August 8, 2011

Shuh Hong's fried rice!!!

This is a random cook, i was rush that time, but knowing that i should not eat the food outside, i decided to cook something to eat, taste good or bad, just swallow it to feed my stomach as long as keep myself healthy and not feel so guilty,hahaha.

Since i tried kinda mee like this, i just make it again, following the recipe of cold soba mee,hahaha, i make it, this time taste saltier(i put quite plenty of liquid amino).while i was eating, it give me a feel like this is western version of “干捞面”。The chinese version is soy sauce, sesame oil and the taste it salty. The western version is sour and sweet (vinegear and honey). WEll well, i still prefer the original chinese version of 干捞面!(made 6August2011)

decoration: i always use sesame to garnish food, this time i put almond nut so that it looks healthier,hahaha.and those who like to eat almond nut may be will tempted to it,hahaha(Just Kidding)

07082011 Shuh HOng's fried rice
okay, people. I am here to annouce that this ( look at the image of the fried rice),
this ~~


is the FIRST fried rice i ever cooked wholly by my OWNself. Are you drooling now??? HAhaha, just drop me comment or msg, i will always happy to let you try my proud masterpiece,Serious.

the taste not bad, but i don't know how to control the fire, the bottom of the wok charred.Okay, i was facing little interlude by the time i almost finish fried.Knowing that i cannot control the fire, i turn the fire to a smaller volume, but failed, then i switched off the gas and restart, but cannot.OMg, it is running out of gas, since i do not know how to change gas. I put all the material into rice cooker, my friend mention this before. you can cook using rice cooker.And because of this the rice cooker charred too~~hehehe.

my sibling were all eating the chicken rice, but i was eating the fried rice, i am a little bit tempted by their food, but but i can stop myself from eating the chicken rice,This showing that my fried rice is alluring too!

Since this is the first time o cooked it wholly, i call it ......see the title~~

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