July 3, 2014

a random July

This july is such a turning point in my campus life. My life become more and more meaningful because of this.At the same time, my life also become busier than ever, have to juggle between study and this.

 Even though I already mentally prepare to live into busier life. I still find htat I have hard time coping this. Just the thing is, I never give up, I am so proud to be able to contribute in this organization with a group of friends, who is so passionate.

And I know my life would continue to live the better if I continue to dwelt in. So I should not give up easily, stay passionate all the time.Hard time is just temporary , esp at the beginning.

Anyway, this is not the point I blog today. I had a sweet day today, also a miserable moment just now. Wne tto KL for Medical follow up. Took the earlier ETS at 5.21am.

9pm- meeting
12am- finish meeting
12.30am- reach home
       - plan something
       - prepare for tomorrow
2.30am- rolling on the bed, thinkingg about a big decision 
3.30am- Finally asleep
4.30am- Woke up, get ready for 5.21am ETS

and this is how I only slept one hour after 20++ years stay in this earth.I know this is so common to some of the people, but this is also a WOW to some of the people. I seriously deprived of sleeping.So, I just slept all the way in ETS on th way to KL, an d back from KL.

Highlight of the post:
I finished my medical follow up at 10am from Hospital Putrajaya. And then I am so so so lucky managed to catch 11am ETS back to Kampar!!

some background knowledge:
from Hospital Putrajaya to KL central....First, take the free shuttle bus from Hospital Putrajaya to Putrajaya SEntral. In Putrajaya Sentral, took the KLIA transit to KL central. From KL central, take the ETS back to Kampar.

so you can imagine, I actually switch for 3 times from Hospital Putrajaya (about 10am) to KL central.(10.54am) . By the time I reached KL central, it is 10.56am, still 4 more minutes to take the 11am ETS train.

Without letting hope to fly, I ran to the ticket concierge. (Normally, you need to take the number, when you number is called, only then it's your turn to go to ticket concierge. )

I was actually quite nervous I will miss the train. LUCKILY, the service crew kakak is so so so nice, she is also sympathetic, and try her best with the lighting speed to print out the ticket when I say:

Kak, bus pergi Ipoh , sekarang

and she understood my situation, as it is 10.56am, and I was buying for 11am. Seriouslly, it's all just a matter of LUCK. I am super grateful, I met such a nice person who is pathetic on my situation, and help me.

In the end, here I am...managed to read Kampar at 1pm like that.

Seriouslly I am so grateful it's worth to jote it down. Later on, I just realise that I should said.

 Kak, train pergi Kampar, sekarang.

Eventhough I need pay extra Rm6 for this, but I also save Rm6 in the end. Don't understand?

you need to have some background knowledge on this also.
ETS has 2 types of timeslot: Gold and Silver.
Gold cost Rm31 from Kampar to KL central
Silver cost Rm19 from Kampar to KL central

But, I slip in the tongue and said that I am going to Ipoh, hence she charge me Rm25 for silver slot, assuming that I took ETS from KL central to Ipoh. Now you get it?

Still don't get it?
Never mind, you need not to know, people who took public tranpost in KL will know,hahaha 

Oh yea, another things that I so grateful is that. I only have Rm31 cash with me at that moment. so It is  enough for me to buy the ticket!

Whereas for the miserable part.....let me include a pic first to compensate this monotonous post.

With an appreciative mood, I returned home, I mean, my Kampar home. Rest awhile, and start to complete my to-do list on that day. NO....I don't usually manage to tick off all the to-do list of the day. I wander if I set my expectation too high. but I managed to tick off one of the to-do list-----complete Language Teaching Methodology assignment , as it due on the second day!

As I mention previously, I only slept one hour, so I will very sleepy, force myself to complete the assignment. From 2pm-6pm...........4 hours of struggle.And now I am a superwoman!! hahaha, kidding....

During the 4 hours, my mood change from grateful


" why is this happen to me??"
Why am I need to rush for?"
why that my life is such a mess, still need to complete assignment when I am so dead.

Seriouslly, the feeling is so miserable, the most miserable ever since my undergraduate study. Like in the brink of giving up......but I know I just won't, die die also want to complete.

Ever since I became the Exco for my society, I already mentally brace myself that I might not be able to balance my study and society event. But when It really HAPPEN, I still having hard time to cope it.

Anyway, that just the begining. and Here I am to fossilize my begining...thank you my blog to fossilize this bittersweet memory. It's just the begining of a journey. Thanks that I manage to sail through it!! Bon Voyage!!

when I was so young. Bohemian floral dress credit to xixikhor.

"When I thought I was in the bottleneck, I am still far from it." Maple Shuh Hong