June 25, 2009

Tagged by Mr Christopher

The person who tagged you is

Your relationship with him is
❤ Good Friend

Your first impression on hIm is
❤He is gentlemen

Second impression
❤ Full with witty conservation

Third impression:
❤ talent,he can solve many tricky question.

Fourth impression:
he is helpful and nice too.

❤ the most memorable moments with him/her is:
er....sitting his car

❤the most memorable thing she/he said to you.

❤ if she/he becomes your lover
never think about this

❤if she/he became your lover,what should he/she improve at?
if a....a dun noe le,i not know him thoroughly

❤ if he becomes your enemy,what would you do?
i will hate him lo,very easy only ma

❤ if she/he became your enemy ,the reason will be

❤ the most desired thing you want to do.

❤ your overall impression him/her.

the characteristic you love most bout urself .
Happy go lucky

❤the characteristic you hate bout urself.

❤ the most ideal person u want to be with.

❤ for people who care 4 and love you,say something to them.
thank you for caring me,find me if u need my help

❤pass this tag to 6 people
1. susan teoh
2 qi qian
3.lin wei
5.chin lin
6.khai sin

17) who is 6 having a relationship with ?
❤ Erm...I dono

18)what is 2 studying at the moment ?
❤ Stpm-bio

19)Who was the last person u had a chat with ?
❤ My siblings

20)Does 1 have any siblings?
❤ yes,one brother and two sister

21)is 4 single?
❤ dun know le

24)what is the surname of 6?

❤ Tee

25)what is the hobby of 5?
❤ guitar,i think

26)say something casually bout ur eyes
❤ big and bulge out like fish??

27)Have u tried developing feelings for 2?
❤ this may happen if i am homosexual

28)what colours does 3 like ?
❤ lin wei,wat color did u like?

29)are 6 and 1 gud frens?
❤ they dun know each other de

30)does 1 have any pets?
❤i don't know her hamster died ady or not

37)are u sexy ?
❤How to answer o??

38)what are you doing now?
❤ Looking at computer screen and blogging

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