October 27, 2010





October 22, 2010

maple 's narcisstic snap!

it was hui ling's wanna-try-jacket,but then i try the clothe for fun,it look simple and not attempting at all when it was hanging outside,but then u will feel comfortable and look nice after u put on it^^

next time,i also wan t o do like this le,
i mean i will also try even the clothe look normal

on the same say,graduation in the morning...........

science class man,all look handsome o~~~

me and my chemistry teacher plus class teacher,do my baju kebaya pretty????

YDHY and cikgu Asmani

class moniter and teacher

me and adeline,sb say adeline very pretty during tat day o~~~

behind the scene.....when we take class photo at stage

me and lin wei,a heart to heart talk friend.
my back side,the hair,i done myself de,pretty ma????

me and my best friend,susan teoh

at first,i plan to take a random,candid photo of our class preparing to going stage,but then ...when the gals see the camera,they all end up run away.....haiz........

so...here are there.

i am going to off le,加油,郭素宏!!!


20 of october is my youngest brother's birthday,he is 10 years old now lo,the children of dragon,born 2000,hence ,his age is easily known.

to make up his birthday,my sister and brother,soo hoay and jian xing had plan a surprise for him. thougt its a suddenly idea,but i was surprised too.they do it in the midnight and sleep 2 am.
so tat jian long will track his birthday present right after he wake up.

the first introduction sheet!!!!

the thrid sheet,i refer to the memo, the memo was originally place in the kitchen.in the toilet ,will found .....the gift!!!!!,but hor 晚上还有更好的礼物是假的,但是建隆已经很幸福了啦~~

second sheet,coz right after he wake up,he will go brush tooth and bath.

at first, i thought it won't be jian xing and su hui's idea, but it is.

i plan to write this post right on the day actually, but then i am too busy,hence.....

btw,i wish happy belated birthday to him, and everything going well to him~~~

素慧in baju kebaya

this is my sister in baju kebaya,she pretty ler~~

jus her shoes not reallt matching lo



Longman Pre u Text stpm Biology volume 2


bunga telur

this bunga telur is not bunga telur,but bunga chocolate,it is use Farerro Rocel.....as decoration ar!!!!!

i wan ~~~
October 9, 2010
together 32 days.......
still need 45 days