June 30, 2013

On Friday~~280613

My bicycle get locked because I parked at inappropriate place, and this was what I get. You have to first go to Finance department to pay the Rm 5, then just ask the guard outside to help to unlock.....

Later during the walk between me and the guard, she told me that they are not the one who lock student's vehicle, there are this  officers on duty will patrol around the campus.

Okay, lesson learnt, will park at proper site next time, I don't want my Rm 5 to fly because of this =.+

the next thing I want to tell is I join this contest recently, I think this is demand, coz its from urban decay. So if you want to join too,

it very easy bitsy to join, as usual, like their page and fill in your details, and share on FB , that's it! So easy why don't you give it a try?

til then
June 27, 2013

Bag of Love.June issue

 Aloha! I am so excited when I receive this just now, blog immediately right after I get this!

This month's Bag of Love is the version that I love the most! First, I receive it unexpectedly!(Though I been subscribe to it, but the feeling of receive a parcel...Uknow?)

 Yes, the theme, the summe beach theme, great that haze has gone, which mean we can enjoy outdoor activities again!

like the phrase, "everyday can be a beach holiday for us!"

this is just so true for me, coz my hometown, just a 5- 20 minutes journey to reach beach! But so far I havent wear bikini , hahaha, just kidding! Didn't have this gut to put out that little pieces, esp in Malaysia.

 See See See! Sho adorable , a lovely marine blue-white strip~~~ When I first unboxing it, I am  cheered by the pouch bag!!My beach holiday mood turn on but I have to suppress it =(never mind, let it burst by blogging here!LOL =)

Major Love to this issue's of Bag of Love, many things just come in the right timing! because I am going to Lost World Of Tambun soon! So yea, SPF thingy is needed to take care of my delicate skin.My friend who has no wrinkle on her face say

Treat your skin like tofu 
around the eyes area.

skin is like wantan
super thin

(Cute,right? Asian analogy, and super easy to imagine without much elaboration. Wonder when I can go to this level.)Last time I cycled the half day without any preparation, in the end, I appeared in 2 colours skin tone, =( lesson learnt!

 Cremorlab Hydration Trial Set. Come in Travel Pack!

One of the reason that I like to Subscribe Beauty box because I can always get some travel pack which seldom sold outside. (Though I am so darn to receive it in full size, LOL)

As you know I just received it today, havent try yet, but I already opened the Sun protective , smell pleasant~~~ Going to use it before going into pool!

The Sun pprotector is SPF35 pa++

(oh yea, if you doubt why I arranged the bottles in such order because I arranged them based on the which to use first. From left,cleanser, toner, day cream, essense)

 Clairol Professional Color Radiance Shampoo, 250ml RM 43 (here 50ml)
Clairol Professional Color Radiance Intensive Mask 22ml Rm 69(here 30ml)

Have yet to try out, I think I not longer need to buy shampoo for half years already, I got shampoo for all the 3 months subscription.
(Suggestion to Bag Of Love: Prefer hair conditional next time, coz too much of shampoo ady,hehe)

I think I will not bring this to my summer getaway, I opt for Keratase from the May's edition.

 Next , it is Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Honeysuckle Eau de Toilette spray, 100ml Rm 185

last around 2-4 hours.

Sorry for the distorted product display, I am too excited to try it. Love the smell!

 Vaseline Healthy White SPF24 pa++ come in Full Size!! Rm 15.90

Yes, this is the one I mean! She just come in the right timing, to protect my skin while undergo outdoor activities. yet , this is not water-proof~~~

but the thing is last time when I use the SPF 50 water proof Sunblock, I feel uncomfortable, the smell is so irritating, not to say its stink, just like too much of chemical~~ Nonetheless, might need it to protect me from sunburn.

 Definite Foundation Brush, Full Siza, Rm 118

Yeah! one more item to add into my make-up pouch!

Lastly, Bag of Love is so considerate that some users like me is the first time user, so she included the instruction on how to use them!

So, if you consider to buy this or not, or looking for more information, you can always go here

 to check it out! That's all, and I want to say thank you to Mimi Teh for the awesome Summer Beach theme Bag of Love this months!

June 23, 2013

Before week 5-utar life

Before week5 = week 4,set the title this way because I want to remind myself I have to submit an assignment which due date on week 7, means have to complete on week 6.......time flies~~~~`so fast see the half of my semester le~~

warning: this is going to be a picture loaded post

 my little brother housemate, he is our housemate intially, but he is our little brother also was throwing a 13 people party on ...Wednesday I guess

 Our little brother, YQ is the orange shirt one, his chef friend was cooking the spaggetti sauce. Don't know why out of sudden they came out with idea to having feast, but ok la, live while we young ma~~

 My sister idea to pierce with the hotdog, I saw this before, but I never think about this. When I post this on instagram.. CH say the idea from internet right? erm.....not sure where she get it

 Too big group ady, cook 2 times to serve 13 people. this is the first batch de

23/06/2013 (Saturday)

 The idea from Qi Qian and she show us the video how to make it

Notice some distorted dumpling inside??
 made by me using my right hand, cant make it properly because I am left-handed. QQ later on correct me then I just switch to my left hand,hehe

 Going to fried soon~~~

 CY smile's can kill people in this photo, the broom the spoiler behind, so another attempt that I will uploaded in facebook.

 the moment when I pretend to learn to be a good housewife Xp

 Our dinner of the day!!! We finished all the spagetti. Can't believe trio us actually finished almost one pack of the spagetti that you normally see in supermarket. But not full pack actually, a little of them is being used before.

Jeng Jeng, am I make you drooling? it look so succulent here。This was the second batch, coz my pan is not big enough to fit all dumpling at one time.

an aunty look + dumpling = above

Afterward, went to uni's talent time event, the event started at 7pm, but we reached there around  9pm, lucikly, the night was still young, we miss the first sessions, but the 2nd sessions still haven't start yet, ..I not sure, I thnk there were 4 groups of participants perform out that. Its literraly talent, some is video making + singing, some was dancing, a duo girls singing duet, their voice were so graceful that it reminds me of Jayaslee, and in the end they sing a fast song, which I forgot which song it is, it remind me of High School Musical..though there were only 2 of them, their performance really impressing, this is my first time see soo much of talents, credit to UTar for being able to fit soo many people Xp

The talent time also consider my first time to attend such a grand events in UTAR, everyone dress nicely to impress each other, and since the theme for this time event is Summer 38 degree celcius, all the committee members decked out in beach apparel, sarung, hot short pants, the only apparel that I never seen is the bikini, uni being uni afterall.

the highlight of the events probably would be the last performance from a UTAR live band before the talent times came to the end.

Its my first time seeing their performance, they really rocked the night, like the night is forever young. Great that I am able to shake in this beer-free night, shake,dance cousciously with all the strangers around me, but everyone is Utarian, so no harm,hahaha

a dun-noe who guys welcome the band-double cheese burger, Have met him during the orientation mass com day. A psycho student.

Speaking while the member of DCB were setting their PA.

You will see a white and red light along these picture, coz even the light also changed its mode according to the music.

come to an end

Afterward, shouldn't miss the chance to take pic with them, in fact I also want to take a pic with the "Jayesslee" and the rest of talent time performer, they rocked the stage, rocking the whole heritage hall.

with Eugene Chew Wei Liang, as you seen, a guitarist from DCB

After the show end, some of them got the chance to take with whole gang of the band~~ =(

How I going back to my Westlake hostel?


the Grand hall at night, it doesn't look nice here, but indeed it is!

The night scene of utar, and the full moon in the sky make this return-home journey wonderful~~

CY say students who study in Kampar here like having vacation everyday, (i think to those who live in Beijing only la), once u open your window, you would see a transquil lake and the garden, holiday mode on. Neh, but not for me.

End my post here.

Peace out there ^U^
June 19, 2013

Discover the talent of physically challenged

The physically challenged in this context, refers to people who have physical disabilities or impairment, especially one that limit mobility. They are often wrongly regarded by some as not being able to contribute to the society in a meaningful way.

 Cute,right? Its Nick Vuicic from Melbourn, Australia and ..not sure this is his son or not, btw, his son name, Kiyoshi...sound like Giyomi~~~FYI, he just married last year 2012, to be specific valentine's day 2012, why so romantic~~~?

Okay, after google, the kids onNick isn't his baby, the below one yes.From facebook

Nick Vujicic and Kiyoshi James Vujicic

many physically challenged are able to overcome all odds in order to prove that they can equally capable as the rest of us in the society.

“When there is a will, there is a way”,

 what they need is a chance.

And because of this, year 1 students from Advanced Diploma in Mass communication (Public Relation) from Tunku Abdul Rahman College, Penang Branch Campus (TARC) is organizing an awareness campaign on discovering talents of the physically challenged entitled

“Don’t overlook me”

Date:20 July 2013
Time:11.00 am to 3pm
Venue: Penang, Straits Quay

To unveil the talents of the physically challenged people through stage performance and exhibition of their crafting skills.

Through this, we hope to channel a message that the talents and abilities of the physically challenged can benefit business financially and organizationally. Besides, we will have the public to participate in several mini games together with them as personal involvement creates and enchance the understanding between both parties.

The event collaborated with a few welfare organizations to raise the awareness among the stakeholders which includes :

Society of the Disabled Person Penang (SDPP)
Joblink Centre: Society For The Aid To The Handicapped
 Penang Dead Association, ST Nicholas Home
 Eden Handicapped Service Centre Penang Cheshire home
 Penang Handicapped Welfare Association 
 SIMA Handicapped centre.

Come over and Join us in this meaningful campaign. 

For more details,: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dont-Overlook-Me/252860731523726. 

BTW,can't stop myself from looking at Nick Vujicic's photo..

 at just 6 months old

I found this photo from here. This website come with come information about him as well, head on to reading =)

Jessica Cox without arm got her pilot licence....

again, there is a will, there is a way, an armless girl can get a pilot licence, what's more can be defeat?!

The point is
never give up

strengthen your will

 Just imagine if Nick Vujicic without hands and legs keep comparing himself with others......he won't achieve anything!

Sometimes, I need we just no need to bother how others think of us,well its natural habit that people tend compare between similar people, but don't you think you would live far more better without comparing with other people in negative ways??

Hence, don't always compare between people, cause everyone of us is unique, and well I think I am unique, because my mindset is always different from others.....Well, why do I need to think the same with the majority, my decision won't harm others too~~

June 14, 2013

Starting in Utar

 First time get lecture in such a big group

Joined a new village community service organised by DSSC(Department of Soft Skill Competency)

 If you are Chinese literate, the theme of this programme for this time is something that I like! Its School Recycle camp!

 The Opening ceremony, I guess everyone was enjoying watching the performance by these students, they already practice this for 2 weeks , really shouldn't cover their hard work and the effort, the creativity from teachers , they did so much to make this a success=).

(If you see carefully, there is a little angle girl with red pants, she is really A-DO_RA-Ble! only 5 years old, but can articulate clearly~~~why all the little kids so cute one~~~~??? wanted to take pic with her, but she refuse =(....she is the daughter of one the the teachers there)

One of my used-to-be favorite event, I still remember vividly how pity I cry, not pity la, everyone was crying, not in this programme but back to hundred years ago when I joined Buddhist camp last time.

I think these children are really so lucky, because they got to expose to this activity, cause I think my first time join this kind of turn-off light, candle-on (传灯)event was..my form 2 I think, that's why I cried so hard, cause I was just a fresh a participants mah~~~

however, the candle activity only last like 30 mins only, last time when I had this, its about 1.5 hours or more, cause they had to end it up early due to time-rushing.....

One of my greatest benefits of joining this activity...I get to know many new friends from Utar.Though don't really keep in touch, but memories but kept!

Lets flash back the memories.....

 I know I look like zoombie here, but I want to show off this girl, my “堂妹”, not the biological one, but due to the only merely difference in our name.My name is 郭素宏,and hers is 郭素晴,and we are both Hokkien people, what a damn coincidence,right?!

 with little girl who get me during the ice-breaking, I mean myportrait drawing by my friend =)

with my drawing, not I drew one, but the drawing is showing me.....(why it's so hard to explain~~~)

 and with the painter, 月美小姐=)

 those who is related to this potrait!

I knew you cannot see the drawing clearly, this is the best after adjusting the  exposure, deepen, and so on.So I have a very looong head~~want to add fat!!!!

 mung bean soup as a dessert from QQ.

and here, new design of ticket for KLIA transit, perviously one was a piece of ticket size paper in black and white, now they turned it into card sized, indeed refreshing =)

know why?
coz they add on a new station already, notice the KLIA 2??