June 23, 2022

Pregnancy OOTD


After swimming, feeling refreshed and spent some time to dress up myself. 

Pregnancy diary - Week 23 Going back to lovely home sweet home

 Week 23 Day- Back to Hometown trip

I have longed for going back to Terengganu. Terengganu is a beautiful place without much urban develoopment, but a lot of childhood memory.

I have also longed for travelling. I was worried if I dont travel now, I wont be able..or do not dare to travel during my third trimester. So I decided to go back during this long weekend. During the Agong's birthday.

Beautiful seaview at Dungun Terengganu. 

For a homesick person like me, Iwould definitely stop by the roadside for such breathtaking view.  Welcome to Terengganu! 

Nothing fancy, but plain natural beach here. 

and a lot of Malay food here. Nasi Minyak is one of the local delicacies that is commonly found only in East Coast area of Malaysia. Very very hard to find it in KL .

My breakfast kaki. 

My in-laws

A beautiful morning with hearty breakfast.  

Trust me, these are the food that I have longed for while in KL. so hard to find in KL. 

We had it here. 

While back in Kemaman.......

Mom has prepared this very yummy, tasty sesame soysauce chicken. So good I kept on adding rice! 

My mood was so good I kept taking photo of other dishes. Lovingly prepared by my mum! 

The public holiday, Agong's birthday. The morning view.. The morning routine ... 

Explore inCherating 

Just a lazy hot afternoon in Cherating. 

2ND jUNE 2022 . My lao gong is an awecosome cook!

5 Healthy habits that I practise during the pregnancy

 Somehow pregnancy makes me more aware of my health. I would go to 

KK(Klinik Kesihatan)

Specialist Hospital 

Hospital for Obs and Gyn 

On average 1 time per month. This has taken up on average 3-4 days of mornings in a month, which also affect a bit of my daily morning routine. 

Having to pay visit to health care centers for so many times in a month also makes me more health concious. I am so promptly to clear up my health to-do list, which I have ignored for sometime before pregnancy. (In other words, tend to spend more money on health, haahahah )

1.  Oral Care: Gurgle with mouth wash twice per day 

I gurgle with these mouth wash twice per day. I put them into the bathroom, and use it to gurgle during the shower time. 

 I actually have a pending Root Canal Treatment before pregnancy. I didn't actively go and follow up because it doesn't cause any pain to me. ..and I also I was busy with stuff. 

But I am so motivated to get it done and close case during pregnancy because I don't want this matter to matter my pregnancy journey. LOL 

Since I can't perform X-ray diagnosis ...even during the 2nd trimester, I can only delay 

1. Root Canal Treatment 

2. Wisdom tooth extraction 

to post delivery. 

In the meantime, my sister who is a dentist and also the dentist in my area also told me to gurgle diligently to prevent it from getting worse. 

After that,I decided that I will perform the following annually 

Oral care anual to do list 

1. Oral check up 

2. Scaling and polishing 

3. To maintain my current gurgle habit

2a. Stretch mark cream 

A lot of my friends , experienced or non-experienced also reminds me to apply strech mark cream daily. I only started to apply it diligently during the second trimester. Towards the end of 2nd trimester, I actually feel the belly itchiness 

Stretch mark cream

Left: I have had it before pregnancy 

Right:Given by my dearest June! It is an organic baby massage oil and it smells so pleasant. Like chocolate. 

Never would I thought I would care about my pregnancy to this extend, hahaha. Before pregnancy, I would always thought that this precaution is very extra, but as much as Idrink water, stay hydrated, you still need to apply stretch mark cream whether your belly got stretch mark or not. 

Browse more XHS (Xiao Hong Shu) , then you will know why. 

As mentioned, aside from staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water. I also realise my skin gets drier. Also I switch to this body moisturing cream. After one week of usage, it doesn't make my skin better also... It did my skin smell like fragrance. Period

2b. Cream for belly/butts itchiness 

On aver

My butts are itchy on and off during the 1st trimester. 

Went to TCM, and the Sin Seh recommend this, 皮炎平。 

Quite effective in curing the itchiness. 

I bought 3 tubes of this already. 

You can get it from your local Chinese Herbal/Pharmacy Shop also.  This is a very common ointment. 

Sorles Cream : To stop belly itchiness

A tube of the Sorles Cream cost around Rm 70 in Healthlane pharmacy , which I dont think I will use up. So the pharmacist recommended the small size in the white container to me. 

I bought it for Rm 18 in the Healthlane pharmacy (June 2022)

3. Swimming  

Argh...The best remedy. I didn't realise I would appreciate swimming so much ! 

I don't really like to go to pool swimming before this because I still have to change, and shower and after swimming....shower and bath again, which feel like so much steps for me. 

However, I can't longer stand the suffer like inflexibility in movement, and the belly's weight which affeect my daily movement I decided to go and stretch my muscles in the water. The water buoyancy makes all the stretching much easier! 

See, I am so delighted , so in the great mood during the swimming. I can chill my mind off and be able to think more productively. 

and more文艺, artsy, haha. 

Do you see the moon in the blue morning sky?  I get to relax and appreciate nature things by making a slight change in my daily routine. It feels so refreshing. Sometimes, it feels like a holiday to me. 

And it only takes 30 mins, then straight away
Go home
Taking shower
Feeling refreshed 
Start my brand new day. 

I feel so refreshing, energised and anticipate for the next swimming again! 

Also enjoy obsess with my belly/lovely baby! 

4. Warm Footbath 

As my arms and thigh and calf will feel numb on and off, esp during /after sleeping . So I resort to this. 

5. Only during the pregnancy : Taking prenantal vitamins/supplements 

TBH, I still feel that this is very troublesome. 
Taking prenantal vitamins because I want to make sure that my baby is healthy. Period. 
So I am not going to continue this habit after delivery. 
Obviously, you can see that I bought from Watson. I use the not-so-big medicine box so that I can fit it into my small handbag. 

Having this medicine box literally makes my life more organised and I won't forget eating variety of different pills because I have sort it out every 5 days. 

June 11, 2022

Scentses+Co : 1st in Malaysia monthly perfume subscription

Love to smell good but not sure which fragrance you like? 

Interested in numberous  different fragrance based on different mode/ day/ attire without having to purchase full bottle size of perfume? 

Fret not as now Scentses+Co has to rescue. 

Scentses+Co as the First ever Malaysia monthly perfume subscription has step in to solve this problem. 

Not only  you get to choose from among 160++ genuince designer fragrances of your choice , you can also switch to different fragrance every month. 

After trying out Scentses+Co perfume, I like that it comes with a mini portable travel case that I can carry it wherever I go without having to worry about perfume leaking. 

As you can see here, My handbag is not a large one. Still, it can fit my mini Scentses+Co perfume+ travel case. This makes my life so much easier. If I am in rush or when I forget to spray before going out, I can still have the fragrance en route going out, waiting for leave or before leaving the car. 

However, what I like the most is that I get to choose the perfume of my choice. You might worry that you choose the wrong fragrance which you don't like, but knowing that I can switch to a new fragrance next month, it doesn't give me much trouble in choosing the perfume, hahahaha. 

Also, I can choose to buy the full botthe size of perfume (if I really like it)  after trying it for one month. 
This is because each bottle has 8ml of perfume of your choice which gives you about 120-130 sprays (that means 3-4 sprays a day for 30 days!) and smell great for the rest of the month.

and If I want to try other fragrance, I can still choose it next month! In this way, I dont need to spend much to buy on the full size bottle yet I can enjoy the luxury of having to try different fragrance every month! 

 You can subscribe to this plan for as low as Rm 49.90 

The prices are as follow 
Rm 49.90 for 1 perfume 
Rm 99.80 for 2 perfumes 
Rm 149.70 for 3 perfumes 

You can check for the latest price here : 

LITE Fragrance Subscription For Her

because the price could be lower when there is promotion! 

On top of that , let's talk about the accessories. I am not sure about you, but I like something customise.

For the choice of customisation 
There are 2. 

The colour of the perfume case 
The name engraving
(max 10 letters)

 Otherwise, you could get the black matter travel case as shown here (WITHOUT NAME ENGRAVING) for free during the first month subscription! 

Pay for extra Rm 13.90 then you can to have extra case of your favourite colour! 

Enough of talking, now let's see what you will get when you subscribe for the perfume! 

Perfume subscription unboxing video 

How to use the box as perfume vial storage 

You can't wait to buy?  Here come the good news! 

Use Promo Code “MAPLE10” for a 10% off first month subscription

 You can subscribe to this plan for as low as Rm 49.90 

The prices are as follow 
Rm 49.90 for 1 perfume 
Rm 99.80 for 2 perfumes 
Rm 149.70 for 3 perfumes 

So what are you waiting for?  Join the club today, it’s only RM49.90 + No commitment + it’s all 100% authentic designer perfumes