June 14, 2013

Les Creperie

Initially, I  want to show this but its too late , the promotion valid til 11th June only. Hope that there will be next round of promotion (big eyes open)

 The story begin with I went to KL 2 weeks ago, on the way to Pudu Sentral, I saw this food booth at LRT Plaza Rakyat station, because I am hungry that time, so I just simple step forward to take a peek, and there was a girl to who ask me if I wanted to try or not.

Initially, I don't know it was free, because I think that free for first 30 customres, I don't think I am included, but yeay, I am! So I get the first Creperie for free=)

 I choose the cheese onion pizza, its not pizza actually, don't fool by the word "pizza", its creperie, I don't know why they will put the word pizza there..

 My first hot and fresh creperie, look like plain inside? it is, but its nice! Perhaps because I am a cheesie love.

I think for this kind of food, you better eat while its fresh, cause I take away another creperie..Which is Chessy Chicken.

yea,this one

I kept it to eat inside the bus, but guess what, its a bit "stale" or not that crunchy after its cool down, and its very hard to bite, you are like a dog biting a cloth one, just in case you can't imagine how its hard to bite afterward Xp

 The Look while its fresh from Pan >.<

So decoration on the booth , you can recognise this if you want to come to this booth, its located LRT Plaza Rakyat station.

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