August 2, 2011

02082011 tumeric embryo fried rice

jang jang~~~

this is ......a delicious potato plus chesnut spread on it~~

that i made few days ago.

look tempting???

for me, definitely


Now, i would like to intoduce you all my most favourite delicacy,hahhahaha

not most la

but, still i like it so much.

since you all had been see noodle so so many days, should change into something different already.Actually,my mom prepare the ingredients most of the time,hahahaha.Next time, i want to put


G soy cube

and taufu(if available)
see! got the SMILE on the ricem that mean i fried with lot and lots of LOVE ,hahaha <3

the yellow dye is due to tumeric.

and i found out that sesame oil is so fragrant~~yum yum~~

embryo rice is a type of rice too. it is the stage between brown rice and white rice.

brown rice > embryo rice > white rice
you can google or clicked here or info about embryo rice

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