April 4, 2023

Pasta Ohsem @ SS15 Subang Jaya : April 2023 Review

I am a Pasta lover. Sometimes, I would prefer to cook pasta by myself because I couldn't find anything nice at the afforable price. You know ....delicious pasta usually cost RM 30 over... 

Recently, I crave for pasta again. (Actually I crave for pasta almost every week, my husband can attest to it). So I am over the moon when I discover another pasta shop! 

This time around, it is the Pasta Ohsem , owned by PUrple Monkey. Purple Monkey , from what I know is a dessert shop speciallise in selling Mango Cheesecake. 

However, the shop name is PASTA Ohsem, so the focus would be on Malaysian - delightful flavour pasta. Although they do serve the typical mini cheesecake from purple monkey too!  

Let pictures do the talking now. 
These are the food we ordered. It was richly- favoured. It really lifted my appetite when it serves. I was so hungry that I even take away the tom yum carbonara. 

The pasta from Pasta Ohsem ...not to say is really top notch, but good enough to satisfy my craving.  It was addictive because it is also packed with MSG. I didnt know this when I  savoured it. but the after taste was full of MSG. 

I am not saying it is not good. but I think it would be equally good even without MSG.   

For example, the aglio olio will be good without MSG.  The spiciness itself is enough to satisfy my craving. 

I like that for each type of pasta , we get to choose the ingredient , unlike in many eateries....Aglio Olio for example, you can only choose seafood aglio olio, but I dont eat seafood.  So great point for this! 

We dine in here during the lunch combo time. So it includes 2pieaces of cheesecake bite for one person. 
I have high expectation on their cheesecake as I tried the mango cheesecake from Purple Monkey before. Not to say it was very good, but it was above average. So I am a bit surprise when it tasted just like frozen cheese ice-cream. Personally, I don't like the cake taste freezing. 

Above: Lunch combo FYI. 

The surrounding 

The ambience is surprisingly comfortable, chill and spacious. Not too congested with the dining tables. and my husband also brought his laptop to do his work here. 

Parking : 

Since it is located at the business area SS15. It takes some time to find parking. Anyway, most of the cafe will also open at business area, so this is quite hard to avoid. However, it doesn't take long for us to get a parking. 

The Menu 

I like that they have twisted the pasta, bring in some Malaysian popular favourite to feed our tastebud! HIghly thumbs up for that. 

I also took away the tom yam carbonara. It was good. However, just like any spicy food. Spicy food could potentially hurt our throat. (I have little coughing while trying their tom yam carbonara. )

What a brilliant idea!   This attracts me as well because I like to eat pasta.  for 50% for the second meal sounds very worthy for me. I am a big eater.


POrtion : 
THe portion here is just nice. Not too much nor too little. For a big eater who like pasta like me, I would ask for more. So my feedback is....Pasta Ohsem can also have the add-on option to try to UPSIZE. In this way, you get to satisfy the big eater , also you get to earn more, haah! 

Would I come again?  
Correct me if I am wrong, Despite the food is heavily sprinkled with MSG. It taste quite good.  I would definitely drop by again because I would like to try their other pasta like salted egg pasta , bolognese . 

Also, I love that their pasta is consider quite afforable across many eateries who speciallise in Pasta. Although not the top notch, but it is consider okay considering the pricing.  

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