June 18, 2009

week's blog

well.there is a week dy i din update my blog,coz form 6 life is really busy,tiring .

lets see my daily routine during school day
-take the clothes in,lipat and simpan
-iron my uniform
-assignment or SDO(game)***tats y i online but dun update my blog too,this game really appeal me,its fun and very shuang to play,n i decided to play game rather than blogging,hehehe*******
however i will blogging whenever i am in mood or tat is when speacial event happen or during weekend

-sleeping or watching tv or bathing
-burning the midnight oil
-sweet dream

don't know la,just feel that time ain't enough and couldn't get enough slumber always.
this cause me always fallen asleep when teacher is teaching.esp in laboratory,coz there are just a few people only in the lab(only bio class student only,7-10ppl),and there are totally very quite in the lab.

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