June 30, 2009




June 26, 2009

Charisma day

24-25/6/09 was a charisma day for our school,SMKSultan ismail ,if compare to my former secondary school,the activities were quite grand and more variety.

for example: persatuan Bahasa cina own their own turf to organize activity.

and then you can see chinese in every corner of school compund.

i was take part in a exhibition of mathematics.
lin wei as leader
christopher,susan,shu yuan n me as the member
namely "S"group,hahahaha it may be Stupid,Silly,Smart or whatever u think is possible.

well,on the first day,quite many ppl came to our booth..rather called as come to the lab,hehe.
"S" group throw out some tricky question for the student,but it seem like not many student can pass the question.

i think its because of
1. they don't even thought of the answer
2. they don't like see english
3.the decoration of our group is not colourful as other

the question tat most ppl can solve it was

other question,we need to give them tips.and since our question are very tough,so for each student who solve a question,a bookmark and a sweet would be given.

on the first day,only 2 or3 bookmarks were leave,so WC decided to do the bookmark again.Since she don't have transport,i sent her to my house,and then her father fetch her after finish his work.We decided(actually,is she decided) to finish the bookmark first and then online using her broadband online,she alleged that Binjai has very low or nil line to online.

We used up almost 2 hours to finish 36 bookmarks,the bookmarks were mark with our team's name and title of "S" group too,labled with SMKSI09 also.But so sad only few ppl explore and fewer ppl explore succesfully.i think only2 or 3 out of the 36 bookmark were given,so sad..........
the latter bookmark is more nice than the first one le.......

Thus,we emptied the lab and went to bummed around the school compund.first went to bio lab,and then first floor(in british english,first floor is on the ground floor).below photos were taken during the visit.

chris,no need be pilot or nasa member la,since u so happy to become a doctor.
comment after taken:many were say it does look like the skeleton also look at the camera lens too.
choose the colour of flame u like.green,white.....
can u move the glass using the balloon?
see,so grand
lin wei is such a good Samaritan,he help the pre-u member to enchance their colouring,we guess because he who has been take art subject can't bear the lame drawing of them,hehe.when lin wei was focus on drawing,many ppl were take pic of him,i guess they use to promote the wat wat"GAza","save palestin""boilot ISrael",sth like tat.
at our booth.in a lab.our class is just beside the lab,a few paces only.this is the only shuang during lower 6. the lower 6 class is actually swelter.
doing their own stuff after the snapping.

an apple a day keep doctor away
an apple everyday keep doctor resign ,then no need study science liao lo
i think u know wat she is playing,many ppl look at her because she is the fewer who can pass such a long distance.
although she got touch the wire several times,but all of us just pejam sebelah mata,because,she nearly success ady.Guess,wat is the award? 4 sweets.

i don't know why malay like to call sweet as chocolate"chokolat".they are different and chocolate is much expensive then sweet le.meet Zu Ning at kemaman station.

interesting pics

does u been see the baby durian as small as human fist?
i caught this at kuantan tai shang lao jun miao,durian runtuh.
green blood cell
kids today is creative la!
see,being an wall painter also.

a few pic from my dictionary

qi qian's work
wen qian's work(i like this the most,i ask her to write the "maple" DE)
zI KANG'S work

too free when in class,these are their doddles.CUTE le.......
June 25, 2009

mathematics and science

this is a rabbit,make it become a duck.

MUMMy magic
3subtances to make it become the things
1. sodium bicarbonate

an apple after mummying more than 3weeks

2 weeks

vinegar+ sodium bicarbonate produce carbon dioxide

1 + 1 + 5 = 146




1. A box has 9 ears of corn in it. A squirrel carries out 3 ears a day, and yet it takes him 9 days to carry out all the corn. Explain.

2. I have 2 coins in my hand that add up to 60cents. One of the coins isn’t a 50 cents piece. What are the coins?

3. A fisherman was asked how long the fish he had caught. He said “it is 30cm plus half of its length”, how long was the fish?

4. A hammer and a nail cost Rm 31. If the hammer cost Rm 30 more than the nail, what is the cost of each?

5. It takes 7 men 2 hours to build a wall. How long does it take 3 men to build the same wall?

the answer for the rabbit.

wat else i learn today?
1.a kind of vegetable and hibiscus,look like cabage but purple coloured can also indicate the neutrality of subtances(either acid or akaline)

2. this one is amazing
dun noe wat thing + sugar,mixing ,evaporate,dry.when u burn the subtances,it will produce concentrated smoke ,like during the fire.

wat else?tats a lot,but i think no need to mention la,forget ady.

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what a SHAME

oh my god!!!!!!!!!what a shame!!
tremendoously shame
enermously shame
absolutely shame
huge shame
totally shame
no more ever shame than shame
sheme shame shame!!!!!!!!!!

Just about 5 minutes ago, i went to fetch my sister from tuition.Tat mean,i would be the driver,my dad be my couch for the manual car.

the progress was quite smooth at first,but when i reached the traffic light(located SMC there), there was red,indicate that i had to stop.After the light turned green.OMG,i unable to move the car,the engine of the car will shut down whenever i tried to press the pedal

OK,unable to pass the traffic light yet fine for the first time.move my car forward to the very first place,waiting for the second chance.And now the light turned green.

the engine shutted down again.
started again.failed.At this moment, the car lined behind me started to complain by honked .failed again. STARTED AGAIN the light turned red already .

after the third time failed,my father pressed the EMERGENCY mode icon.And then quickly,my father took over mmy seat.while waiting for the light to turn green.both of us were feeling totally SHAME.

there was a car with family member inside at my left hand side.Just the adjacent only.the family member refer to a father,a mother and a few toddlers.i dun know the number of the toddlers because i just sneaked a peep only,felt shame to looking around even car around us. the toddlers kept looking at me or our car all the time.omg!!shame!!!don't even dare to take a look the scene behind.Invade by shame.

Just a second after the light turned green,my father drove the manual car with lightning speed started from 0km/h.i forgot already if he got changing the gear or not.Because i was focused on my Shame mode.

After the shame mode,it goes to "Adrenaline leaking concentrately mode",because my father drove with lightning speed,adding the sound produce by manual-cun turbo engine,it was like.............
just dont know how to express it.

p/s :-adrenaline leaking-=the rate of heartbeat accelerate slopely.

On the returned way, i was thinking.Perhaps i have indulged myself with the easy-control method of auto car and forgot the feeling**yes,its"feeling",a word that can convey my emotion accurately and consistenly** to control the manual car.*mean balancing between the clutch and the pedal* HOW can be like this ar? I had passes the driving test using manual car.Also,pratice with manual car**befoere passing the driving test la**

Frankly,i have to admit that my driving skill is obviously ppr than normal people. I passed the driving test after second failure.And then,i am driving with auto car now.My driving skill is stable already after 10 days driving to school.Yet it still have uncountable improving space for my driving skill.What i need for now is experince like my veteran fater.He can estimated the distance in front car quite accurately and take a break after certain very close distance.

Well,this is my first unforgetable SHAME on front o fpublic,it would be the last time too.

FIRST failure= LAST failure
June 18, 2009

week's blog

well.there is a week dy i din update my blog,coz form 6 life is really busy,tiring .

lets see my daily routine during school day
-take the clothes in,lipat and simpan
-iron my uniform
-assignment or SDO(game)***tats y i online but dun update my blog too,this game really appeal me,its fun and very shuang to play,n i decided to play game rather than blogging,hehehe*******
however i will blogging whenever i am in mood or tat is when speacial event happen or during weekend

-sleeping or watching tv or bathing
-burning the midnight oil
-sweet dream

don't know la,just feel that time ain't enough and couldn't get enough slumber always.
this cause me always fallen asleep when teacher is teaching.esp in laboratory,coz there are just a few people only in the lab(only bio class student only,7-10ppl),and there are totally very quite in the lab.
June 9, 2009


the main characters of the night.
urbanized dusk*really pretty if u see in flesh*
.due to the my cousin apartment's toilet was in using.me n my sis went down to the swimming pool's toilet.hehhe,time was rushing.the buffet would began soon.
the view of the condominum from 12nd floor

well,the marriage(喝茶和吃东西) on 6 June.
After the ice-skating,we immediately moved here.luckily,it just a stone throw away only.
As u know,the road in KL is confusing.we had been drive to wrong way once,luckily,my relative saw this and call us to turn back,we made a big u -turn then.

June 8, 2009

genting journey

at the end of the night,taking a photo as a memento.
forgot dy where to taken
my brothers
lelong~lelong~ waffle for lelong~~



last Saturday,went to here~ Sunway pyramid.At first,i don't mind which shopping centre to go,because wherever i go,i won't meet my friends who live in KL.But later,the morning of the day,my cousin was calling me,waiting us at Sunway pyramid.Thus,we decided to go there against all the obstacles(dun noe the way to there,meeting with relative,n...)
the pathway to shopping centre through an unknown hotel.and our destination is just the very Sunway pyramid Ice,there is nothing to shop here,quite expensive for us,thus just move direct toward the destination.

entrance fee for peak season- Rm 21
gloves - Rm 5
shock - Rm 5
Total - Rm 31

hehe,actually handphone and camera are banned from the place.but we just ignore it.
waiting time- the ice were being swept about 30minutes
me and the ugly gloves(wearing gloves and socks are compulsory)
the beam was actually to hiding my unstable stationary.
jian long was bold and talent,although he had falling for 13 times,he managed to skating and more cleaner~i mean the movement~ and i falled twice,having no confident to skate forward like other veterans.
soo hoay
i felt guitly coz i had made a child falling badly. Coz i am still new and i horizontal my hand suddenly in order to balance my body and the child skatings from my behind, due to ain't enough time to skip from me,he was falling. cuts on his knee as he was wearing pants as he fall wif head heading the ground. but i couldn't lifted him,coz if i lifted him,i will get falling too.LUckily,a geng of boys lending him many warms hand.
due to school holidays, many people were visiting the place.

it was a funny journey through the ice-skating.yesterday,we chat until 3am about this.personally,i felt great coz i can coped wif this activity and it was fresh to us.Hope to venture if there's an opportunity.