August 25, 2011

Teluk Chempedak

Last Saturday, wen xi, penelope lim and ehaun and me, four of us went to Kuantan together!!hhahhaha, it is a nice trip for all of us, though i was quite down by the end of the trip because i was scold by my mom and my bf.

First, we off to Berjaya Megamall, i intended to watch the APE movie with them,hahaha, i never watch movie with girl before. Ya, really never (msg from my brain) , and this time still could not watch with them, i have had an insurance test.So i just let them down to Megamall, and myself i went for the test.
August 17, 2011

macro button of camera

i got introduce about the MACRObutton in previous previous post, after i posting the article, i keep on investigate the macro button and here were some of the picture taken with and without marco button, i bet that you can diffentiate them as the outcome is totally obvious!wen xi took, super clear right??!

with normal mode,i think,have to ask xi, coz she taken de

mine taken de

Since i want to throw this piece of paper, i snap a few shot of it as it is calender from my previous lovely school, and you can zoom it and still be able to see the word print clearly!

NOW, i think all of you able to diffentiate it,right?

outside yummy food

yummy yummy shang choi~~

kampar delicacy___nga bao fan(瓦煲饭), lets clap for those delicacy which fill up many people's craving!!!!

Thats why, i should thank to both Qi Qian and Chia Ying for bring me there!!


thumb up!!!

i went to Kampar, Tronoh, Ipoh and Tapah last few day, these were the food that i ate,hahaha. I keep promoting healthy food but i can't maintain the healthy diet, haiz.......

This is the matter that i keep thinking, how to eat healthy when i eat outside??

and do i have enough time to cook if i am studying??

okay, pictures here^^

btw, campus life is FUN, i love campus life!!

soup of the day, chicken soup, so damn nice, got cheese fragrance, and chicken cube,yummy yummy~~ me and wei sheng, we eat till the last drop just without licking the dish only,hahaha.

that ordered by chee huat de

that me and ws share together, i was still not very hungry that time, so i share with him.

chris's fish chip!

big apple's dough nut, i know this is nothing speacial, just wanna post what i ate for those few days~~

further more, i ate at the vegetarian stall in jusco kinta city too. its kindda like经济饭, and the choice of the selection was quite a lot, about 20 sth like that,hahaha.I love the vegetarian taste but yet they are not healthy taste. so, to be strictly, vegetarian is not healthy to me too~~
August 9, 2011

paiseh-------macro button

Regarding the post entitle "XXXegg " i was so embarass and awkward to tell that there are some misinformation about the camera focus stuff.

Wen xi came to my house the day i posted this article. And she tell me actually i can focus the object using macro. HAHAHA, so ridiculous i did not know my camera got such ability to focus the object___MACRO button, and even got SUPER MACRO too.Omg, so awkward.

Basically, all you need is just press the macro button which have a flower on it (see above)and the camera len will move up to focus the object really close and clear!

Okay, now i wan to change my mind that i can actually do not need DSLR as my digital camera able to carry the focus function too! Conclusion: my camera is actually advanced enough for me^^
August 8, 2011

Shuh Hong's fried rice!!!

This is a random cook, i was rush that time, but knowing that i should not eat the food outside, i decided to cook something to eat, taste good or bad, just swallow it to feed my stomach as long as keep myself healthy and not feel so guilty,hahaha.

Since i tried kinda mee like this, i just make it again, following the recipe of cold soba mee,hahaha, i make it, this time taste saltier(i put quite plenty of liquid amino).while i was eating, it give me a feel like this is western version of “干捞面”。The chinese version is soy sauce, sesame oil and the taste it salty. The western version is sour and sweet (vinegear and honey). WEll well, i still prefer the original chinese version of 干捞面!(made 6August2011)

decoration: i always use sesame to garnish food, this time i put almond nut so that it looks healthier,hahaha.and those who like to eat almond nut may be will tempted to it,hahaha(Just Kidding)

07082011 Shuh HOng's fried rice
okay, people. I am here to annouce that this ( look at the image of the fried rice),
this ~~


is the FIRST fried rice i ever cooked wholly by my OWNself. Are you drooling now??? HAhaha, just drop me comment or msg, i will always happy to let you try my proud masterpiece,Serious.

the taste not bad, but i don't know how to control the fire, the bottom of the wok charred.Okay, i was facing little interlude by the time i almost finish fried.Knowing that i cannot control the fire, i turn the fire to a smaller volume, but failed, then i switched off the gas and restart, but cannot.OMg, it is running out of gas, since i do not know how to change gas. I put all the material into rice cooker, my friend mention this before. you can cook using rice cooker.And because of this the rice cooker charred too~~hehehe.

my sibling were all eating the chicken rice, but i was eating the fried rice, i am a little bit tempted by their food, but but i can stop myself from eating the chicken rice,This showing that my fried rice is alluring too!

Since this is the first time o cooked it wholly, i call it ......see the title~~


my snack of the day~~CHICKPEA

after i some of it, it is like i am eating sweet corn.Hmmm,good idea, maybe i can use sweet corn nxt time instead of chickpea which sweeter^^

1.please soak it at least 6-8 hours to make sure it is soft enough
2. Then u just boil it in water, i don't know how long is the time, just try it at certain interval until u feel it is just nice to eat!

my lunch
Salad which have
purple cabbage
and 玻璃生菜

i like to eat sengkuang, it taste FrESH!!

XXX eggs

I plan to mix apple juice with u turn grass today.So i went to get the leaves behind my house. While i am cutting, i found out something.IT is eggs!

i try to catch it nearer, but my camera unable to focus, here is the outcome~`
hahaha, this is why we need DSLR to do that

i am so curious that i just want to do some test, or i am so want to let them died, because in my mind , they are consider pesticide,hahaha, i don't know whether they are or not.
rince them(the eggs) into hot boiling water,hehehe.
and i saw some bubbles came out,this show that they are living things!

Btw, i still cannot identify which animal's eggs they are....i think it is. I not sure either. Btw, the pirpose i am posting this image because i found something digusting around the corpes of this insect
watch carefully, i know the object is out of focus already,hahaha. But you still able to watch it,hahaha. There are something white nodules around the corpes. When i figure this corpes, it is hollow inside, so my conclusion is the insect is dying, and maybe due to rich in nutrition, 它发霉了,哈哈(become MOLDY)

August 3, 2011


make steam potato with cashew nut spread for the 4th times.Notice something

1. 要好吃的话,千万不能加工减料

2. Use same type of potato. Do not mix organic potato with ordinary potato.

3. Try your best to keep the water away in order to taste the natural fragrant of cashew nut and potato.

August 2, 2011

02082011 tumeric embryo fried rice

jang jang~~~

this is ......a delicious potato plus chesnut spread on it~~

that i made few days ago.

look tempting???

for me, definitely


Now, i would like to intoduce you all my most favourite delicacy,hahhahaha

not most la

but, still i like it so much.

since you all had been see noodle so so many days, should change into something different already.Actually,my mom prepare the ingredients most of the time,hahahaha.Next time, i want to put


G soy cube

and taufu(if available)
see! got the SMILE on the ricem that mean i fried with lot and lots of LOVE ,hahaha <3

the yellow dye is due to tumeric.

and i found out that sesame oil is so fragrant~~yum yum~~

embryo rice is a type of rice too. it is the stage between brown rice and white rice.

brown rice > embryo rice > white rice
you can google or clicked here or info about embryo rice