November 28, 2021

9 Looks that both long hair can pull off better than short hair

Just as what the title shows, I am not saying that short hair cannot pull off the same hair style.However when I thought of the title, my idea is, these are the hair styles I wont do if I have shorter hair.

The thought of having this post was due to..I feel like my hair is too long, and needed to be trim or cut shorter. I don't really have the time to take care of long hair. I would experience more hair fall if it is long hair than shorter hair. 

Also, it takes longer time to wash my hair, and comb it =.=. I am the lazy type of person who doesn't want to spend so muuch time attending to my hair LOL.  (Once in awhile is okay, but not every day. )

Therefore, I come across this idea of when am I going to cut my hair shorter. And before I cut it short. I might as well archive what I can do it long hair. 

Look 1 :THe hairband look  


Look 2  : Hairclips + Big curly  hair 

Look 3 : HIgh ponytail 

You can also use a strand of your of ponytail to wrap the part where you tie your hair. I personally like this look a lot. It makes you look very clearn, vibrant and easy to tend for. 

Also it exude the feeling of young and confident (for me)

I like the idea of front clean and full of layer/volume at the back. It creates layer and texture to the overall appearance. Picture from hairstylist Justine

SO far these are the looks that I have tried and taken photos with. 

You can also try many other hair styles  like the following! 

Look 4 : Low / Medium ponytail

Look 5:  Side pontytail 

Look 7 :  With  statement hair clip

This is my favourite recently . Apology for the messy hair look. Because I doing it myself, so can't get the perfect angle.  

Look 8 :  Double Top KNot 

or Just top knot like Gigi Hadid and Zendaya in the photo below 

Look 9  : Twisted Pigtail

This is something that I like a lot and definitely would do if I have long hair! 

That is it for my recommendations! These are my favourite styles, and are the styles that I wish to try. 
Any other hair styles that you would like to try if you have long hair?   Share it with me too!