

Indeed I learnt a lot from this events. My first ever time to participate in convo and I think my biggest harvestes is that I knew how to put on the robes properly le...hehehe.

Lastly, congratz to my friends, u all finally stepping into another big step where u get to escape from study mood hell ady. and Congratz to me, coz I manage to do it!!

October 11, 2012

Day 3 & 4 in Melacca

I promise myself I have to finish all the melaka trip update before I went back to KL, and actually now I wanting to watch the Hong Kong drama that I haven't finish yet,飞虎 still in episode 3 only,so I better finish this post faster.

Erm..okay, this was the third day, sent  Kok Jing and Calvin to Melacca Central,and bought ticket from KL to Kemaman in passing. Failed...didn't buy any ticket there. Okay, lets pic do the talk.

 Red couple, so bright....due to many of us 赖床,so we could only had breakfast at roadside, (have to reach MC before 9.30am)
Since this was the last day with Calvin and Kok Jing, so a lot of phots were taken, not a lot really, but more than first and second day at least^^
 *giggle* paiseh, me in appearance still in sleeping face
 See! I smile so happily and I don't know why.But why the two dude didn't look at camera le??
o.okay, better us

 me with Kok Jing, he was really funny, poor him always get bully from the boys only,haiz....
 me with Calvin, ignore my messy hair. I love his dimple, but he seem hadn't really wake up yet. hahaha, all of us slept about 1.30am, but travelling was bit of tired than usual for sure la~

Oh yes, six of us,hehehe, last pic before say bye bye to Calvin and funny Kok Jing.

hopefully can still meet them in future. I knew for sure I can meet Li Ying again, but the rest I not sure.Perhaps next time when I go to UTP??

At night, we went to enjoy nightlife...no la, its a nightlife, but not as what you think. We just went to a nice ambience bistro, Jonker street,and a cafe. Pictures start with bistro at 7th floor,99. Garden. And you get to view the night scenery of Melacca town night, the night breeze was soothing, there was a Plasma tv showing MTV shows that moments, the music were just nice,all this render me so relax. Credit to Li Ying for brought me here. I like the ambience!

Twinkle Twinkle little star, how beautiful and romantic you are.

Bromance, so gay~~(gay has 2 meanings, one mean two men together, the other is synonym to happy)

I actually don't want to put this pic, my arm was.......so unmatch! But Li Ying's smile change my mind.I like her smile here,SMILING make world peace!

Another attempt to make world peace again, hahaha (if you take it serious, then yes, PAISEH)

 Omg,  so sweet. Luckily its not 3 of us, its double date, yaya, double date double date~~ I only knew the word "doubledate" few weeks ago when my first ajak me to PD.

 How was photos? Comment plz~~

hehe, I dont know either why he put his hand there, look so weird~~

I cant laugh myself as Li Ying try to tahan laughing, but look at Dandy's expression, he was so 深情款款~~

Jonker street
Frankly, its not interesting as what I expected, last time, I bought 2 Dresses there, now, I didn't get to buy anything, perhaps because went to Pasar malam in KL, Connaught...Leisure Mall...LYL...there sell the latest stuff. BTW, dun get influence with me, there were several stuff that only found in Jonker Street.

Nanas tart

Durian cendol

the ice-cream RM3

Artistic stuff
(many ancient acessory are sold here)

Hahaha, I realise the outcome of group selca is fantastic!!

I look pale here, coz I was sleepy, anyway, thx to photographer , either Li ying or Dandy, I adore the outcome,thx!!

Having lunch before heading back to KL, her mum cooked soup somemore!!its 人参药材鸡汤,yum yum, I already forget when was the last time I have it.
Oh, I almost forget that I learn how to play mahjong, its really fun. We started play it the third day. and the forth day ,also the final day, we spent our morning to play mahjong as well! Li Ying and her family are sooo agile! They can figure out how to display the card only in a second, I guess I still need lots of practice..lol~~

Okay, end my post here^^
I'm going to watch tv le^^