July 31, 2011


i made this few days ago,this is the first time i made it!!hahaha, it was a great success to me,hahaha. WOnder how i made the soup? the soup is actually extract from the potato, i out some vegetable and G soy cube too!

If you notice that there was so much oil floating??

don't worry, it is sesame oil, so its healthy de^^

this is the sasame oil i put

soba mee that i always mention and use

nevertheless, i prefer curry flavour than qing tang, i want to make it!!
July 28, 2011

cold (hot) soba noodles

due to all my spread, syrup finished, so i have to find another recipe to make another type of soba mee.I bought 2 packets of soba mee(i mean its too much, because only me is eating). Found this new recipe which you did not make any syrup, spread before making soba mee.

i almost follow all the instruction in the recipe, except that i do not have scallions. What is scallions? HEre it is!IF you are malaysian , i think this look familiar to you,right? you will always see scallions when you go to eat chicken rice, the restaurant will always serve the soup with scallions like this on top! But, frankly, i do not know what is scallions before, i mean its original look, raw look,hehehe. Nvr mind, i believed that i will know more from time to time as i always blogging about healthy food! and i hope it is useful to all of you who read my blog.

there is something i would like to share with all of you. Before i went to health farm, i always thougt that cooking always link with lots and lots of prosedure. The nicer taste, the more steps in preparation. This is what i think before. I thought like this because i never think of the steps, now when i think back, like gan lao mian干捞面 which is quite tasty only taken a few easy steps to prepare only.

following the recipe, you will notice that the soba mee is serve cold, but mine one, i do it my way which is serve hot. And when i try it, it taste sour in approving way, but i believe that most of us do not used to it mee in SOUR, or sour taste mee. BUt, when the mee chilled, i try it, it taste nicer together with the sour taste! At first, i thought maybe it is 吃越久越好吃。but then on my second thought, i suddenly remember that the recipe is serve cool, so maybe it is more suit when you serve it cold.
One more information, i did not put so much sesame seed, because i do not like the taste like "hangus" , but my mom force or persuade me to eat, because any seed or nut are rich in protein, they are the protein source for vegetarian. My mom like the taste with much sesame seed. So, if you like to eat sesame seed, you can put plenty of them.i Think tats all for now!

say peace^^
July 26, 2011

coming storm?? huh?

i was playing badminton with my little brother that time,suddenly, the sky above my brother side there became dark, sth pop out in my mind, wanna take a pix of my brother with the" black sky" but then he refused. ....

see! very dark ,right?!
me acting with the moving cloud,hahaha

tomato soba mee

i used to like tomato and potato soo much. But this time, i do not really enjoy eating tomato soba noodle.i think its because tomato don't suit to match with any mee,noodle,i think.

this is it!this is the secod picture actually

this is the first one i took, but it look not inviting, so i show out some of the noodle to make it look a little bit nicer.HAHA

i wan to eat delicious food!!!
July 22, 2011


hey, friend! first, plz help me to answer the question i ask, what is your opinion, iphone is better or samsung galaxy?

second, today, when i update my blog,i found out that i had no one in my friend list, gosh!!! well, i had no idea what happen, maybe i accidentally delete it last time when i was trying to change the HTML things,damn.So, friend, if you still constantly view my blog, and if you hav your own blog, plz drop your URL here, so that i can put ur blog in my friend list.

Last~~, i already create a follow button there, i hope you can follow me~~

peee, tats all for today~ 22072011
hey, just want to ask, those blogger, do you have the same feeling like me?
When you finish blog a post, you still feel like want to post another blog???hahahaa

22 July 2011

Had been busy dealing with enter U recently. I don't know why, i got CGPA 2.84, i am a science stream student, i took BIO, math, Pengajian Am and Chemistry. But i cannot get into any U. okay, let me elaborate further. I cannot get into any U mean i did not get any course in the recently annouce UPU which all the people who accept the offer will start their degree in September.

My parents they are actually quite worry to let me study outside, because when i pursue my study outside, they will worried if i can follow those pratice or not. Those practise like drink fruit juice, eat organic food. They even thought of let me study start January next year.........regarding this one.........i feel like i prefer to pursue my study rather than stay at home.Because when staying at home, i feel less motivate to do anything. Seeing others busying study, i feel like want to study too, i don't like to leave so much gap in between, no reason, if you go through it, you will feeling the same way with me too!

Last time, when i told my mother i want to work after STPM, i mean continue to work and ignoring going University, my mom keep advice me to get rid this idea, and now i am so eager to study, i wish i could join my peer, my community doing any crazy stuff with my peer like we are teenager!!hahaha. My eagerness increase a lot after went Pulau Redang with my boyfriend and his Uni friend, they all were crazy, and i like they are who they are, i want to find my geng too! I want to let myself busy with assignment, lecture, and hangging out with friend during weekend.I dislike the feeling that when my peer is busying study, but i am doing nothing at home. I want to do something benefit, when i saying this, i do not mean i staying at home doing nothing, i just want to pursue my dream, it feeling a lot better when i keep myself busying in this way

fruit juice

i drink this almost everyday,together with the fiber. Erm...frankly speaking, i still don't know the correct way of eating healthy diet. I attended a health talk at Samaria Organic today, the talk person claim that you do not need to eat too much of garlic or you can ignore garlic at all if you do not eat meat or any animal based protein. It was so controversial with the knowledge or information that i know before. As i know, garlic is a healthy spice that .......

"Garlic contains lots of potassium, fluorine,sulfur, phosphorous and vitamins A and C as well as seventy-five different sulfur compounds.
In addition it contains quercetin and cyanidin and bioflavonoids. Quercetin has been found to block allergic and inflammatory reactions.
Garlic also contains selenium which has been found to have anticancer potential.Sulfides that give garlic its strong odour inhibit colon cancer.
Sulfides work in two ways;they block the action of cancer causing
substances,and they slow tumor development.Recently it has been found to contain antibiotic,antiviral and antifungal ingradients.


A Consumer's Guide to Medicines In Food.
Ruth Winter,M.S."

So, i am quite doubt with the way i eating. After i came back from the healthy village, i could manage to follow some of the diet like in the village. After pratising for sometime, i found out that i become thinner, the bofore and after is sooooooooo OBVIOUS,so i started to change my diet to eat a little meat sometime. Currently still unsure with my diet, hmm.......will find a way to adjust it,hahaha.

Maybe,it is because i lack of exercise??hahaha, currently, i rarely do exercise le,okay, gotta start to do it, must struggle hard!

July 14, 2011


this is my third time making healthy style sushi.

the first time is when i just want to try
the second time i made it for my boyfriend, and i brought to Pulau Redang, treat him and 2 of his friend only,hahaha. So sad that i forgot to take the sushi pic that time, cause the third time is the worst for me,......not very worst actually, but worst among the three- time - making.Haahahaha.

I used to bake my seaweed before rolling them, so that it will become more crunchy. and based on my observation, you will taste less seaweed taste when u baked them.

But this time
.They were all scorched already........for the first time .......they scorch~~~~55555, i have to throw them away,haiz........RIP, my burnt seaweed.

See! the burnt seaweed still got gradient de le. black, dark green, green.

the scorch one.

i didn't baked the seaweed anymore, i just directly use them to wrap the ingredients. and
this is it!!!

Hahahaha, tomorrow is Friday, i guess i will have things to do le. Friday fast fast come!!! i come waiting for which university i am going to enter. God bless me, i wish i can enter UPSI.

A token of aprreciation to her

i am staying at home for 2 or 3 days already~~~
aih.......nvr mind la, this is not the point. The food i am going to show off today is SUSHI.

and one more thing, thx for my friend, who is a experienced blogger, Wen Xi.She helped me to fix my blogger problem. which is change my background and enable my post to show different colours.Thx a lot!!!!!

July 12, 2011

my lunch - pumpkin ramen

this is my lunch for today. i am very full right now. feel like want to sleep. i think no because of the mee, because i drank a cup of Milo when i was preparing the noodle, with so much a white sugar, it taste sooo sweet.

Frankly speaking, i should not consume milo and white sugar, but i am too hungry that time, i just find anything i could drink or eat to relieve my hunger first.Milo and white sugar are both processed food, which mean a lot of chemical,unhealthy subtance is added into it. Futhermore, i believed that a lot of vitamins or minerals are lost during the processing.

This is the pumpkin ramen that i make,hahahaha

nice looking??

but it is tasteless~~~=.=

next time,will add more spread and olive oil,KOK shuh hong, Gan Ba Te!

i think no need to mention the procedure here, just cook it like instance mee,hahaha.

Notice that you must soak the mushroom, i do not know what is the name of this mushroom,hehe.
July 11, 2011

camwhore - funny version- with susan teoh

Wan Ching is wandering whether to go Russian recently. Btw, she came to my house today, i manage to take a few funny photos with her recently. My sixth sense ask me to take photo with her. which is our 20 years old looks,hahhaha.

here is how our look!

see! she is reluctant to smile.

moodly together with her, still i can't stop myself from grin

hehehe, no idea what are we doing

hilarious VS moody

first time i post like this and upload le!

Dear Susan Teoh, whatever your decision is, i will support u!

both choice has both its pros and cons. AGAIN, its ur Choice.

However, like ah leong say, whatever ur decision is 91 Gengz will always support u!

Stay cheer~~~~

tat i make

last time, nancy taught me and some of the other aunties to cook new recipe in organic shop. And now, i try to make it.^^

Cashew nuts(half cup)
Water(half cup)


liquid amino(not sure how much to put, i just simply put following my feeling. What i think is more l.a. more tasty,hahaha. But its wrong. i think 2 or 3 tablespoons is enough already)

salt (a pinch)

lecithin (1 or 2 teaspoons)

nutritional yeast (1 or 2 teaspoons)

these are to make the spread, and its really taste yummy!!!hahaha, except that i put too much of liquid amino already. and the spread smell VERY salty.next time gotta use less l.a. already.

1. After that , put all the ingredients into the blender and blend it.
2. cooked until it boil, since its cashew nut, so the liquid or spread will become more and more thicker. Nancy say the longer time you cooked, the longer time u can kept it.

this remind me of ratatouille, but i checked already, the ratatouille in the movie is not only make up of potato , it also make up of many colourful vegetables like eggplants( its purple cucumber actually, no idea why call eggplants.)

when you saw the pic above and below, sure u will loss a lot of interest toward my dish i know,hahaha. But its all i can do. Btw, not only i make this "rattatouille" , my mother helped me a lot too.
before i baked it.

after baked.
okay, i think tats all for today, i feel like wanted to browse facebook.......but i am going to busy now le, ok la. Waitng for the upcoming redang photo!!!YEA!!!!
July 10, 2011
i thought i will take many photo this time,but i was in pak tuo mood all the time and there are many advanced cameras to take photos ady, so not much photo taken actually

redang trip

had been go to Pulau Redang recently.

谢谢, 我真的很感动。

I am so excited and full of enthusiasm when i knew i can go to Pulau Redang, a place of paradise, where you can relax, seeing breathtaking, amazing scene and this time, its a little bit more special,coz i was going with my boyfriend and his uni friend!hahahaha

so i not only can
watch scene

i can
pak tuo

and i am so appreciate the moment he gave to me, its amazing, romantic and i just wan to say thank you to him.

notice the photo I put header above? its from here! From what he made for me^^

There was a phrase like
i love u not becoz of who you are, i love you because of who i am when i was with you."

now i want to say

l love u because You are TWS and i am who i am when i was with you.

apart from talking about my boyfriend, i wan to comment about his friend too!His friend are all crazy, witty in conversation and nice. Like they won't make felt like i am a stranger. My first impression toward them is when i went into the bus, they greed me by calling me "dai sou" hahahaha, bu gan dang.And then its a lot of fun when i was wandering with them.They are like 91Geng,u know, boys always attack each other , and not hypocrite and calling each other brother,sister like tat. They make me feel like i wan to enter U fast fast and find another geng of my brother and sister.

without knowing why, i adore Rebacca Lee, which is a professional dancer, i like the way she posed in her photo.u can view here to see her style, the way she posed , which is so bubbly, adorable and so contagious! I inted to pose like her when i went to Pulau Redang, but don't know why, the way i posing is very formal, ordinary de,hahaha.See!