November 26, 2015

Sponsored Review: C-Jello Collagen Jelly Bar

I am sure that you have heard about a lot of collagen product, and most of them appeared in powder, or liquid form. C-Jello Collagen is the first ever collage jelly bar exclusively created in Korea. It appear in the sweet candy packaging, in Jelly form!!

Imagine that while you are stuck in traffic jam, then you can take this out to nom. And I like the taste, it's a fruity sweet taste that you will love it! Really just like a normal jelly that you buy in shopping mall. Something that make it different is that it is collagen jelly!

About C-Jello

 C-Jello is the name of this product. It supports restoration of the skin b promoting the appearance of youthful , healthy and glowing skin in a safe and non-invasive way. Produced to deliver the most effective absorption.

For your information, the molecular weight affects the absorption of the collage. Any molecules with more than 20K Da cannot be absorbed by the cells and utilised by the body efficiently. C-Jello has a molecular weight of 500 to 3000 Da, therefore making it a highly absorbable collage substance.

I prefer to put it into fridge before I consume it. I really eat it like a jelly way.

The benefits of the C-Jello

1. Delaying the ageing process caused by external factors such as UB rays, harmful free radicals, stress and pollutions.

2. Wrinkle reductions
3. Lightening of dark spots for a brigter and fairer skin tone
4. Improvement of the overall health and suppleness of the skin.

Packaging of C-Jello

Thanks to the sponsored from SkinSoul, I got 2 boxes of C-Jello for one month consumption. 1 boxes has 15 sachets as shown in the picture above. Each sachet is 20g and contains... 

1. 2500mg of Hydrolysed Collage Peptide  (German fish collage) that help to promote the skin elasticity on the skin. 

2. Vitamin C
3. Artichoke extract 
4. Rice Bran Extract
5. Mulberry Extract
6.Hyaluronic Acid Mixture
7. Peach Concentrate
8.Pear Concentrate 
9.Melon Concentrate

All these healthy ingredients are found only in 1 sachet of Collagen bar, that helps to boost youthful vitality, whitens, firms tones and hydrates the skin. 

Other facts about C-Jello
1. C-Jello can be considered a good supplement for atheletes as it contains mainly amino acids which improves mitochondria function. This improve on the function of mitochondria hence replenishes the depleted protein after an intense workout. 

2. The Vitamin C in C-Jello is the co-factor and assist in the formation of collagen. 

3. C-Jello can assist in minimizing the appearance of micro wrinkle fairly immediately. For deeper wrinkles, a 12 weeks program of regular consumption is recommended. 

The Effect on Me

I have consume this for one month, It was indeed after 2 weeks I can feel my skin is getting firmer than previous and supple too. It's like you look extra good with a healthy looking skin. Youget what I mean? 

It doens't make my skin tone brighter, my skin somehow do not get dark or sunburn easily even exposure under the sun. 

I would advise you to buy one box to try it first. You can eat it 2 days once, so that you see the effect on you. As it works on me, doesn't means it work on you too =D 

You can find more of the information from the official site here.  Or from their facebook page too. ALternative, you get buy C-Jello at any SkinSoul outlet in Malaysia.

C-Jello Collagen Jelly Bar is now selling at Rm 315.88 per box. And whenever you buy more than Rm 100, you will entitled a free mini trial set of SkinSoul skincare set that worth RM 100! All you need to do is just quote #ssMaple. For those who love beauty, don't miss the chance o! 

Let me know if you need to know any other information yea =D 

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  1. I really like this post and this is a great product. To boost skin collagen and to improve skin health then start having Vegan collagen booster daily.


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