August 17, 2011

macro button of camera

i got introduce about the MACRObutton in previous previous post, after i posting the article, i keep on investigate the macro button and here were some of the picture taken with and without marco button, i bet that you can diffentiate them as the outcome is totally obvious!wen xi took, super clear right??!

with normal mode,i think,have to ask xi, coz she taken de

mine taken de

Since i want to throw this piece of paper, i snap a few shot of it as it is calender from my previous lovely school, and you can zoom it and still be able to see the word print clearly!

NOW, i think all of you able to diffentiate it,right?

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  1. I do a lot of macro photography myself for my coffee shop. So glad to see quality blogs like yours from so many fellow Malaysians. Keep it up.
    My blog:
    Hope to have you as a follower.


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